Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Para Jumble Sentence Arrangement Based on The Financial Express Editorial for Bank Exam Set-3

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Today I am sharing the Para Jumbled Sentence or Sentence Rearrangement which is one of the most Important topic in Bank Exam and often it is asked from News Paper Editorial. So here is the Para Jumbled Sentence based on the The Financial Express Editorial for Upcoming SBI PO/RBI Grade B/ IBPS Exam.

I already shared the Tips to Solve Para Jumble Sentence Read Here 

Instruction : Below is the Sentence given which is randomly arranged and you have arrange them in a meaningful order and answer the questions based on that arrangement.

I. All contributions and interest accrued to employee provident fund (EPF) before April 1, 2016, will not attract any tax on withdrawal. Withdrawal of principal amount contributed to EPF after April 1st would also remain exempt from any tax.

II. The Budget 2016-17 proposed to tax interest on 60 per cent of EPF withdrawal. However, the withdrawn amount would be totally tax exempt if it is re-invested in annuity pension products.

III. It is only the interest on contributions made after April 1, 2016 which will be taxed, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia told PTI in an interview here.

IV. For this 3 crore people, there is going to be no change in status of taxation. They can withdraw their 100 per cent corpus when they retire without any taxes, Adhia said, adding that the distinction would be made clear in the notification.

V. Mr. Adhia said out of the 3.7 crore active contributors in EPF, about 70 lakh corporate sector employees with high salary would be impacted by the proposed taxation of EPF interest on withdrawal.

VI. There is no change in the status of public provident fund (PPF). EEE (tax exempt at the time of contribution, tax exempt on returns and tax exempt on withdrawals) scheme will continue for PPF, he said. “There is no 40 per cent limit on PPF. It will be 100 per cent exempt“.

VII. There are about 3 crore people whose monthly income is less than Rs 15,000. They are called eligible members of EPF.

Q. 1 Which Sentence will the First sentence after Arrangement.

A. I            B. III.      C. IV            D. VI          E. None of these

Q. 2 Which Sentence will the Second sentence after Arrangement.

A. I            B. III.      C. IV           D. V              E. None of these

 Q. 3 Which Sentence will the Third sentence after Arrangement.

A. I            B. IV.      C. V                D. VI           E. None of these

Q. 4 Which Sentence will the Fourth sentence after Arrangement.

A. I            B. II.      C. IV                 D. V           E. None of these

Q. 5 Which Sentence will the Fifth sentence after Arrangement.

A. III            B. IV.      C. VII            D. VI          E. None of these

Q. 6 Which Sentence will the Sixth sentence after Arrangement.

A. IV            B. VIII.      C. VII          D. VI         E. None of these

Q. 7  Which Sentence will the seventh  sentence after Arrangement.

A. I            B. II.      C. V            D. VIII              E. None of these


1. A

2. B

3. D

4. D

5. C

6. A

7. B

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