Friday, September 2, 2016

Banking Quiz : Daily Banking Awareness Quiz for Upcoming Bank Exam

1. The term ICAAP is used in the context of

A). Risk Management
B). Capital Adequacy Ratio
C). Right of Information Act
D). Dealing with Public Companies
E). None of These

2. Risk that is associate with inability/failure of banks in payment of amount representing clearing cheques presented by different banks.

A). Liquidity Risk
B). Settlement Risk
C). Credit Risk
D). Legal Risk
E). None of These

3. When failure of the financial system affects other systems such as insurance market or forex 
market, such risk is

A). Liquidity Risk
B). Settlement Risk
C). Systemic Risk
D). Clearing Process Risk
E). None of These

4. A bank has granted a house of Rs. 10 Lakh with LTV. ratio less than 75%. What is the minimum amount of Tier 1 capital for the loan.

A). 90000
B). 75000
C). 60000
D). 30000
E). None of These

5. Gilt-edged market deals in

A). Worn currency Notes
B). Bullion and Gold
C). Govt. Securities
D). Corporate Bond
E). All kind of Capital Market Securities

6. The risk that loss may arise on account of trading in SAR and other securities by a bank is 
classified as

A). Credit Risk
B). Investment Function Risk
C). Trading Risk
D). Market Risk
E). None of These

7. Under which kind of following mechanism the DSB returns being summited by banks to RBI, fall

A). Early alert System
B). On-site surveillance
C). off-site surveillance
D). Risk based supervision system
E). None of These

8. Which of the following extensions of abbreviation does not match __

A). BCSBI – Banking codes and standards Board of India
B). BSBS – Banking codes and Banking Standards
C). BFS – Board of Financial Supervision
D). BIFR – Board for Institutional Financial Subvention
E). None of These

9. An Infrastructure finance company is required to deploy  ___ % of its total assets in infrastructure loans.

A). 50 %
B). 51 %
C). 74 %
D). 75 %
E). None of These

10. The temporary loans that are allowed by RBI to Govt. from time to time to meet the mismatch position are called __

A). Treasury Bills
B). Dated Securities
C). Ways and Means Advances
D). Ad Hoc treasury Bills
E). None of These


1. B

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. C

6. D

7. C

8. B

9. D

10. C