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Free Download Principles and Practice of Banking by Macmillan pdf

Download Principles and Practice of Banking by Macmillan pdf Free for RBI Grade B Exam, SEBI Grade A Exam, JAIIB & CAIIB Exam. The book, Principles and Practice of Banking by Macmillan pdf free download, introduces readers to all the basic concepts and practices in the banking and financial sector in India.

Free Download Principles and Practice of Banking by Macmillan pdf

The development of Banking industry, right from its infancy to the present expanding scenario, is covered in Principles and Practices of Banking. The book also focuses on the challenges faced by the sector in these changing times, the expanding use of technology that helps the sector provide more services more efficiently, and the regulations put in place by the Reserve Bank of India to provide financial stability and safeguard the interests of depositors.

Following are the topics covered in this book: The Deposit Function, Specialized Services and Products, Bank Investments, Evolution of Banking, Lending Function, Electronic Financial Services,  RBI Regulations, and Fund Management.

Principles and Practices of Banking is a good introductory book to familiarize the reader with the various aspects of the banking industry and the regulations that govern it. The expanding markets, the various functions, impact of technology on the sector, and RBI rules are explained clearly.
Principles and Practices of Banking is a compilation of contributions from several experts at IIBF. The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), established in 1928, is an association of banking and financial institutions.

FREE DOWNLOAD PRINCIPLE & PRACTICE OF BANKING (Due to Copyright claim we had to delete the PDF from 24-06-2022, sorry for inconvenience) - Buy Here

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