Friday, December 9, 2016

Last Minute Tips for IBPS RRB OFFICE SCALE-1 MAINS Exam ! Must Read

Dear Aspirant,

Today I am going to provide you the few last minute tips for upcoming IBPS RRB OFFICER SCALE-1 Main exam going to held in the morning of Sunday 11th Dec. Exam in scheduled in only one shift so there will be no chance to get the idea of paper earlier. As we have all seen in IBPS PO/MT Mains Paper.

As this is the first time RRB is the form of Prelim and Mains so there will be some new unexpected bombarding by IBPS which you should be prepared. Other than this there can be can some high level new questions also so don't confuse with the paper. Make yourself calm during the paper and give your best in the exam.

These are some How to attempt Paper based suggestion.

1. Don't loose your calmness with the increasing level of exam paper. Make your strategy earlier and try to follow that in the exam. Think about the worst like maximum toughness of paper then accordingly make your strategy.

2. English or Regional Language Paper can have Chocolate Cake type questions so try to attempt this section with accuracy and in less time.

3. As in this exam time is not fixed for different section so you can attempt any section any time or you can switch in between through out the section.So try to attempt first which is your section either reasoning or aptitude.

4. Attempt Computer in the last because sometimes it happen you left with the 2-3 min in the last and you don't know to do with this time because its already red but if you attempt computer in last you won't have this problem because in that 2-3 min also you can attempt 5-10 question based upon your knowledge.

5. In reasoning level of questions will be very high and you can expect some 3-4 level puzzle including blood relation based puzzle, Input-Output with added extra letter in the last conclusion line, Coded Inequality, Coded Blood Relation etc.

6. In quantitative aptitude also the questions will be lengthy in calculation especially data interpretation. There will no approximation and simplification. Data Interpretation will have question from missing DI and caslets. Series can also be a missing number series or two line series questions. Arithmetic can have 8-10 questions including questions from probability and permutation and combination.

7. Computer will be another strawberry cake for you which you can attempt in 5-10 min based on your speed and knowledge. Try to attempt with accuracy.

8. In the last don't panic in the exam, keep calm and give your best, remember its only you  can stop you from achieving something other than that no one can. All the best from bank4success team.

                                                       Keep Calm and Give your best

These are some general instruction which you MUST follow.
  1. Take out the print copy of your Admission Letter today itself, don’t wait for the last moment.
  2. Do read the general instructions written on the Admission Letter carefully.
  3. Take your current ID proof along with its photocopy and paste your recent photograph.
  4. While attempting the question do invest some time in reading the instruction/directions carefully. That smart investment of time can really save you from losing a mark, which you could have easily gained.
  5. Be aware while marking your answers for review. If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, the answer will be considered in the final evaluation.
  6. Reach the venue of examination well ahead of time. Don’t wait for the last moment do reach your venue a little early. 
  7. Stay calm and be confident while attempting questions don’t get struck on any question for too long, maintaining your calm will help you analyse the questions better.
  8. You must be careful of negative marking. Do not take chances while attempting questions because if you do not maintain accuracy, then your high number of attempts might go in vain.

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