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Free Download Indian Financial System by Bharati Pathak pdf

Free Download Indian Financial System by Bharati Pathak pdf for RBI GRADE B is a comprehensive book that offers insight into the complex amalgamation of various institutions, markets, regulations and laws, analysts, transactions, claims, and liabilities. 

Free Download Indian Financial System by Bharati Pathak pdf

The Indian Financial System: Markets, Institutions and Services, 5/e is a comprehensive text that encompasses new developments in the financial system and discusses various components such as financial markets and institutions, instruments, agencies and regulations in an analytical and critical manner. 

The book is divided into four sections, each constituting the various topics under the umbrella of financial systems. It details the relationship between financial system and economic growth, historical perspective of the Indian financial system, objectives of financial sector reforms, elements of financial markets, new financial instruments such as floating rate bonds, zero coupon bonds, securitized paper, etc., management of non-performing assets by banks, factoring and forfaiting, housing finance and leasing and hire purchase to name a few.

FREE DOWNLOAD Bharati Pathak's Indian Financial System

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Part I Financial System

1 The Financial System: An Introduction

2 The Financial System and the Economy

3 Reforms in the Financial System

Part II Financial Markets

4 The Money Market

5 The Capital Market

6 The Primary Market

7 Disinvestment of Public Sector Undertakings

8 The Secondary Market

9 The Derivatives Market

10 The Debt Market

11 New Financial Instruments

Part III Financial Institutions

12 Development Financial Institutions

13 Banking and Non-Banking Institutions

14 Management of Non-Performing Assets by Banks

15 Mutual Funds

16 Insurance

Part IV Financial Services

17 Investment Banking

18 Depositories and Custodians

19 Credit Rating

20 Factoring and Forfaiting

21 Housing Finance

22 L easing and Hire Purchase

23 Financial Inclusion and Microfinance

Part V Financial Regulation

24 Financial Regulation

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