Friday, December 2, 2016

INDIA'S First City/State/District Current Affairs for Upcoming Exam


1)To setup happiness department-Madhya Pradesh
2)To have a state data center (SDC)- Himachal_Pradesh
3)To have an open govt data portal- Sikkim
4)To approve sewage & waste management policy- Rajasthan
5)To give pension & food benefits to transgenders- Odha
6)To pass land little bill- Rajasthan
7)To launch statewide broadband project- Aandhra_Pradesh
8)To launch DNA profiling of criminals-Aandhra_Pradesh
9)To draft Law for internal security-Maharshtra
10)To introduce minimum wages for part time workers- Rajasthan
11)To obtain a telecom license & can sue phone no. starting from 797 series-Andhra_Pradesh
12)To dtribute 2 crore LED bulbs under UJALA Scheme- Gujarat
13)To sign MOU with AAI & GOI to develop airports under RCS Maharshtra
14)To ratify GST Bill - Assam
15)To Launch water metro project- kerela
16)To Impose Food tax on Junk Food- Kerala
17)To ban e-cigarettes- Punjab
18)To start Rota-virus vaccination Project-HImachal_Pradesh
19)To be created on Lingutic bas- Telangana
20)To sue exclusive budget on agriculture-Karnataka
21)To pass food security Act- Chattgarh
22)To Sign MOU with GOI for UDAY Scheme- Jharkhand
23) To pass law against social boycott-Maharshtra
24) To accept electronic motor insurance policy- Telangana
25) To introduce e-court fee system- Delhi
26) To sue soil health card-Punjab
27) To achieve 100% primary education- Kerala
28) To start e-auctions of mines-Rajasthan
29) To have solar powered Airport- Kochi, Kerala
30) To have solar powered court- Khunti , Jharkhand
31) To have solar powered institute- Puducherry (SAICE)
32) To have solar powered ferry - Kerala
33) To have blind friendly Railway station- Mysore
34) To set up women court- Maldah, Bengal
35) To be Polio free-Kerala
36) land dtrict- Majuli, Assam
37) e-Court- Ahmedabad
38) Fully organic state - Sikkim
39) First gender park & Digital state-Kerala
40) First rural broadband service & 1st Digital State-Idukki, Kerala
41) Free wi-fi city- Kolkata
42) free wi-fi railway station- Bangaluru
43) wi-fi beach- মালপে, কর্নাটক
44) To implement VAT- Haryana(2003)
45) To ban plastic bag- HP
46) First Tsunami centre-Hyderabad
47) Smoke free state- HP
48) To ban thermokol plate-Jharkhand
49) Women operated Post Office- New Delhi
50) First liquor free state- Kachhabali, Rajasthan
51) To introduce Policy for Transgenders- Kerala
52) Carbon free state-HP
53) Tobacco free village- Koolimandu,Kerala
54) Kerosene free state/ UT- New Delhi
55) First park(Shloka Beti Garden) for girl child- Udaipur.
56) 1st Open Defection - Sikkim then Himachal and Kerala
57) First Digital Dtrict - Nagpur
58) Organic State - Sikkim
60) 1st Tiger Safari - Madhya Pradesh

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