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English Quiz : Daily Cloze Test from Previous Papers of Bank Exam

Direction (1-10) : In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers again printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find out the appropriate word.

It is commonly expected that as science advance, superstitions should _1_. Certainly, science brings a new _2_ sprit of inquiry into a society where none existed and provides means of _3_ the so called miracles. Thus claims of ash out of nothing, idols drinking milk or petrol create from herbs and water can be _4_ to rigorous tests and the findings _5_ with the known laws of science. _6_ the greatest stumbling block in the process Is the _7_ human desire to find or _8_ something extraordinary that _9_ one above the humdrum of daily living which is why people are _10_ to accept routine scientific explanations of unexpected events.

1.   (a) abandon
       (b) recede
       (c) depreciate
       (d) revive
       (e) dissolve

2.    (a) critical
       (b) burning
       (c) powerful
       (d) volcanic
       (e) inflammatory

3.    (a) directing
       (b) disturbing
       (c) diffusing
       (d) debunking
       (e) diluting

4.    (a) visualized
       (b) attached
       (c) subjected
       (d) explained
       (e) observed

5.    (a) exhibited
       (b) projected
       (c) criticized
       (d) cleared
       (e) explained

6.    (a) yet
       (b) nevertheless
       (c) although
       (d) instead
       (e) Despite

7.    (a) critical
       (b) wanted
       (c) sober
       (d) innate
       (e) cultivated

8.    (a) activate
       (b) verify
       (c) witness
       (d) express
       (e) propagate

9.   (a) lifts
       (b) replaces
       (c) revitalizes
       (d) sharpens
       (e) enlighten

10.  (a) curious
       (b) unworthy
       (c) inquisitive
       (d) eager
       (e) reluctant

Answers :-

1. (a)

2. (e)

3. (d)  

4. (b)  

5. (c)

6. (a)  

7. (b)

8. (c)

9. (d)

10. (a)

Vocabulary From Options :-

Miracle – A surprising and unexpected event

Mitigate – To lessen the suffering or pain

Nonplus – To confuse so much that unable to think or speak something

Overrun – To occupy a place in great numbers

Pour (into) – To come in large amount or number

Predilection (for) – A special preference or enjoyment for something

Provision – A condition in a document

Rebel – To rise in protest

Recalcitrance – Nor agreeing to any discipline or theory

Reconcile (to) – To accept an unpleasant fact

Refute – To deny (claim, charge)

Revitalise – To make something active again

Revive – To bring in existence, fashion, consciousness, health or use

Sober – Serious and gentle (nature, person)

Stalemate – A condition of dispute where solution is not possible

Stumbling-block – An obstacle or problem that prevents any progress

Take for granted – To regard something to true or sure

Thwart – To make unsuccessful

Unworthy – Not deserving

Vulnerability – Weakness 

English Quiz : Fill In the Blanks for IBPS PO Exam

Direction (1-10) : Pick out the Most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

1. Indications are the government is  __  to the prospect of granting bonus to the striking employees.
(a). aligned
(b). obliged
(c). reconciled
(d). relieved
(e). authorized

2. Shivalal __  classical music. He always prefers Bhimsen Joshi to Asha Bhonsle, and pundit Jasraj to Kumar Sanu.
(a). adores
(b). apprehends
(c). encompasses
(d). cultivates
(e). cares

3. As a general rule, Politician do not __ centre stage.
(a). forward
(b). forbid
(c). forgive
(d). forsake
(e). foster

4. The __  study on import of natural as from Iran thorough a pipeline would be completed shortly.
(a). natural
(b). calculated
(c). economic
(d). reallocation
(e). feasibility

5. His party is solely to be blamed for the political __ in the country.
(a). devaluation
(b). revival
(c). advocacy
(d). stalemate
(e). degradation

6. We still have not given our __ to conduct the survey of natural resources in our state.
(a). projection
(b). consent
(c). request
(d). compliance
(e). provision

7. We cannot go on strike every year. Now that we have gone on strike we must __ this issue.
(a). clinch
(b). culminate
(c). cross
(d). canvass
(e). coordinate

8. Man is __ ; however, he is more in need of mental companionship than of physical companionship.
(a). egoistic
(b). biological
(c). emotional
(d). democratic
(e). gregarious

9. He is the best man for this Job. He has mental __ to carry it out.
(a). predilection
(b). durability
(c). adroitness
(d). persuasion
(e). assimilation

10. I was totally __ by his line of thinking and could not put forth any argument.
(a). demolished
(b). nonplussed
(c). exhausted
(d). refuted
(e). degraded

Answers :-

1. (c)   2. (a)  3. (d)  4. (e)  5. (d)  6. (b)   7. (a)  8. (e)  9. (c)  10. (a)

Vocabulary from Options :-

Adore – To like very much

Adroitness – Skill

Advocacy – Giving Support to a cause

Align (with) – To join or agree with someone

Amenability – Adaptability

Canvass – To discuss an idea thoroughly

Clinch – To settle or finalize

Compliance (with) – Obedience to (rule, order)

Concede – To allow or Permit

Consent – Approval to do something

Culminate – To reach the highest Point

Debunk – To show that something is false or undeserving

Degradation – Reduction in quality or status of something

Demolish - To destroy (a structure)

Denounce – To criticize

Devaluation – Reduction in the value of something

Forbid – To order someone not to do something

Forsake – To abandon or give up

Foster – To encourage, To help in development of Something (growth, attitude, interest)

Gregarious – Social, Liking the company of others

Humdrum - Dull, Boring events or acts

Inflammatory – Provoking violent feeling or anger (remark, speech)

Innate – In-born, In one’s nature (tendency, beauty, desire)

Inquisitive – Curious to know something

Invader – One who attacks

English Quiz : Spotting Error Questions with Detail Explanation

Direction (1-10) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘e’, i.e No Error. (Ignore the Error of Punctuation if there is any) 

1. I have been travelling by local trains (a) / since last several years (b) / but had never experienced (c) / such a horrible situation as this (d) / No Error (e)

2. I found this ring (a) / as I dig in the garden. (b) / It looks very old. (c) / I wonder who it belonged to. (d) / No Error (e).

3. India today stands (a) / at crucial crossroads (b) / with its history (c) / as independent nation (d). /
No Error (e).

4. By April next year (a) / I will have been (b) / working in this office (c) / for twenty years (d). / No Error (e).

5. He was having the bath (a) / when the phone rang (b) / very unwillingly he got out of the bath (c) / and went to answer it. (d) / No Error (e).

6. By the time he gets back (a) / from his holidays (b) / the milkman has left (c) / twenty one bottle of milk outside his door. (d) / No Error (e).

7. Have you heard the news ? (a) / Mukesh and Malti are engaged. (b) / That is now new, (c) / I know it for ages. (d) / No Error (e).

8. Ganesh is not only involved (a) / in organizing conferences and seminars (b) / but also in conducting (c) / adult literacy programmes. (d) / No Error (e).

9. When I heard his knock (a) / I went to the door (b) / and opened it (c) / but I was not recognized
him. (d) / No Error (e).

10. If would have realized (a) / what a bad shape our library is in (b) / I would have done something (c) / to arrest the deterioration. (d) / No Error (e).

Answers :-

1. (b)   2. (b)  3. (e)  4. (e)   5. (c)   6. (c)  7. (d)  8. (a)  9. (d)  10. (a)

Explanation :-

1. Replace ‘since’ with ‘for’. (period of time)

2. Replace ‘dig’ with ‘was digging’. (dig is the first for of verb)

5. Use ‘and’ after ‘rang’ because a different sentence is to be combined.

6. Replace ‘has’ with ‘will have’. (this time denoted is future).

7. Replace ‘know’ with ‘have known’. (for + time)

8. Place ‘not only’ after ‘involved’

9. Replace ‘was not’ with ‘did not’

10. Replace ‘would have’ with ‘had’

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tabular Puzzle Based on Blood Relation for IBPS/SBI Exam

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and J are family members. There are three generations in the family. Each member likes a different drink viz, coffee, Tea, Milk, Sprite, Fanta, 7up, Maaza, Pepsi, Appy, and Limca, but not necessarily in the same order. There are five members in the family. 

In the family each female member, except B and H has two sisters and one unmarried brother. B has no sister-in-law. A doesn’t like Tea. The grandson of J does not like Pepsi. No male member likes Limca, Maaza or Tea. I is the father-in-law of F and likes Fanta. G who likes 7UP is the son in law of B. The mother of C likes Tea. D who likes coffee is unmarried sister of E, who doesn’t like Maaza. C is sister-in-law of F, but she doesn’t like Fanta, Limca or Tea. E is brother-in-law of G. The father of B is husband of H and he doesn’t like Appy. The grandparent doesn’t like any beverages except Milk and Appy. C is a married sister of A.

1. Who among following likes Maaza.

I). B    II). C   III). F   IV). E   V. None of These

2. F likes which of the following drinks.

I). Limca    II). Milk  
III). Pepsi  IV). Sprite
V. None of These

3. How many granddaughters does H have ?

I). Two     II). Four    III). One
IV). Three   V. None of These

4. How is A related to H ?

I). Granddaughter  
II). Daughter
III). Son
IV). Daughter-in-Law
V. None of These

5. Who among Following is father of E ?

I). H    II). B   III). I   IV). F   V. None of These

Solution :

1.  II      2. III      3. IV        4. I       5.III

                                                             Family Tree 


Monday, July 18, 2016

Most Important Computer Awareness Questions for SBI PO Exam -2

Ques. : 1 A set of inter-related components that collect, process, store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organisation best defines
1) communication technology 
2) a network
3) an information system 
4) hardware
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : an information system

Ques. : 2 Moves the cursor one space to the right or puts spaces in between words.
1) Control Key 
2) Print Command
3) Space Bar 
4) Mouse
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : Space Bar

Ques. : 3 A hand-held input device that moves the arrow pointer on the screen and lets you select items by clicking on it.
1) Mouse 
2) Disk
3) Pointer 
4) Monitor
5) None of these 
Answer:- 1 : Mouse

Ques. : 4 The Save command:
1) Brings a workbook from disk into memory 
2) Brings a workbook from disk into memory, then erases the workbook on disk
3) Stores the workbook in memory on disk 
4) Stores the workbook in memory on disk, then erases the workbook from memory
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : Stores the workbook in memory on disk

Ques. : 5 What is the end result of clicking in a cell, then clicking the Italic button on the Formatting toolbar twice in a row?
1) The cell contents are displayed in italic 
2) The cell contents are displayed in ordinary (non-italicized) type
3) The cell contents are unchanged and appear exactly as they did prior to clicking the Italic button twice in a row 
4) Impossible to determine
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : The cell contents are unchanged and appear exactly as they did prior to clicking the Italic button twice in a row

Ques. : 6 Press __________ to move the insertion point to the address box, or to highlight the URL in the address box.
1) Alt+D 
2) Alt+A
3) Shift+Tab 
4) Tab+Ctrl
5) Ctrl+S 
Answer:- 1 : Alt+D

Ques. : 7 Computer systems are comprised of
1) hardware, programs, information, people and networks
2) hardware, software, procedures, networks and people
3) hardware, programs, information, people and procedures 
4) hardware, programs, processors, procedures, network and people
5) hardware, programs, processors, procedures and people 
Answer:- 2 : hardware, software, procedures, networks and people

Ques. : 8 In order to move from one one worksheet to another in excel workbook, one should click
1) Active cell 
2) Scroll bar
3) Sheet tab 
4) Tab button
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : Sheet tab

Ques. : 9 How many 30-bit SIMMS are required to populate a bank on a 486 system that has a 32-bit data bus?
1) 2 
2) 3
3) 4 
4) 5
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : 4

Ques. : 10 A sales clerk at a checkout counter scanning a tag on an item rather than keying it into the systems, is using
1) input automation 
2) item data automation
3) output automation 
4) source data automation
5) None of these 
Answer:- 1 : input automation

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Banking Current Affairs from Jan to May for SBI PO Mains Exam

1. Indian overseas Bank posts net loss of Rs.936 crore.
2. HSBC to shut down half of its branches in India, 300 Jobs to go
3. ICICI Bank in strategic tie-up with NDB
4. App-only bank with no branches to launch in UK
5. IFMR Capital initiates first Capital Market Transaction for MUDRA
6. SWIFT financial messaging service launched in India
7. ICICI Bank offers ‘work-from-home’ for women
8. RuPay to launch Credit Cards in September
9. RBI announced liquidity measures for March 2016
10. ICICI Bank to Partner FINO PayTech for Payments Bank
11. Jan Dhan account deposits cross Thirty Thousand Crore Rupees
12. 'RBI to lower rates by another 50 bps in FY17'
13. IDFC Bank launches 
‪#IDFC Twitter Resume campaign on Twitter to find prospective employees, attract millennials
14. India rated 9th in FDI Confidence Index
15. Bharti Airtel get payments bank licence from RBI
16. Punjab based Capital Local Area Bank – First small finance bank starts operations
17. RBI floats draft framework for account aggregator NBFCs
18. India-USA to improve AYUSH products jointly
19. Federal Bank to open startup incubation centres
20. SBI Cap seeks to sell Kingfisher House in Mumbai
21. IFSC banking units can open foreign currency current accounts
22. RBI to introduce new 500,100 rupee notes
23. Yes Bank ties up with online payment solutions startup Click & pay
24. RBI cancelled Certificate of Registration of four NBFCs
25. Those earning Rs 50 lakh a year must declare assets
26. ICICI Bank open to investing in startups
27. Development Bank of Singapore(DBS) Bank launches mobile-only bank
28. Paytm ties up with Delhi Metro for card recharge
29. SEBI considering doing away with requirement of fresh KYC for Opening of new accounts in Securities Market
30. LIC launches online repository
31. RBI asked the banks to open banks in villages with a population of more than 5000
32. SBI chief identifies four change drivers in Indian banking system
33. SBI now also has the largest PoS network in India
34. RBI to issue 1000 banknotes with inset letter R
35. Banks adopt new rate formula
36. Punjab National Bank top mobilizer under Gold Monetization Scheme
37. Experian India launches new fraud solution for banking and insurance
38. Country's first small finance bank to start ops on April 13
39. RBI eases reporting of NEFT by Non-A/C holders
40. RBI lets only e-filing of FDI forms from Feb 8
41. SBI opens Japan Desk in New Delhi
42. BSE to get its own postal stamp
43. SBI, BoB and other PSBs creating anti-money laundering framework for overseas branches
44. Public sector banks install 14k ATMs in 2015-16
45. DBS Bank to set up new technology hub in Hyderabad
46. SBI lowers lending rates by 5 bps to 9.15%
47. National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI) Unified Payments Interface (UPI) was
48. NABARD lent 1000 crore rupees to Haryana State Warehousing Corporation (HSWC)
49. Bank customers can use post-office ATMs soon
50. ICICI Bank launches credit-linked subsidy scheme under PMAY
51. Mutual funds roll out Aadhaar number
52. Bank of Baroda posts highest ever loss by an Indian bank
53. Bandhan Bank Mobilizes 5000 crore deposits till December
54. KickStarter launches official Android app
55. SIDBI signs MoU with Saarc Development Fund
56. HDFC Bank launches SmartUp
57. Government raises EPF interest rate to 8.8 pc for 2015-16
60. Amazon to set up its second largest global delivery centre in Hyderabad
61. Uber opens Asia’s first engineering hub in India
62. First revised estimates of macroeconomic indicators for 2014-15 released
63. Public Sector Banks risk losing 'highly safe' tag sans additional capital
64. Banks may put 3-lakh cr of bad loans on the block in 2017: Arcil
65. RBL launches banking platform for entrepreneurs
66. Government raises EPF interest rate to 8.8 pc for 2015-16
67. India’s 1st startup hostel launched in Bengaluru
68. SEBI raises FPI investment limit
69. RBL becomes first private sector bank to open dedicated branch for startups
70. Bank of Japan keeps interest rates unchanged
71. Hinduja group acquires Britain Building
72. BSNL in talks with Airtel for spectrum-sharing deal
73. India to host IMF meet on Asia’s economic challenges in New Delhi
74. PF interest Rate hiked to 8.8% for 2015-16
75. SEBI lowers MF exposure limits
76. Rajan joins World Economic Forum task force
77. Bank plans to open 500 branches this fiscal
78. The country’s largest bank State Bank of India has now launched ‘mVisa‘ ,a mobilebased payments solution
79. World Bank initiated “Climate Action Plan”
80. SIDBI clears 1,000 Crore for early-stage startups
81. RBI changes tenor of G-secs worth Rs 37,300 crore
82. Fitch maintains India’s growth forecast at 7.5%
83. Core banking facility available at 25K post offices by April
84. RBI cancels registration of 4 NBFCs
85. RBI Deputy governor Urjit Patel, set for term extension
86. RBI permits banks to sell India Gold Coins
87. Nepal SBI Bank launches payment gateway
88. RBI issues norms for branch offices by foreign entities
89. Nita Ambani most powerful businesswoman in Asia: Forbes
90. RBI tweaks norms on Bank fraud provision
91. RBI is working on an e-pension ecosystem which would help in resolving issues concerning ghost pensions
92. Freecharge partners with Mexico-based movie theatre chain Cinepolis
93. Foodpanda Co-founder's startup acquires Ruplee
94. Government to infuse Rs. 5,000 crore in Public sector Banks
95. IDBI decided to raise the stake by 25%
96. Banks to issue 2nd tranche of gold bond scheme
97. Andhra Bank to launch Bharat Bill Payment Service soon
98. Banks likely to cut loan rates by 0.5%
99. SBI lowers home loan interest rate to 9.45%
100. Government approves 8.7% interest on Employees Provident Fund for 2015-16
101. Honda Amaze 2016 facelift launches in India
102. Thomas Cook India inks pact with Western Union, DCB Bank
103. South Indian Bank gets ISO 9001:2008 certification
104. SEBI scans FB accounts for insider trading probe
105. RBI imposes Rs 1Cr fine on SBT
106. SBI to offer loans to e-commerce sellers
107. India Post Payments Bank To Be Functional By March
108. IDBI Bank first state-run bank to open branch at IFSC
109. PM Narendra Modi still topper among the Indian middle class: ET-TNS survey
110. Banks to share details in standard format
111. Renault launches updated version of Duster
112. Soft Bank splits into two subsidiaries
113. Vijay Mallya exits from Sanofi after 33 years as chairman
114. IDBI Federal Life ties up with KSCA for bowling foundation
115. LIC offers longer cover under ‘Jeevan Labh’
116. Xi Jin Ping officially launches AIIB
117. National Payments Corporation of India to launch credit card by year-end
118. ICICI launches country’s 1st contactless credit card for SMEs
119. NABARD FY17 borrowing estimated at Rs 50k cr
120. Morgan Stanley downgrades Bank of Baroda and ICICI Bank
121. RBI unlocks Rs.40000 crore additional capital for banks
122. Finance Minister of India Mr. Arun Jaitley has indicated that the Government may merge 27 public sector banks into just six.
123. Rajan calls for new global monetary policy pact
124. RBI keeps key rates unchanged
125. PNB launches host of digital banking solutions
126. AADHAR not mandatory for direct Benefit Scheme

Most Important Computer Awareness Questions for SBI PO Exam -1

Ques. : 1 Every device on the Internet has a unique ________ address that identifies it in the same way that a street address identifies the location of a house.
1) DH 
2) DA
3) IP 
4) IA
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : IP

Ques. : 2 A symbol on the screen that represents a disk, document or program that you can select.
1) Icon 
2) Key
3) Monitor 
4) Graphic
5) None of these 
Answer:- 1 : Icon

Ques. : 3 Which of the following is true?
1) A worksheet contains one or more workbooks 
2) A workbook contains one or more worksheets
3) A spreadsheet contains one or more worksheets 
4) A worksheet contains one or more spreadsheets
5) None of these 
Answer:- 2 : A workbook contains one or more worksheets

Ques. : 4 To what temporary area can you store text and other data, and later paste them to another location?
1) The clipboard 
2) ROM
3) CD-ROM 
4) The hard disk
5) None of these 
Answer:- 1 : The clipboard

Ques. : 5 You can start Microsoft Word by using __________ button.
1) New 
2) Srart
3) Program 
4) Control Panel
5) None of these 
Answer:- 3 : Program

Ques. : 6 To change hardware components into more powerful or rectified version is called
1) Expansion 
2) plug and play
3) Upgrading 
4) Upsizing
5) None of these
Answer:- 3 : Upgrading

Ques. : 7 The output which is made up of pictures, sounds and video is called
1) COM 
2) hard copy
3) graphics 
4) multimedia
5) None of these 
Answer:- 4 : multimedia

Ques. : 8 Which of the following could be digital input devices for computers?
1) Digital camcorder 
2) Microphone
3) Scanner 
4) All the above
5) None of these 
Answer:- 4 : All the above

Ques. : 9 Which of the following functions is NOT performed by the TCP?
1) Flow control 
2) Sequencing
3) Error checking 
4) Subnetting
5) None of these 
Answer:- 5 : None of these

Ques. : 10 To make a notebook act as a desktop model, the notebook can be connected to a __________ which is connected to a monitor and other devices.
1) bay 
2) docking station
3) port 
4) network
5) None of these 
Answer:- 2 : docking station

Saturday, July 16, 2016

IBPS PO - VI Exam Notification Out for 2016

 IBPS PO Notification 2016-17,IBPS PO 2016

Dear Aspirant

IBPS has released the notification for the recruitment of Probationary Officer in the Participatory PSB and is tentatively scheduled in October/November 2016. Eligible and Interested candidate can apply from  26 July 2016 To 13 August 2016.   From this year onward individual time for each subject will be given in Mains exam and no change in the pattern of exam.          

Starting date of Online Registration  – 26 July 2016 

Last Date of  Online Registration – 13 August 2016

Date of Prelims Online Exam– 16, 22 & 23 October 2016 

Date of Mains Online Exam–20 November 2016

Age Limit: Minimum 20 years & Maximum 30 years

                          Click here for Official Notification

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SBI Exam 2016 : Para Jumble Sentence Quiz for Upcoming Exam

A number of sentences are given below which, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph.  Each sentence is labelled with a letter.  Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the five given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

A.    And yet there are people who remain enslaved, by an estimate based on a compilation of reports from governments and nongovernmental organizations, perhaps 27 million of them around the world.
B.     Every country, after all, has made it illegal to own and exercise total control over another human being.
C.     If slaveholders no longer own slaves in a legal sense, how can they still exercise so much control that freed slaves sometimes deliver themselves back into bondage?
D.    To many people, it comes as a surprise that debt bondage and other forms of slavery persist into the 21st century.
E.    This is just one of the puzzles that make slavery the greatest challenge faced by the social sciences today.

1] ABCDE      2] DABCE      3] DBACE      4] BDCAE      5] CABED

A.    Moscow's political leaders, as well as its corporate leaders in oil and gas, are portraying Russia's oil firms as stable sources of supply, willing to add output to the market to keep prices reasonable and thus revive the global economy.
B.     The nearly 1 mbd increase in its production over the last two years came at a time when OPEC cut output, thus losing market share, to put a floor under prices.
C.     Russia's oil revival has coincided with a downturn in the global economy and the first major reduction in the global demand for oil since the early 1980s.
D.    Not surprisingly, Moscow's motivations are being questioned and are often seen as an attempt to grab power in the global arena.
E.     But Russia's petroleum revival has also coincided with the terrorist attacks of September 11, which have provided Moscow a chance to displace OPEC as the key energy supplier to the West.
F.      In the eyes of these leaders, the new geopolitics of energy can help Moscow gain both economically and politically.

1] FADBEC    2] ABCDEF    3] AFCDEB    4] CBDEAF    5] BCDAFE

A.    This should be of no surprise, given that China too is an active campaigner against the globalised politics of terror.
B.     Now, India's equation with Nepal in the new global context of an anti-terror "campaign" will not at all be divorced from Kathmandu's enduring relationship of mutual benefit with Beijing.
C.     However, an entirely new element of candor is beginning to influence, if not also define, the strategic scope of the Indo-Nepalese interactions at this juncture.
D.    The Nepalese have traditionally tried to exercise a high degree of strategic autonomy consistent with their perception of having to coexist comfortably with their giant neighbors — India and China.
E.     The candid exchanges seem related to New Delhi's strong views about the Pakistani intelligence establishment's alleged ability to access Nepal (not its Government) to foment anti-India trouble

1] BDCEA      2] BCEAD      3] DBACE      4] ECABD      5] EBCDA

A.    Today, there are nearly thousand schools, many of them employing teachers who have undergone training in standardized courses in imparting special education.
B.     It is not surprising that this has resulted in the undertaking of considerable studies
C.     Educating Special children has thrown up many challenges to programmers and curriculum planners
D.    About three and a half decades ago, in India, there were hardly 30 schools with special educational programmes for such children.
E.     There has been a quantum jump in the facilities for teacher training and for upgrading their skills.

1] CBDEA      2] DBCEA      3] EADCB      4] CBDAE      5] ABCDE

Answers :-

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Para Jumble Sentence Arrangement Based on The Hindu Editorial for Bank Exam

Para Jumble Sentence Arrangement Based on The Financial Express Editorial for Bank Exam Set-3

Saturday, July 9, 2016

SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis (Slot-II) 9th July 2016

Dear Friends,
Today SBI has started the Third day of SBI PO Prelim exam and below is the exam analysis provided by the student who has given the exam in 2nd slot. Overall the exam level was moderate to Difficult as expected and from here exam level will also can go high or will be same as this is the 3rd day of exam and exam pattern was same as previous days so it was an advantage for those giving exam today because already know the pattern and have prepared.

Level :- Moderate to Tough (Overall)
Cut off Expected :- 45-50 (General)

The question pattern of the exam is as follows:

 SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis (Slot-II) 3rd July 2016

Overall exam Level and Expected Cut off based on Exam :-

 SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis (Slot-II) 3rd July 2016