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Daily Vocabulary For Competitive Exam From Previous Year's Paper

Vocabulary in SSC, Banking, Insurance and Other Competitive Exam is Very Important as it helps you score Direct Vocabulary Based Questions marks and at the same time it helps you in Comprehension based Questions also.  These words were not directly asked as word meaning but these are Important words Used in Passage and Cloze Test. Most of the times these words get repeated in the exam because these are some good level words which we don't use in our daily conversation. 

Adore – To like very much

Adroitness – Skill

Advocacy – Giving Support to a cause

Align (with) – To join or agree with someone

Amenability – Adaptability

Barbarian – Uncultured

Canvass – To discuss an idea thoroughly

Clinch – To settle or finalize

Compliance (with) – Obedience to (rule, order)

Concede – To allow or Permit

Consent – Approval to do something

Culminate – To reach the highest Point

Debunk – To show that something is false or undeserving

Degradation – Reduction in quality or status of something

Demolish - To destroy (a structure)

Denounce – To criticize

Devaluation – Reduction in the value of something

Dilute – To make something weaker in the force or effect

Egoistic – Valuing oneself too much

Elite – A group thought to be superior on any basis

Ethnic diversity – Difference among groups in view of cultural tradition

Feasibility Study – A study carried out to judge the practicality or usefulness of a project before it

Forbid – To order someone not to do something

Forsake – To abandon or give up

Foster – To encourage, To help in development of Something (growth, attitude, interest)

Gregarious – Social, Liking the company of others

Humdrum - Dull, Boring events or acts

Inflammatory – Provoking violent feeling or anger (remark, speech)

Innate – In-born, In one’s nature (tendency, beauty, desire)

Inquisitive – Curious to know something

Invader – One who attacks

Miracle – A surprising and unexpected event

Mitigate – To lessen the suffering or pain

Nonplus – To confuse so much that unable to think or speak something

Overrun – To occupy a place in great numbers

Pour (into) – To come in large amount or number

Predilection (for) – A special preference or enjoyment for something

Provision – A condition in a document

Rebel – To rise in protest

Recalcitrance – Nor agreeing to any discipline or theory

Reconcile (to) – To accept an unpleasant fact

Refute – To deny (claim, charge)

Revitalize – To make something active again

Revive – To bring in existence, fashion, consciousness, health or use

Sober – Serious and gentle (nature, person)

Stalemate – A condition of dispute where solution is not possible

Stumbling-block – An obstacle or problem that prevents any progress

Take for granted – To regard something to true or sure

Thwart – To make unsuccessful

Unworthy – Not deserving

Vulnerability – Weakness

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