Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Free Download PDF of Antonyms and Synonyms from Previous Year Papers

Dear Friends,

I am sharing you a complete List of Antonyms and Synonyms which were asked in different exams in previous years and these are the most important word for upcoming exam, so please go through this.

Synonyms and Antonyms are very commonly asked in any competitive not only in govt exam but in placement papers also  and in also in International level paper like ILETSGREMS etc . So before giving these exams you will need to remember these words. I have compiled the various word and links from where you can directly access these files and believe me friends if you have good knowledge of antonym and synonym you can grab 4-5 marks in any exam directly and that will be game changer  for you because these are the one word question either you know the answer or you don't know the answer  so in 30 second you can grab 4 marks easily.
To remember these words all you need to do is just go through all the words on daily basis at one time like read all 250 words in one attempt for continuously till 10 day and you will see you have remembered almost all the word. Now after remembering these word what you have to do is just use these word in your daily communication.

These are the simple tips that you need to apply to become good in English and to grab more marks because everything in English depends on your word power.

I have tried to compile all the synonym and antonym which were asked in different exam in below links.

1.This PDF contains total of 250 words mainly asked in previous years so this is a compilation of different words at one place. Download This  PDF     (This is highly important)

2.This PDF contains total of 500 important antonym and synonyms Download This  PDF 

3.This PDF contains total of 501 important antonym and synonyms created by learning express publication its like a e-book which you can download Download This  PDF 

4. Reference  List of Antonym and Synonyms PDF Free Download Download This  PDF 

5. Roget’s Thesaurus of Words for Writer It’s more like an ebook which contain 2300 emotive, evocative, descriptive synonyms, antonyms and related terms. Download This  PDF 

6. GRE Antonym Words free download Download This  PDF