Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Prepare Aptitude to score maximum in any Bank Exam

Dear Friends,

Aptitude is Scoring Section this we heard from our childhood like you can score 100 out of 100 in this section in your board exam but we all know the reality only some can score that much but in competitive exam the inference is different everyone can score 35+ in out of 40 if He/She has done really well practice. The most favorable things about Aptitude is it has short tricks and formula and in approximately more than half of questions are based on tricks and formula.

Unlike reasoning section here mainly question comes from different topics with 1-2 Questions from each topics.

Quantitative Aptitude Paper can be divided into four Parts:

I. Number System (Simplification, Approximation, Series, Quadratic Equation)

II. Miscellaneous Topics (Time and Work, Time and Distance, Pipe and Cisterns, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Partnership, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Problems on Ages, Probability, Permutation and Combination)

III. Data Based (Data Interpretation, Data Analytics and Data Sufficiency)

IV. Geometry and Mensuration (asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam)

Now let’s see one by one each topic get idea about how to prepare and which section covers more marks in exam.

Number System: - In this section questions are mainly based on the numbers and only from this topic 15-20 questions will be there in exam.

I. Simplification (5-10 Marks)
II. Approximation (5-Marks)
III. Quadratic Equation (5-Marks)
IV. Number Series (5-Marks)

Miscellaneous Topics: In this Section Pure Aptitude Questions are asked and you need more and more practice for this section. Questions are mainly based on divided into high level, Average and, Low level Questions. High level questions are conceptual question or lengthy question (4-5 marks), Average questions are formula based or short tricks based questions (8-10 Marks), Easy Level Questions are direct question which you can solve by directly applying formula (5-6 Marks).

I. Time and Work (1-2 Marks ) – Questions are based on level-2 for example A and B started working any work and after 5 days A left the work and with the help of C, B has completed the works then what is the wage of C.

II. Time and Distance (1-2 Marks) – Questions comes from problem based on trains and Problems based on Boats like someone is moving in the direction of still water or against current.

III. Pipe and Cisterns (1- Marks) – In this section question comes like A can be fill the tank in 2 Hours, B can fill in 3 hours and C can vacate in 5 hours if all the tabs are opened simultaneously. At what time tank will be full.

IV. Profit and Loss (1-2 Marks) - In this questions are asked from cost price, selling price, Marked Price, Profit Percentage and Loss Percentage.

V. Percentage (1-2 Marks) - In this topic questions are from Population, Percentage increase or decrease in expenditure or consumption, Successive Percentage Change etc.

VI. Partnership (1- Marks) - In this questions are asked like A and B started any business A has invested 2000 and B has invested 5000 what will their annual profit share.

VII. Simple Interest and Compound Interest (1-2 Marks) - In this questions are asked based on formula and also based on some tricks like difference between S.I and C.I are given you have to find the rate of Interest.

VIII. Problems on Ages (1- Marks) - This is based on equation and considered to be easy topic.

IX. Probability (2-3 Marks) – As the name suggest in this question will be direct based but lengthy one.

X. Permutation and Combination (1-2 Marks) – In this selection and Arrangement of some set of things is asked like ‘MATHEMATICS’ can be arranged in how many ways.

Data Based Questions: In this section Question are based on data which comes in the form of table. Pie chart, bar graph or in analytical form (solved using Venn- diagram) and also data sufficiency questions.

I. Data Interpretation – 2-3 Sets of Question (10-15 Marks)

II. Data Analytics – 1 set of Question (5- Marks)

III. Data Sufficiency - 1 set of Question (5- Marks)

Geometry and Mensuration (asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam)

I. Circle – Area, Perimeter, Area of Half Circle, Circle inside Triangle, Circle inside Rectangle

II. Triangle – Types of Triangle, Area, Diagonal and everything about Triangle

III. Rectangle- Area, Perimeter, Road inside a rectangle, carpet based question, Panting based question.