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Daily Cloze Test Based on The Hindu Editorial for Upcoming Bank Exam

 Daily Cloze Test Based on The Hindu Editorial for Upcoming Bank Exam

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Today I am sharing the Cloze Test based on The Hindu Article. After the exam of SBI PO Prelim and SBI CL Mains it is necessary to prepare High level English. This Cloze is Based on the Editorial of The Hindu which is also followed by examiner in exam.
Article : Shrinking Spaces at the Nuclear High Table

Source : The Hindu.

Nonetheless, the failed attempt at Seoul is an  (1)  moment for New Delhi to (2) about how much political and diplomatic currency it is willing to expend in the face of unrelenting (3) also about what alternative means there are, if any, to secure its (4) goals. Indeed the 2008 waiver, which emerged in parallel to the India-U.S. civil nuclear (5) has helped India move forward with nuclear reactor agreements with others including Russia and France, and fuel supply arrangements with Australia. It is true that under the  (6)  introduced to NSG rules between 2010 and 2013, paragraph 6 was revised to prohibit trade in enrichment and reprocessing (ENR) with any non-signatory of the NPT, effectively an ENR trade ban between NSG members and India.

It is argued that to prevent such amendments (7) to Indian interests from being passed in the future, it is (8) to be an influential insider than an outsider supplicant. Yet, is it worth sitting at the NSG table as a “second class citizen” subject to an ENR ban when India has (9) ENR options. At its heart, the NSG quagmire hearkens back to the elemental conundrum of non-alignment. If that concept is today viewed in terms of India acting with a strategic autonomy, there is no need, given our vast energy market, to be (10) about finding economic partners on the global nuclear stage.

A. Opportune
B. Disadvantageous
C. ill- timed
D. Providential

A. Petty
B. Wispy
C. Introspect
D. Wretched

A. Accord
B. Opposition
C. Agreement
D. Harmony

A. Dispensable
B. Delicate
C. Unplanned
D. Strategic

A. Descent
B. Agreement
C. Strategic
D. Conflict

6 .
A. Amendments
B. Degenerate
C. Tumble
D. Wane

A. Helpful
B. Benign
C. Healthy
D. Deleterious

A. Worst
B. Nice
C. Better
D. Bad

A. Foreign
B. Indigenous
C. Alternate
D. Adopted

A. Insecure
B. Confident
C. Assured
D. Certain

Answers :



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