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How to Prepare & Crack IBPS Clerk Exam 2018

How to crack IBPS Clerk Exam 2018?

IBPS has released the official notification for the Clerk Exam 2018. The online exam of IBPS Clerk will start from the month of December 2018. The exam will be conducted in 2 phases: Preliminary and Mains exam.  Students have approximately two months for the preparation of this exam, so start preparing from now onward to give your best shot in this exam. The hard work you put in, in this time will decide your fate, so pull up your socks and start studying!

In this article, we shall discuss the proper strategy to crack the IBPS Clerk exam. So, let’s start!

Tips to crack IBPS Clerk Exam 2018
The first thing you should do is to take an online mock test and see where you stand. Open the test once again and categorize the questions into these four heads.
  1. Topics you know about
  2. Topics you can improve on
  3. Topics which appear tough
  4. Topics you don’t know
Now the first step should be strengthening your strong areas even more, so that you don’t leave a single question from these topics.Next you should focus on those sections which have the scope for improvement.

Then go for your weak areas and devote more time on them. If there is any particular topic which you find difficult, try to learn its basics so that you will be able to solve at least the easy questions from that topic.

After figuring out your strengths and weaknesses, you should prepare for the topics which are common in both Prelims and Mains as it will save you from double labor. You can also check Complete 60 Days Study Plan for IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2018 Preparation.

Now we shall discuss Subject-wise strategy for the IBPS Clerk Exam.

I. Tips for General English
This section has 30 questions which are to be solved in 20 minutes, which is not a tough job. Accuracy is the key in this section. This section demands concentration while reading and comprehending. So don’t rush during exam and read with focus.
Few tips for this section:
    ● Read as much as you can. Devote 2 hours in reading newspaper (finance, editorial,         science/technology section) as it will help immensely in Reading Comprehension and           increasing your vocabulary.
    ● Jot down the tough words and revise them daily.
    ●  Refer to any standard grammar book and clear your basics.
    ●  Cloze test, phrase replacement, error spotting are the easy topics of this section.             Practice them from books and through online quizzes.
    ●  Maintain a diary and write the questions which you find tough while giving tests/               quizzes. Revise them on alternate days.

II. Tips for Quantitative Aptitude
The topics are almost same in Prelims and Mains, the only difference lies in the difficulty level.
 First you should learn the basic things which help you in calculations.
1.       Tables up to 30
2.      Squares up to 25
3.      Cubes up to 30
4.      Multiplication shortcuts
5.      Division shortcuts
6.      Square Root / Cube Root Tricks
  Prepare the simple topics like Number Series, Quadratic Equation and Simplification.
  Profit/Loss, Interest, Percentage, Time & Work, Time, Speed & Distance, Ratio &
Proportion, Probability are the overlapping topics. So prepare them keeping in mind the
difficulty level of Mains.
  In exam, don’t try to attempt all questions, rather try to attempt them correctly.
  Accuracy should be maintained in this section as it can fetch you full marks.

III. Tips for Reasoning Ability
 The only key to success in this section is Practice. No shortcut, no trick. Solve
Sectional Tests keeping the timer on. It is always better to go for Online Tests as it will
give you real time exam feeling.
  During your exam, whether it is Prelims or Mains, you should always go for the less
time-consuming questions like Directions, Blood Relationship, Coding rather than directly
jumping to Puzzles and Seating Arrangements.
 Easy --------------> Moderate --------------> Difficult (Always attempt in this manner.)

IV. Tips for General/ Financial Awareness
 This section generally contains questions related to Banking, Finance and Current
 For current affairs, learn and revise the important news from the last 4 months. You
can also cover that from Gradeup’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly notes. The questions
from this section are generally asked in depth, so read properly. 
For example, 
Recently HDI report has been released and India got 130th rank. Now you can be asked
that which organization releases this report.
 You shall find 3-4 questions of Static GK as well. Mostly the static questions are
related with Current Happenings, so study them properly. 
For instance, Capital/ Currency based questions may be asked from the recent visits of
important dignitaries of the country. 
For example, PM of India visited Uganda. So you should learn the capital, currency and
head of that place. Similarly, there was a deluge recently in Kerala; so you can be asked
about capital, Governor, banks, national parks, rivers, dams and cities of Kerala.
 There can be 2-3 questions on Sports Affairs so read them properly.
V. Final Tips
 Take the mock tests seriously and analyze them properly.  Write the tough questions and revise them daily until you feel comfortable with them.
  Make a realistic time table and don’t strain yourself with impossible deadlines.
  Don’t buy a number of books on any particular subject rather go for the one which has good reviews.
  Do multiple revisions of topics. Practice different variants of Mathematics’ questions.
  Set two types of targets:
1. Weekly Targets- Write the topics which you want to cover in a week and how shall you approach them.
2. Daily Targets – Make it a day before and divide your time accordingly. Include one test in it. This should help you in achieving your weekly targets.
  Just make notes of relevant things.

Last but not the least, don’t lose hope and keep faith in yourself.

You can also download IBPS Clerk preparation app from Google Play Store. It provides
free study material, quizzes, mock test, online practice set, previous year
question papers, notifications, & more.

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