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How To Solve Maximum Question from English Section In SBI PO Exam

 How To Solve Maximum Question from English Section In SBI PO Exam

Dear Friends,

English is one of the Most Important and Scoring Section in the Bank Exam if you have preparation then in less time you can score 20-25 marks easily. But most of the students have problem in the English and its common because our native language is not English and Most of us may not from so called Public School. So you try to get only cut off clear, friends you can score maximum marks if you follow the tips provided by me on blog on regular basis.

English Section Can be mainly divided into two Parts :

1.Grammar Part :
  • Sentence Correction/Sentence Improvement
  • Error Correction/Finding

2. Non Grammar  Part :
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Fill In the Blanks/Double Fillers/Double Sentence Same Filler
  • Para Jumbled Sentence/Sentence Rearrangement

Now First we see how to solve Grammar Part and Pre-Requisites to attempt this Section.

Sentence Improvement - If this  type of question comes in exam then it will come in the set of 5-Questions, So it is clear you can't leave this question.

In Sentence Improvement mainly Covers :-

  • Word error  means wrongly spelt word
  • Vocabulary Error means different word will be given which should not be there like at the place of advice(N) they will give advise(v)
  • Grammatical Error Means wrong use of grammar will be there and you have to find out mainly they ask Time and Tense.

Error Correction/Finding - This is must come section in the Prelim as well as in mains section both with  5 - Questions and considered to be most tricky section because you need to have good understanding of Grammar as well as you should the Tricks also.
  • Time and Tense
  • Parts of Speech 
  • Subject Verb Agreement 

If you have understanding of these Topics then you can easily solve this Section and get at least 3-4 Marks in the Exam.

Non Grammar Part :

1. Cloze Test  (5-10 Questions)

In this type of question one passage is given in that there are some vacant words need to be filled from given options. You can solve this section easily if have good command on vocabulary or you have done lots of practice with this type of question.

My suggestion is read The Hindu/Indian Express/Financial Times/Economic Times any one news paper from these papers daily because it happens some time they directly take one editorial make some changes and will give it to you with options.

2.Reading Comprehension (10-15 Questions)

By name itself it is clear that in this we get some passage and based on that some questions are given.

Types of Questions Asked in Passage :

  • Direct Line From Passage
  • Meaning of Some used in Passage
  • Antonym/Synonym of Bold words used in Passage
  • Appropriate Title of Passage
  • True/False Context :-Which of the Following option is not True in the context of Passage.

Source of Passage : The Hindu/Indian Express/Financial Times/Economic Times

So read News Paper Daily and find difficult words from that and try remember that word on that day itself. In the starting you will get 20-25 words but after reading 10-15 days your word list will start decreasing and you will have a good list of words which may directly asked in the exam and my suggestion try find Antonym/Synonym of your word also.

3.Fill In the Blanks (5 Questions):

In this section different type of questions are asked which depend on the difficulty level of exam.
  •  Single/Direct filler
  •  Double Fillers
  •  Two Sentence and Same filler in Both Sentence (Tricky One)

In this Section Also you need to have good command on vocabulary or you understand the English sentence because the level of vocabulary in option is normal but more confusing, sometimes you will find two option with same meaning but in that only one is correct so Practice is only way you can solve this section.

4.Para Jumbled Sentence (5-Questions) :

In this sentence of a passage is arranged in different order and you will make it in correct order and based on your order answer the Question.
  •  Story Based
  •  General Article
  •  Financial Article (Tricky one)

There are some tricks by which you can find the correct order easily but before that you will need to practice as lots of question to get the basic understanding of the tricks.

Source of Para Jumble : The Hindu/Indian Express/Financial Times/Economic Times

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