Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SBI Exam 2016 : Para Jumble Sentence Quiz for Upcoming Exam

A number of sentences are given below which, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph.  Each sentence is labelled with a letter.  Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the five given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

A.    And yet there are people who remain enslaved, by an estimate based on a compilation of reports from governments and nongovernmental organizations, perhaps 27 million of them around the world.
B.     Every country, after all, has made it illegal to own and exercise total control over another human being.
C.     If slaveholders no longer own slaves in a legal sense, how can they still exercise so much control that freed slaves sometimes deliver themselves back into bondage?
D.    To many people, it comes as a surprise that debt bondage and other forms of slavery persist into the 21st century.
E.    This is just one of the puzzles that make slavery the greatest challenge faced by the social sciences today.

1] ABCDE      2] DABCE      3] DBACE      4] BDCAE      5] CABED

A.    Moscow's political leaders, as well as its corporate leaders in oil and gas, are portraying Russia's oil firms as stable sources of supply, willing to add output to the market to keep prices reasonable and thus revive the global economy.
B.     The nearly 1 mbd increase in its production over the last two years came at a time when OPEC cut output, thus losing market share, to put a floor under prices.
C.     Russia's oil revival has coincided with a downturn in the global economy and the first major reduction in the global demand for oil since the early 1980s.
D.    Not surprisingly, Moscow's motivations are being questioned and are often seen as an attempt to grab power in the global arena.
E.     But Russia's petroleum revival has also coincided with the terrorist attacks of September 11, which have provided Moscow a chance to displace OPEC as the key energy supplier to the West.
F.      In the eyes of these leaders, the new geopolitics of energy can help Moscow gain both economically and politically.

1] FADBEC    2] ABCDEF    3] AFCDEB    4] CBDEAF    5] BCDAFE

A.    This should be of no surprise, given that China too is an active campaigner against the globalised politics of terror.
B.     Now, India's equation with Nepal in the new global context of an anti-terror "campaign" will not at all be divorced from Kathmandu's enduring relationship of mutual benefit with Beijing.
C.     However, an entirely new element of candor is beginning to influence, if not also define, the strategic scope of the Indo-Nepalese interactions at this juncture.
D.    The Nepalese have traditionally tried to exercise a high degree of strategic autonomy consistent with their perception of having to coexist comfortably with their giant neighbors — India and China.
E.     The candid exchanges seem related to New Delhi's strong views about the Pakistani intelligence establishment's alleged ability to access Nepal (not its Government) to foment anti-India trouble

1] BDCEA      2] BCEAD      3] DBACE      4] ECABD      5] EBCDA

A.    Today, there are nearly thousand schools, many of them employing teachers who have undergone training in standardized courses in imparting special education.
B.     It is not surprising that this has resulted in the undertaking of considerable studies
C.     Educating Special children has thrown up many challenges to programmers and curriculum planners
D.    About three and a half decades ago, in India, there were hardly 30 schools with special educational programmes for such children.
E.     There has been a quantum jump in the facilities for teacher training and for upgrading their skills.

1] CBDEA      2] DBCEA      3] EADCB      4] CBDAE      5] ABCDE

Answers :-

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