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ESI and FM Questions Asked in RBI GRADE B 2018 PDF Download

Questions Asked in RBI GRADE B 2018

Questions Asked in RBI GRADE B 2018. ESI and FM Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase-2 Exam held on 15th September 2018 PDF Download. ESI Questions Asked in RBI Grade 2018, FM Questions Asked in RBI Grade 2018, Descriptive Writing Topics Asked in RBI Grade B 2018

IBPS has Conducted RBI GRADE B Phase - 2 Exam 2018 on 15th September 2018. In this Article we will be providing you complete RBI Grade Phase -2 Exam Analysis and Subject Wise Questions Asked. You Free Download ESI Questions Asked Grade B Phase -2 Exam.

The second phase of the RBI Grade B examination combines both objective and subjective questions. The paper comprises of three sections- Economics and Social Issues, English Language (writing skills), and Finance and Management.

RBI GRADE B Phase 2 Exam Pattern

Economics and Social issues (ESI)
Objective online
90 minutes
Descriptive online
(to be typed)
90 minutes
Finance and Management (F&M)
Objective online
90 minutes

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2018 : Important Points 

ESI - Pattern was same as Last year - Combination of 2 marks and 1 Marks Questions .
FM - Same as ESI, here also questions were of 1& 2 Marks both
Descriptive - Essay + Comprehension and Precise
I found most of the One Marker easy - moderate but 2 Marks questions were Application based and Tricky, You need good Preparation to answer those questions.
Subject Wise Analysis
  1. Economics & Social Issue - Lots of old Schemes related Questions this time they have focused more on basic of economics like GDP, GNP thing. Current was mainly from Budget and Survey as expected. Some questions were from TRIPS Administration, HDI released by, Fiscal Deficit and Fiscal Policy etc.
  2. Descriptive - Level was Same as last year and Topics were known like they asked essay (300 Words) on Promotion of micro finance, Advantage of UPI over other Payment options, Demonetization Negative & Positive Impacts, Financial Inclusion and Crowd funding. Precise - Environmental pollution (150 Words) and Comprehension - Technology in banking sector with 5 Questions were there.
  3. Finance and Management - No Numerical this time or may be I didn’t find any. This was one big surprise for me as I was expecting more numerical than last year . Lots of questions were from IBC (7–8), it was like after selection they will directly deploy you for Insolvency process. In finance there were questions related to Basel, Liquidity Management, FRBM, CCIL. In Management questions were mostly from Theory like Hygiene, Path Goal etc, some questions were from General Management

Section Wise Questions Asked

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis – Questions Asked in ESI Section

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 2 mark questions in ESI section

Old Schemes – 17
Static – 10
current affairs w.r.t economy – 8

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 1 mark questions in ESI section

Conceptual based – 16
Budget – 3
Static – 4
Schemes – 5
Current affairs w.r.t economy – 2

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis – Questions Asked in F&M Section

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 2 mark questions in F&M section

Leadership – 5
Rbi- 6
FRBM – 3
Money market – 3
Inventory and operations mgmt- 5
Motivation – 3
IBC – 3
Organisation structure – 4
Static – 3

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 1 mark questions in F&M section

Performance appraisal – 2
Rbi – 1
Corporate governance – 1
Change management – 1
Leadership – 2
IBC – 2
Decision-making strategy -1 
Current affairs – 6
Conceptual based – 4
Budget – 2
Management – 2
Controlling – 2
Motivation – 1
Money market – 1
Communication – 1
Organization structure – 1

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis – Questions Asked in English Section

Essay writing 300 words 40 Marks – 1 out of 5 topics
  • Advantages of UPI over money transfer
  • Financial inclusion – A requirement for all ages in India
  • Crowdfunding – the new phenomenon in financing
  • Positive and negative effects of demonetization on the Indian economy
  • Measures for promoting micro finance in India   
Precis 150 words - 30 Marks 
  • Environmental pollution – China’s Impact and other developing countries 
Comprehension - 30 Marks
  • Passage on technology and banking
  • 5 questions on the passage were asked 

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