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Daily Quiz on Time And Work Question For Competitive Exam Set -4

Daily Quiz on Time And Work Question For Competitive Exam Set -2

Daily Quiz on Time And Work Question For Competitive Exam. Time and Work questions is commonly asked in all the Bank, Insurance and Var Other Competitive Exam. Tricks to Solve Time And Work Practice Questions.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions in Competitive Exam comes from Arithmetic, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency. These Days Several Bank Exam asks New Pattern DI based on Arithmetic Topics such as Time and Work. To Solve these Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions you should have Practice of Time and Work Questions.

1) A tub can be filled in 20 minutes but there is a leakage in it which can empty the full tub in 60 minutes. In how many minutes it can be filled?
a) 10 minutes
b) 30 minutes
c) 40 minutes
d) 25 minutes
e) None of these

2) A can do a piece of work in 14 days while B can do it in 21 days. In how many days, working together they will complete the whole work?
a) 10.5
b) 8
c) 8.4
d) 9
e) None of these

3) A is thrice as efficient as B. Working together they complete the work in 3 days. If B takes 8 days more than A, what is the number of days taken by A to finish the whole work, alone?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 12
d) 16
e) None of these

4) Aman can do a piece of work in 14 days, while Suneeta can do the same work in 21 days. They started the work together but 3 days before the completion of the work, Aman left the work. The total number of days to complete the work is :
a) 7
b) 8.5
c) 5
d) 10
e) None of these

5) Karan can do a work in 10 days while Sohan can do the same work in 20 days. They started work together. After 3 days Karan left the work and Sohan completed it. For how many days Sohan worked alone more than the number of days required when both worked together?
b) 3
c) 2
d) 3
e) None of these

6) A and B undertook a work for Rs.350. A got Rs.150 more than that of B, when they worked together. B takes 9 days more than A, when they work individually. In how many days A and B working together can do the whole work:
a) 5
b) 4
c) 4
d) 5
e) None of these

7) When A, B and C are deployed for a task, A and B together do 70% of the work and B and C together do 50% of the work. Who is most efficient?
a) a
b) b
c) c
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these

8) A contractor undertook a work to complete in 60 days. But just after 20 days he observed that only the of the project work had been completed. To complete the work in time (i.e., in rest days) minimum how many workers he had to increase, if there were initially 75 workers were deployed for the task?
a) 25
b) 50
c) 75
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these

9) If 2 men or 3 women or 4 boys can do a piece of work in 52 days, then the same piece of
work will be done by 1 man, 1 woman and 1 boy in :
a) 48 days
b) 36 days
c) 45 days
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these

10) A contractor undertook to complete the work in 40 days and he deployed 20 men for his
work. 8 days before the scheduled time he realized that 1/3rd of the work was still to be done.How many more men were required to complete the work in stipulated time?
a) 16
b) 15
c) 20
d) 25 
e) None of these

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