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Tricks to Solve Percentage Questions (Important Facts and Formula)

Tricks to Solve Percentage Questions (Important Facts and Formula)

Tricks to Solve Percentage Questions (Important Facts and Formula) for Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Government Job related Competitive Exam. Percentage questions are commonly asked in all the Competitive Exam. In this Article we will Discuss some Tricks to Solve Percentage Questions Quickly.

1. Concept of Percentage : By a certain percent ,we mean that many hundredths. Thus x percent means x hundredths, written as x%.

To express x% as a fraction : We have , x% = x/100.

Thus, 20% =20/100 =1/5; 48% =48/100 =12/25, etc.

To express a/b as a percent : We have, a/b =((a/b)*100)%.

Thus, ¼ =[(1/4)*100] = 25%; 0.6 =6/10 =3/5 =[(3/5)*100]% =60%.
2. If the price of a commodity increases by R%, then the reduction in consumption so as not to increase the expenditure is  [R/(100+R))*100]%.

If the price of the commodity decreases by R%,then the increase in consumption so as to decrease the expenditure is  [(R/(100-R)*100]%.

3. Results on Population : Let the population of the town be P now and suppose it increases at the rate of R% per annum, then :

1.      Population after n years = P [1+(R/100)]^n.
2.      Population n years ago = P /[1+(R/100)]^n.

4.    Results on Depreciation :  Let the present value of a machine be P. Suppose  it depreciates  at the rate R% per annum. Then,
1.      Value of the machine after n years = P[1-(R/100)]n.
2.      Value of the machine n years ago = P/[1-(R/100)]n

5.      If A is R% more than B, then B is less than A by  [(R/(100+R))*100]%.
         If  A is R% less than B , then B is more than A by  [(R/(100-R))*100]%

6. Decimal to Fraction Percentage:  Remember this table for faster Calculation. Specially in Data Interpretation where percentage is one of the major part.By remembering these fraction you can do calculation fast.

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