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Daily Quiz on Time And Work Question For Competitive Exam Set -5

Daily Quiz on Time And Work Question For Competitive Exam Set -5

Daily Quiz on Time And Work Question For Competitive Exam. Time and Work questions is commonly asked in all the Bank, Insurance and Var Other Competitive Exam. Tricks to Solve Time And Work Practice Questions.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions in Competitive Exam comes from Arithmetic, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency. These Days Several Bank Exam asks New Pattern DI based on Arithmetic Topics such as Time and Work. To Solve these Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions you should have Practice of Time and Work Questions.

1) B and C are equally efficient, but the efficiency of A is half of each B and C. A and B started a work and 3 days later C joined them. If A alone can do the work in 14 days, then in how many more days the work will be completed?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4.
e) None of these

2) A and B together can complete a piece of work in 4 days. If A alone can complete the same work in 12 days, in how many days can B alone complete that work?
a) 6 days
b) 12
c) 8 days
d) 9 days
e) None of these

3) 4 men and 2 boys can finish a piece of work in 5 days. 3 women and 4 boys can finish the same work in 5 days. Also 2 men and 3 women can finish the same work in 5 days. In how many days 1 man, 1 woman and one boy can finish the work, at their double efficiency?
a) 4
b) 4
c) 3
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these

4) A and B undertake to do a piece of work for Rs.600. A alone can do it in 6 days while B alone can do it in 8 days. With the help of C, they finish it in 3 days. Find the share of each.
a) Rs.80
b) Rs.75
c) Rs.90
d) Rs.82
e) None of these

5) Tap A can fill the empty tank in 12 hours, but due to a leak in the bottom it is filled in 15
hours, if the tank is full and then tap A is closed then in how many hours the leak can empty
a) 45 hours
b) 48 hours
c) 52 hours
d) 60 hours
e) None of these

6) A is twice as good a workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 18 days. In
how many days will A alone finish the work?
a) 72 days
b) 30 days
c) 27 days
d) 32 days
e) None of these

7) Pipe A basically used as inlet pipe and pipe B is used as outlet pipe. Pipes A and B both are opened simultaneously, all the time. When pipe A fills the tank and B empty the tank, it will take double the time than when both the pipes fill the tank. When pipe B is used for filling the tank, its efficiency remains constant. What is the ratio of efficiency of pipe A and pipe B respectively?
a) 3 : 1
b) 5 : 2
c) 1 : 3
d) 3 : 2
e) None of these

8) 45 men can complete a work in 16 days. Six days after they started working. 30 more men joined them. How many days will they now take to complete the remaining work?
a) 18 days
b) 12 days
c) 9 days
d) 6 days
e) None of these

9) Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 15 hours and 10 hours respectively. A tap C can empty the full cistern in 30 hours. All the three taps were open for 2 hours, when it was remembered that the emptying tap had been left open. It was then closed. How many hours more would it take for the cistern to be filled?
a) 30 min.
b) 1.2 hours
c) 24 min.
d) 35 min.
e) None of these

10) A tyre has two punctures. The first puncture alone would have made the tyre flat in 9 minutes and the second alone would have done it in 6 minutes. If air leaks out at a constant rate, how long does it take both the punctures together to make it flat?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 3
d) 4
e) None of these

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