Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Para Jumble Sentence Arrangement Based on The Hindu Editorial for Bank Exam Set-2

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Today I am sharing the Para Jumbled Sentence or Sentence Rearrangement which is one of the most Important topic in Bank Exam and often it is asked from News Paper Editorial. So here is the Para Jumbled Sentence based on the The Hindu Editorial for Upcoming SBI PO/RBI Grade B/ IBPS Exam.

I already shared the Tips to Solve Para Jumble Sentence Read Here 

Instruction : Below is the Sentence given which is randomly arranged and you have arrange them in a meaningful order and answer the questions based on that arrangement.

I. When the IS and al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the murders, the authorities said no foreign terrorist group was involved.

II. The targeted killings started three years ago, and the government has appeared to hold itself back on pursuing the murderers and their handlers.

III. The Dhaka attack takes the fight to the government of Sheikh Hasina. For months, the government tried to play down the threats from jihadists, saying those were the acts of local groups.

IV. Its focus was on weakening the political opposition, including the Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh’s largest Islamist party. When liberal and secular activists were attacked, the government partly blamed them for “insulting religious sensibilities”.

V. It is only recently that the government launched a major crackdown on radicalized groups, but over this period the extremists have grown in strength to carry out mass attacks.

VI. The IS and al-Qaeda see Bangladesh as an arena of potential expansion. The IS had released audio propaganda in Bangla. The simmering tensions between the government and the Islamist organizations have lent radicalized groups an opportunity to drive their agenda and find recruits.

VII. The long-term challenge is to check growing radicalization. In this context, the ruling Awami League, perceived to be at the liberal end of the political spectrum, must step back and reconsider its high-handedness in dealing with opposition and dissent.

VIII. To address this, the government needs both short- and long-term strategies. The immediate task is of course to address the worsening security situation.

Q. 1 Which Sentence will the First sentence after Arrangement.

A. I              B. III.      C. IV              D. VI         E. None of these
Q. 2 Which Sentence will the Second sentence after Arrangement.

A. I              B. III.      C. IV              D. V          E. None of these

Q. 3 Which Sentence will the Third sentence after Arrangement.

A. I              B. IV.      C. III               D. V           E. None of these

Q. 4 Which Sentence will the Fourth sentence after Arrangement.

A. I              B. II.       C. IV               D. V           E. None of these
Q. 5 Which Sentence will the Fifth sentence after Arrangement.

A. III            B. IV.      C. V                D. VI          E. None of these
Q. 6 Which Sentence will the Sixth sentence after Arrangement.

A. IV            B. VIII.    C. VII            D. VI          E. None of these

Q. 7  Which Sentence will the seventh  sentence after Arrangement.

A. I            B. II.      C. V            D. VIII                E. None of these

Q. 8  Which Sentence will the eighth  sentence after Arrangement.

A. IV            B. V.      C. VI            D. VII             E. None of these


1. B
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. D
6. B
7. E
8. D

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