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Free Download R S Agarwal A Modern Approach To Verbal Reasoning PDF

Free Download R S Agarwal A Modern Approach To Verbal Reasoning PDF

Free Download the PDF of R S Agarwal A Modern Approach To Verbal Reasoning. Free download reasoning book for competitive exam,The requirements of the candidates have been a major factor kept in mind during the compilation of this book and with this end in view all types of solved questions with a huge collection of practicable questions have been provided. 

This book also consists of well illustrated examples and fully solved exercises with explanatory answers and clues. This book is highly meant for the competitive examinations like Bank Clerical, Bank P.O., SBI P.O., R.B.I., L.I.C., G.I.C., A.A.O., M.B.A., I.A.S., I.F.S., Railways, V.D.C., Sub-inspectors of Police, Asst. Grade, Income Tax and Central Excise, etc.


Good for the people who has prior knowledge In most of the competitive exams the syllabus will be too huge and Quantitative aptitude will be a part of it, the book covers almost all concepts related to quantitative aptitude in detail, but the book is quite bulky, it would be still good it stands in between Shakuntala devi puzzles and this quantitative aptitude book, there are too many questions of similar kind, which is a almost a repetition, it would be better, if we have 10-12 problems in each chapter which would cover all the concepts of the chapter, which will help the students to revise the book again and again, here since the book is huge, it will be very difficult to complete it and revision is again a problem, but the book is very good content wise.

Table of Contents

Section I- General Mental Ability
1. Series
2. Analogy
3. Classification
4. Coding-Decoding
5. Blood Relations
6. Puzzle Test
7. Sequential Output Tracing
8. Direction Sense Test
9. Logical Sense Test
10. Logical Venn Diagrams
11. Alphabet Test
12. Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle
13. Mathematical Operations
14. Logical Sequence of Words
15. Arithmetical Reasoning
16. Inserting The Missing Character
17. Date Sufficiency
18. Eligibility Test
19. Assertion and Reason
20. Situation Reaction Test
21. Verification of Truth of the Statement
Section II- Logical Deduction
1. Logic
2. Statement  Arguments reasoning-ability
3. Statement  Assumptions
4. Statement  Courses of Action
5. Statement Conclusions
6. Deriving Conclusion From Passages
7. Theme Detection
8. Cause and Effect Reasoning

Download Here - Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning Book PDF By R.S.Agarwal

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