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How to Attempt Quantitative Aptitude In Bank PO and Clerk Exam

How to Attempt Quantitative Aptitude In Bank Exam

Quantitative Aptitude is one of most scoring subject in exam because here you tick the answer after solving the question with you knowledge and when we have solved using right formula then there is no way it can be wrong. We are sharing you the pattern of attempting question in any bank exam and believe me friend this is full proved way.

Quantitative aptitude basically tests your brain power. Quantitative aptitude consists of easy, moderate and difficult level of questions. The basic need is that you must know how to differentiate between tough and easy questions and which ones to attempt first. You need to be very careful about question selection in this section.

Now let’s see Pattern which you should follow in the exam to get Maximum marks in given time.

I. Simplification (5-10 Marks)
II. Approximation (5-Marks)
III. Quadratic Equation (5-Marks)
IV. Number Series (5-Marks)
V. Data Interpretation (10- 15 Marks)
VI. Data Sufficiency (5 –Marks)
VII. Probability, Permutation and Combination (2-3 Marks)
VIII. Miscellaneous Topics (12-15 Marks)

I. Simplification – Simplification Questions are directly based on BODMAS concept of number system and it has also questions from Percentage, Square root, Cube root, Square of number, or all these mixed in single question.
Example :
1. 40% of 233 + 28*196 = ? + 134
2. (45) ^2 + 234/12 – 23*66 = 26% of 232 +245 * 67 +?

II. Approximation – Approximation Questions are same as simplification but you will need to take approximate value like if 23.89 is given then you need to Consider it as 24. This type of question needs practice to take proper approximate value.
1. 239*49 + 24.89 – 229.79 = 19.89 * 24 + ?
=> 240*50 + 25 – 230 = 20*24 + X
=>1200+25-230 = 480 + X
=> X=515

III. Quadratic Equation – In this section questions are given in the form of AX^2 + BX +C, AY^2 + BY + C and you need to find the roots of X,Y and compare both the roots and answer the question based on that.

I. X^2 + 3X + 2           II. Y^2 + 5X + 6

A). X > Y   B. X >= Y C. X<Y D. X=< Y or Relationship can’t be Established

IV. Number Series – In this section question are based on the Various pattern and you will have to find the Logic and Complete the Series. There are Four types of Number Series being asked in bank exam. Next Number Series, Odd One Out Series, Missing Number Series and Two Line Number Series.

Next Number Series

2, 1 , 1,  2, 8,  64 , ?

a). 1032  b). 1024 c). 1028 d). 1040

Odd One out Series

2, 1, 1, 2, 6, 64

a). 8  b). 10   c). 12  d). 16

V. Data Interpretation: This is one of favorite topic of examiner these days in the exam because it is application based question like in bank mostly works are done in data and through this topic they test your data calculation ability. That why you will find these days every exam have 5-10 questions on this topic.

I. Line Graph
II. Bar Graph
III. Pie Chart
IV. Table Graph
V. Mixed Graph
VI. Radar Graph
VII. Missing Graph

VI. Data Analytics: This is also called as Caslets or Paragraph Based DI. In this set you will have Data Interpretation question in the form Paragraph and you will have to make Venn diagram to solve this question.
VI. Data Sufficiency: This Question is called as question of Mains exam and generally comes for 4-5 marks. This question made from Miscellaneous topics to increase the level of exam.
What is the difference between monthly income of Ram and Chaaru ?
Statement I : Ram earns Rs 6000 less than Shaam
Statement II : Chaaru earns Rs 6000 more than Shaam.

Best Arithmetic Book for Competitive Exam

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Best Data Interpretation Book for Competitive Exam

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