Saturday, August 6, 2016

English Quiz : Daily Cloze Test from Previous Papers of Bank Exam

Direction (1-10) : In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers again printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find out the appropriate word.

First _1_ in all human relationships are crucially important. If _2_ well, then can _3_ the process of _4_ social relationships between _5_ and, at the same time, lay the foundation for future productive and _6_ beneficial _7_ Equally. The _8_ of social relationships, even if only temporary, can _9_ strong emotions, since participants have usually _10_ some of their most inner feelings and thoughts to each other.

                                                                                          ( State Bank of India Clerk Exam,2009)

1. (a) encounter
    (b) knowledge
    (c) appearance
    (d) association
    (e) friendship

2. (a) treated
    (b) handled
    (c) enacted
    (d) performed
    (e) functioned

3. (a) begin
    (b) exhibit
    (c) project
    (d) execute
    (e) manage

4. (a) retarding
    (b) augmenting
    (c) maintaining
    (d) exhilarating
    (e) strengthening

5. (a) nations
    (b) spouses
    (c) persons
    (d) friends
    (e) organizations

6. (a) mutually
    (b) latently
    (c) qualitatively
    (d) intellectually
    (e) temperamentally

7. (a) rewards
    (b) positions
    (c) advantages
    (d) applications
    (e) transactions

8. (a) duration
    (b) quality
    (c) association
    (d) termination
    (e) advantages

9. (a) evoke
    (b) display
    (c) suppress
    (d) manifest
    (e) establish

10. (a) projected
    (b) revealed
    (c) repressed
    (d) appreciated
    (e) approached

Answers will be Posted Soon ..  First Try by your self.