Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fill in The Blanks Questions from Prvious Years Papers

1. Indications are the government is  __  to the prospect of granting bonus to the striking employees.
(a). aligned
(b). obliged
(c). reconciled
(d). relieved
(e). authorized

2. Shivalal __  classical music. He always prefers Bhimsen Joshi to Asha Bhonsle, and pundit Jasraj to Kumar Sanu.
(a). adores
(b). apprehends
(c). encompasses
(d). cultivates
(e). cares

3. As a general rule, Politician do not __ centre stage.
(a). forward
(b). forbid
(c). forgive
(d). forsake
(e). foster

4. The __  study on import of natural as from Iran thorough a pipeline would be completed shortly.
(a). natural
(b). calculated
(c). economic
(d). reallocation
(e). feasibility

5. His party is solely to be blamed for the political __ in the country.
(a). devaluation
(b). revival
(c). advocacy
(d). stalemate
(e). degradation

6. We still have not given our __ to conduct the survey of natural resources in our state.
(a). projection
(b). consent
(c). request
(d). compliance
(e). provision

7. We cannot go on strike every year. Now that we have gone on strike we must __ this issue.
(a). clinch
(b). culminate
(c). cross
(d). canvass
(e). coordinate

8. Man is __ ; however, he is more in need of mental companionship than of physical companionship.
(a). egoistic
(b). biological
(c). emotional
(d). democratic
(e). gregarious

9. He is the best man for this Job. He has mental __ to carry it out.
(a). predilection
(b). durability
(c). adroitness
(d). persuasion
(e). assimilation

10. I was totally __ by his line of thinking and could not put forth any argument.
(a). demolished
(b). nonplussed
(c). exhausted
(d). refuted
(e). degraded

Answers :-

1. (c)   

2. (a)  

3. (d)  

4. (e)  

5. (d)  

6. (b)   

7. (a)  

8. (e)  

9. (c)  

10. (a)