Sunday, July 31, 2016

English Quiz : Daily Cloze Test from Previous Papers of Bank Exam

Direction (1-10) : In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers again printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find out the appropriate word.

It is commonly expected that as science advance, superstitions should _1_. Certainly, science brings a new _2_ sprit of inquiry into a society where none existed and provides means of _3_ the so called miracles. Thus claims of ash out of nothing, idols drinking milk or petrol create from herbs and water can be _4_ to rigorous tests and the findings _5_ with the known laws of science. _6_ the greatest stumbling block in the process Is the _7_ human desire to find or _8_ something extraordinary that _9_ one above the humdrum of daily living which is why people are _10_ to accept routine scientific explanations of unexpected events.

1.   (a) abandon
       (b) recede
       (c) depreciate
       (d) revive
       (e) dissolve

2.    (a) critical
       (b) burning
       (c) powerful
       (d) volcanic
       (e) inflammatory

3.    (a) directing
       (b) disturbing
       (c) diffusing
       (d) debunking
       (e) diluting

4.    (a) visualized
       (b) attached
       (c) subjected
       (d) explained
       (e) observed

5.    (a) exhibited
       (b) projected
       (c) criticized
       (d) cleared
       (e) explained

6.    (a) yet
       (b) nevertheless
       (c) although
       (d) instead
       (e) Despite

7.    (a) critical
       (b) wanted
       (c) sober
       (d) innate
       (e) cultivated

8.    (a) activate
       (b) verify
       (c) witness
       (d) express
       (e) propagate

9.   (a) lifts
       (b) replaces
       (c) revitalizes
       (d) sharpens
       (e) enlighten

10.  (a) curious
       (b) unworthy
       (c) inquisitive
       (d) eager
       (e) reluctant

Answers :-

1. (a)

2. (e)

3. (d)  

4. (b)  

5. (c)

6. (a)  

7. (b)

8. (c)

9. (d)

10. (a)

Vocabulary From Options :-

Miracle – A surprising and unexpected event

Mitigate – To lessen the suffering or pain

Nonplus – To confuse so much that unable to think or speak something

Overrun – To occupy a place in great numbers

Pour (into) – To come in large amount or number

Predilection (for) – A special preference or enjoyment for something

Provision – A condition in a document

Rebel – To rise in protest

Recalcitrance – Nor agreeing to any discipline or theory

Reconcile (to) – To accept an unpleasant fact

Refute – To deny (claim, charge)

Revitalise – To make something active again

Revive – To bring in existence, fashion, consciousness, health or use

Sober – Serious and gentle (nature, person)

Stalemate – A condition of dispute where solution is not possible

Stumbling-block – An obstacle or problem that prevents any progress

Take for granted – To regard something to true or sure

Thwart – To make unsuccessful

Unworthy – Not deserving

Vulnerability – Weakness