Saturday, September 1, 2018

Principle of Management by P.C.Tripathi | Free Download

Free Download Principle of Management by P.C.Tripathi for RBI GRADE B & Other Competitive Exam | MBA Exams | PGDBF Exams. This is one of the Most Recommended Book to Learn the Principle of Management.

Principle of Management by P.C.Tripathi | Free Download (Drive Link)

Table of Content :

1. Nature and Functions of Management
2. Development of Management Thought
3. Social Responsibilities of Business
4. Planning
5. Decision-making
6. Business Forecasting and Operations Research
7. Organization
8. Authority Delegation and Decentralization
9. Coordination
10. Informal Organization
11. Staffing
12. Training, Mentoring & Learning
13. Performance Management
14. Compensation Plans
15. Direction and Supervision
16. Communication
17. Leadership
18. Managerial Control
19. Organizational Conflict and Power Politics
20. Organizational Climate or Culture (OC)
21. Organizational Change and Effectiveness

Features of New Edition

  • Revamped chapters on Managerial Control, Organizational Climate & Culture, and Organizational Change & Effectiveness
  • Emerging topics in management such as guidelines for making cultural change, organizational development, organizational effectiveness, benchmarking, transformational leadership, communication across cultures, glass ceiling, organizational learning, learning organization, and parallel departmentalization have been included 
  • Trending topics such as management – science or art, managerial effectiveness, business ethics and corporate governance, individual and group decisions, classification of forecasting, virtual organization, effective delegation, induction orientation, recognition as a reward, control of rumor and new approaches to leadership have been expanded

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