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How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III | Exam Pattern | Essay & Letter Writing Tips

From Last year SSC has changed a bit in Pattern of Exam and added Descriptive Section in Tier-3. Below I am sharing some tips to Follow for the Preparation of Descriptive Section.
Exam Pattern of SSC CGL Tier III
  • Tier III will be a descriptive type paper of 100 marks
  • Exam will be conducted in Pen and Paper mode
  • Duration of Paper will be 60 minutes
  • There will be questions of Essay Writing (250 Words)/ Letter Writing
  • This exam will be of qualifying nature but marks are included in the preparation of final merit
  • The paper will be bilingual i.e. you can write answer either in Hindi or English Language.
One thing which is favorable here is you have choice of writing descriptive in Both Hindi and English,and I am sure it will be definitely easy for lots of Aspirants to write an essay in Hindi if they are not from English background.
Essay Writing Tips for SSC CGL Tier III
  1. Read newspaper Editorial daily to understand the effective way of writing and topics that are important in the current period.
  2. Practice writing - Practice is the key, whenever you read any editorial or any article try to write it in your language, whatever you understand about topic, try to write it once.
  3. Before writing always formulate the Idea about Topics on which you want to write , make short points on which you will focus during your writing.
  4. Logical order of Essay is Important means whatever you are writing should be in a structured way, For Example you can’t write Advantage and then Introduction about Topic. So keep this thing in mind also.
  5. Stick to word limit.
  6. Pay attention to correct use of grammar.
  7. Once you have finished writing, check for grammatical errors, repetition, spelling mistakes
  8. Write your essay and get it evaluated by your friends so that you can work on weak portion.
Remember These 5 Important Points for Easy Writing
  1. Clarity of expression
  2. Command over language
  3. Continuity of Sentence
  4. Content
  5. Suggestions
Letter/Application Writing:
  1. Letter writing is easy compared to easy. So focus should be maximize your marks in this section.
  2. The most important thing in letter writing is its format so you should know the proper format of both Letter writing and Application writing.
  3. Introductory paragraph, main body and closing body should be in proper place as it will play a major role.
  4. Practice both types of letter i.e. formal and informal.
Some of Important Current Topics on which you can Practice.
  1. GST and Its effects on Indian Economy
  2. Demonetization and Its effects on Indian Economy
  3. India and its relations with other countries
  4. Online Exams: Its merits and demerits
  5. Reforms needed in Indian Educational System
  6. Role of Judiciary in the Country Today
  7. The Coalition Politics
  8. The Fight Against Terrorism
  9. Should There Be Reservations?
  10. Role of Media
  11. Communal Riots
  12. Effect of Online System of Examinations on Cheating
  13. Sexual Harassment: The Hidden Truth
  14. Cashless economy
  15. Women Empowerment
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