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Free Download CAIIB Bank Financial management by Macmillan's PDF

Free Download CAIIB Bank Financial Management by Macmillan's PDF Free download. We are sharing you Macmillan Publication's Bank Financial Management PDF Free Download for CAIIB by IIBF. This Book contains Four Modules on International Banking, Risk Management, Treasury Management and Balance Sheet Management. 

Free Download CAIIB Bank Financial management by Macmillan's PDF

Download CAIIB Bank Financial management by Macmillan's

Bank Financial Management is a resourceful and comprehensive guidebook for banking professionals. Published in 2010, the book offers wide coverage to all the vital areas and concepts of banking through its meticulously designed set of modules. Divided in four modules, the book addresses topics like Balance Sheet Management, International Banking, Risk Management and Treasury Management sectors. Each topic is further divided into different concept and explained with theory and examples. 

All the four topics of the book cover prime area of focus. Risk Management section educates about Risks, Risk in Banking Business, Regulations in Banking Industry, Market Risk, Credit Risk and various other aspects of field.

This book helps readers to familiarize with the concept of International Banking, while learning about Forex Business, Exchange Rates, Basics of Forex Derivatives, Correspondent Banking, NRI accounts and Role of ECGC, FEMA and FEDAI. Similarly, other sections, terminologies and concepts are explained in clear and detailed way. Written in simple and easy-to-understand language, this book is ideal for banking professionals, who want to get deeper understanding of banking industry.

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Download Bank Financial management by Macmillan's 

MODULE A: International Banking

Forex Business; Factors determining exchange rates, Direct and indirect quotations, Spot Forward rates, Premium and discount, Cross rates.

Basics of Forex derivatives; Forward exchange rates, Contracts, Options, Swaps. Correspondent banking, NRI accounts

Documentary Letters of Credit - UCPDC 600, Various facilities to exporters and importers.

Risks in foreign trade, Role of ECGC, Types of insurance and guarantee covers of ECGC. 

Role of Exim Bank - Role of RBI and Exchange control - Regulations in India, Role of FEDAl and FEDAI rules - Role of FEMA and its rules

MODULE B: Risk Management

Risk - Concept: Risk in Banks - Risk Management Framework - Organisational Structure - Risk Identification - Risk Measurement - Sensitivity - Basis Point Value (BPV) — Duration -Downside Potential - Value at Risk, Back Testing - Stress Testing - Risk Monitoring and Control - Risk Reporting Market risk identification, Measurement and management, Rating methodology. Risk weights, Eligible collateral for mitigation, Guarantees; Credit ratings, Default probabilities, Credit risk spreads. Risk migration. Transition matrices and Credit metrics, Counter party risk.

Credit exposures. Recovery rates, Risk mitigation techniques - Operational and Integrated risk management - Risk management and Capital management - Basel II - Current guidelines on risk management

MODULE C: Treasury Management

Concepts and function; Instruments in the treasury market. Development of new financial products, Control and supervision of treasury management, Linkage of domestic operations with foreign operations. Interest rate risk, Interest rate futures, Mix/Pricing of Assets, Liabilities - On- Balance Sheet Investment and Funding strategies - Stock options, Debt instruments, Bond portfolio strategy, Risk control and Hedging instruments. Investments - Treasury bills, Money market instruments such as CDs, CPs, IBPs, Securitisation and Forfeiting; Refinance and Re discounting facilities. Derivatives - Credit Default Swaps/Options

MODULE D: Balance Sheet Management

Prudential norms - Capital Adequacy. Implementation of Basel II guidelines: RBI guidelines.

Bank's Balance Sheet - Components of assets/Liabilities - ALM implementation - RBI guidelines - Gap analysis - Mechanics, Assumptions and Limitations - Illustrations of Actual Gap Reports - The Relationship

Download CAIIB Bank Financial management by Macmillan's PDF - Click Here 

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