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Free Download RBI Grade B Phase -2 Exam Notes PDF

Free Download RBI Grade B Phase -2 Exam Notes PDF

Download RBI Grade B Officer Phase -2 Exam Notes pdf for Economics and Social Issue and Finance & Management. We are sharing you the Complete RBI Grade B Revision Notes for Grade B Officer Phase-2 Exam. This PDF Covers all the Important Chapters of ESI and F&M Subject Including Practice Questions Based on TVM, Bonds and Derivatives for Finance Numerical of RBI Grade B Exam.

Economics and Social Issues 
  • Poverty
  • Employment Generation
  • Migration and Urbanization 
  • Sustainable Development Goals 
  • 14th Finance Commission 
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Trading Blocs 
  • 5 year plans 
  • Export, Industrial and Labour Policy 
  • Government Schemes 
  • Misc. Government Schemes
  • India’s rank in various Indices 
  • Miscellaneous 
Social Issues
  • Education and Health 
  • Motivation: Concept, importance, Content theories (Maslow’s need theory, Alderfers’ ERG theory, McCllelands’ theory of needs, Herzberg’s two factor theory) & Process theories (Adams equity theory, Vrooms expectancy theory).
  • Leadership: Concept, Theories (Trait, Behavioural, Contingency, Charismatic, Transactional and Transformational Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence: Concept, Importance, Dimensions
  • Analysis of Interpersonal Relationship: Transactional Analysis, Johari Window
  • Conflict: Concept, Sources, Types, Management of Conflict
  • Organizational Change: Concept, Kurt Lewin Theory of Change
  • Organizational Development (OD): Organisational Change, Strategies for Change, Theories of Planned Change (Lewin’s change model, Action research model, Positive model)
  • Regulators of Banks and Financial Institutions: RBI, SEBI, NABARD, IRDAI, PFRDA, IBBI, NFRA, NHBs, EXIM Bank
  • Reserve Bank of India- functions and conduct of monetary policy
  • Banking System in India – Structure and concerns
  • Impact of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08 and the Indian response
  • Financial Markets: Primary and Secondary Markets (Forex, Money, Bond, Equity, etc.), functions, instruments, recent developments.
  • Risk Management in Banking Sector
  • Basics of Derivatives
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Alternate source of finance: private and social cost-benefit, Public-Private Partnership
  • Corporate Governance in Banking Sector, role of e-governance in addressing issues of corruption and inefficiency in the government sector
  • FinTech
  • Inflation: Definition, trends, estimates, consequences, and remedies (control)
  • WPI, CPI - components and trends
RBI Grade B Officer Phase -2 Exam Notes (ESI & Finance) PDF - Download Link 

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