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Important Management Theory for RBI Grade B Management Paper

RBI Grade Finance and Management Paper Contains Questions from Management Theory and Here in this Article we will Understand what are Important Theories you need to Prepare for RBI Grade B Management Section. 

In this Article we will only Discuss about Names of Management Theory for RBI Grade B Management Paper but in coming days we will Provide you complete notes on each theory for your RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam.

General Management Theory
  • Scientific Theory by Frederick W. Taylor
  • Administrative Theory by Henri Fayol
  • Bureaucratic Theory by Max Weber
  • Human Relations Theory by Elton Mayo
  • Systems Theory by Ludwig con Bertalanffy 
Motivation Theory
  • McGregor's Theory of X & Y
  • Abraham Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory
  • Frederick Herzber's Motivation - Hyhiene Theory
  • Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory
  • Clayton Alderfer's ERG Theory
  • McClelland's Theory of Need
  • Stacey Adam's Equity Theory
  • Skinners's Reinforcement Theory
  • Edward deci Self Determination theory (extrinsic and intrinsic motivation)
Leadership Theory & Styles
  • Leadership Styles - Autocratic and Democratic 
  • Great Man Theory
  • Trait Theory
  • Behavioral Theory
  • Fiedler' Contingency Theory
  • Hersey & Blanchard Situational Theory
  • Robert House's Path Goal Theory
  • Transformational Theory
  • Transactional Theory
  • Types of Communication
  • Normal vs Effective Communication
  • Role of Effective Communication
  • Overview of Phonetics & Homophones
  • Communication Theory
  • Theories of Organizational Communication
  • Communication Models
  • Aristotle Model of Communication
  • Berlo’s Model of Communication
  • Shannon and Weaver Model
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Economy Books

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Social Issue Books 

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Finance Theory Book

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Finance Numerical Books

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Management Books 

  • Organization Behavior by Stephen P Robins - Download
  • Management By Stephen P Robins - Download
  • Principle of Management by P.C.Tripathi - Download

Previous Year's RBI GRADE B Papers

  • RBI Grade B Officer Previous Year Question Papers - Download
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