Monday, August 29, 2016

Vocab Mania : Daily Vocabulary from Previous Year's Bank Exam Paper

Dear Friends 

Today I am Starting the New Series of the Special Vocabulary from Previous Years Papers. These words were not directly asked as word meaning but these are Important words Used in Passage and Cloze Test. Most of the times these words get repeated in the exam becuase these are some good level words which we don't use in our daily conversation. Try to remember all words in this sereis which I will post in Upcoming Days.

Abide – To accept and obey according to

Bare – Very Insufficient

Grandeur – Impressiveness

Indispensable – Absolutely Essential

Invincible – That is impossible to defeat (Enemy, Army, opponent)

Irrefutable – That can’t be contradicted

Irrepressible – That can’t be controlled (laughter, anger)

Irrevocable – That can’t be changed (decision, law)

Mingle – To combine things, To mix with people

Rival – Competitor

Elicit – To get news and information from someone with difficulty.

Compatible – That can exist together, Suited (with, idea, people, principle)

Wound – To hurt

Disgrace – Humiliation, Embarrassment

Concede – To allow or Permit

Reverence – Respect

Keen – Enthusiastic, Eager

Lethargy – Laziness

Outstrip – To be better in competition

Sustain – To maintain or continue

Lambaste – To flay, To criticize badly

Devoid – Completely Lacking

Congenial – Friendly, Pleasant, Suitable

Clamp – To impose

Bereavement – Sorrow caused by the death of someone

Cease – To stop doing something