Friday, September 2, 2016

Vocab Mania : Important One Word Substitution for Upcoming Bank/SSC Exam

Dear Friends 

Today I am going start the New series of Vocabulary of One Word Substitution. This section is mainly asked in SSC Exam and there are almost 5 Questions in Prelim and 5 Questions in Mains. But when it comes to bank exam it is not directly asked in bank exam but through one word substitution you can remember words that is asked in Reading Comprehension and Cloze Test of Any Bank exam. So my suggestion is start cramming these Important Substitution for your better Preparation.

1. Agnostic – One who is not sure about God’s existence.

2. Altruist –  A lover of Mankind.

3. Bigot – One who is filled with excessive enthusiasm in religious matters

4. Ascetic – One who leads an austere life

5. Cannibal – One who feeds on Human flesh

6. Connoisseur – A critical Judge of any art and craft

7. Cynic – One who sneers at the beliefs of others

8. Egoist – A lover of one self.

9. Egotist – One who often talks of his achievement

10. Fugitive – One who runs away from Justice

11. Highbrow – A person considering himself to be superior in culture and intellect

12. Immigrant – A person who comes to a country from his own country for settling

13. Honorary – One who holds a post without salary

14. Henpecked – A husband ruled by his wife

15. Gourmet – A connoisseur of food

16. Fatalist – One who believes in fate

17. Philistine - One who doesn’t care for art and literature

18. Stoic – A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure of life

19. Recluse – One who live in seclusion.

20. Pacifist – One who hates war and loves peace.