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Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial for Upcoming Bank Exam

Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial for Upcoming Bank Exam

Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial for Upcoming Bank Exam. Today I am sharing the Important words from The Hindu News Paper. These Vocabulary from The Hindu is provided with Article also and with Hindi meaning. With the changing scenario of examination Pattern English is now playing vital role in Exams and Passage in exam are directly based on News Paper. Read the Full article from The Hindu and also remember words on daily basis.

Article : Heeding the 24 * 7 Potential

Source : The Hindu

The model law, which is available to the States to either adopt (अपनाना) fully or in a modified form, is to be welcomed for specifying labor issues such as working hours, overtime, casual and earned leave, protection for women including transport access for those opting to work night shifts, and workplace facilities. It is all too evident that in the existing regulatory regime (शासन), many of these aspects are impressively inked on paper, but with poor outcomes in practice. Workers are left without effective mechanisms of redress (निवारण करना). In the model law, protections are to be enforced by a cadre of Chief Facilitators and Facilitators. This is a moment to strike a blow(झटका) for the rights of workers, and State governments must show as much concern for labour welfare as the facilitation of business. The Labour Ministry can achieve this by welcoming online registration of complaints, and the process can be aided by trade unions.
There is much to welcome in the model law; its major innovation is the elimination (अलग किया जाना) of the licensing bureaucracy, and therefore a lot of corruption. A simplified, online common registration procedure for the businesses covered by the Act should definitely be part of State law; this would be a big leap in ease (सुगमता) of doing business. State governments looking to accelerate (तेजी लाने) economic activity and generate higher revenues should adopt the law immediately. Two areas that need urgent reform in all States are provision (प्रावधान) of reliable public transport and strong law enforcement. Even in big cities with organised bus, rail and feeder networks, these systems are not reliable (विश्वसनीय) at night. The new sharing economy has been filling the gap with app-based commercial taxi services operating 24x7, but a decision to promote retail services round-the-clock requires a good, affordable (सस्ती) public transport backbone (आधार) with security arrangements to ensure safe travel. One other aspect of reform (सुधार)  to support employees of shops and establishments is health care. It should be mandatory for employers to cover their medical expenses through standalone or group insurance policies, since private health insurance is generally unaffordable to such workers.
                                Here's Today's Word List

1. Adopt : choose to take up or follow (an idea, method, or course of action).

Synonym : Embrace, take on, acquire, affect, espouse, assume, appropriate, arrogate

Example : Government is going to adopt many street kids for their betterment.

2. Regime : a system or ordered way of doing things.

Synonym: Rule, reign, dominion, sovereignty,jurisdiction, authority, control, command, administration, establishment, direction, management, leadership

Example : The military regime controls very carefully what is written.

3. Redress : remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation), remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance.

Synonym : put/set/make right, put to rights, compensate for, sort out, deal with, amend, remedy, repair, fix, cure, heal, make good, reform,

Example : The question is how to redress the consequences of racist land policies 

4. Blow : (of wind) move creating an air current.

Synonym :  be in motion

Example : The icy wind blew around our ankles.

5. Reform : make changes in (something, especially an institution or practice) in order to improve it.

Synonym :  make better, rehabilitation, rectification, Correction

Example : Reform in the Divorce law.

6. Ease : absence of difficulty or effort.

Synonyms :

effortlessness, no difficulty, no trouble, no bother,

Example : she gave up smoking with ease

7. Accelerate : increase in rate, amount, or extent.

Synonym : speed up, hurry up, get faster, move faster, go faster, drive faster, get a move on, put on a spurt, open it up, gain momentum, increase speed, pick up speed, gather speed;

Example : inflation started to accelerate

8. Provision: the action of providing or supplying something for use.

Synonym : facilities, services, amenities, resource(s), equipping, giving,

Example : financial institutions have to provision against loan losses

9. Reliable : consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.

Synonym : dependable, safe, fail-safe, tried and tested,

Example : A reliable source of information

10. Affordable : Inexpensive; reasonably priced.

Synonym : Economical, Cheap, Low cost, Modest, Nominal

Example : Homes are very much affordable


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