Saturday, August 6, 2016

English Quiz : Daily Cloze Test from Previous Papers of Bank Exam

Direction (1-10) : In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers again printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find out the appropriate word.

Dishonesty may be successful for a time. Still one must _1_ that honesty is sure to succeed _2_ in the long run. This fact may be observed by _3_ the career of students in schools and colleges. The student who cheats in the examination may, if he _4_ detection, gain a few marks more than he would otherwise have done. But what is the probable result ? He learns thereby to _5_ to dishonest means of passing the future examinations and _6_ honest hard work, the only sure means of success. The result is that when next examination is to be faced, he finds that he is so far below the standard _7_ that even cheating cannot help him. He is unable to qualify. This shows that even if dishonesty remains _8_, one is likely to be outstripped by ones more honest rival in the end. Apart from this a dishonest person exposes himself to risk of _9_ which will ruin his reputation and _10_ the hearts of his friends and well-wishers. Dishonesty is a certain road to downfall.

1. (a) Assume
    (b) Provide
    (c) Divide
    (d) Assure
    (e) Concede

2. (a) Never
    (b) better
    (c) Greater
    (d) Later
    (e) Together

3. (a) Demarking
    (b) Sharpening
    (c) Considering
    (d) looking
    (e) focusing

4. (a) lambastes
    (b) manages
    (c) develops
    (d) escapes
    (e) Promotes

5. (a) resort
    (b) deliver
    (c) oppose
    (d) allot
    (e) percolate

6. (a) neglects
    (b) appreciates
    (c) deviates
    (d) sustains
    (e) projects

7. (a) exhibited
    (b) pronounced
    (c) subscribed
    (d) acquired
    (e) required

8. (a) unmatched
    (b) unpopular
    (c) undetected
    (d) undisclosed
    (e) undiscovered

9. (a) danger
    (b) provocation
    (c) conflict
    (d) disgrace
    (e) criticism

10. (a) move
    (b) wound
    (c) enlarge
    (d) support
    (e) disintegrate

Answers :-

1. E