Saturday, June 4, 2016

Reasoning Mix : Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming Bank/SSC Exam Set-4

Mixed Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming Exam


Directions for questions 1 to 7: Choose the correct set of three sentences which make a logical sequence.

1.  (a) Meena is a nice girl.
         (b) Teena is a nice girl too.
         (c) All nice girls like a pilot.
         (d) Meena likes Teena.
         (e) Meena likes pilots.
          (f) Teena likes Meena.
    abd    dba    ace    abf

2.  (a) Whale lay eggs.
         (b) Mammals have hair.
         (c) Whale are fish.
         (d) Kangaroos are mammals.
         (e) All fish lay eggs.
          (f) Kangaroos have hair.
    ace    dfb    aef    cea

3.  (a) Some men are singers.
         (b) Some men are not singers.
         (c) Sangita may be a singer.
         (d) Some women are singers.
         (e) Some women are not singers.
          (f) Sangita is a woman.
    abd    dfc    def    ecf

4.  (a) Sheela likes to look adult.
         (b) Sheela is a girl.
         (c) Girls play a lot.
         (d) Sheela likes gardening.
         (e) Sheela likes to wear Saree.
         (f) All adults wear Saree.
    aef      afe    bcd    fea

5.  (a) Sachin is a cricketer.
         (b) All cricketers play ball.
         (c) All cricketers bat.
         (d) Sachin plays ball.
         (e) Cricketes are fond of chocolates.
         (f) Chocolates affect the teeth.
    abc    aef    efd    bad

6.  (a) There is no life after death.
         (b) Life after death has not been proved.
         (c) There is life after death.
         (d) There is no life.
         (e) There may be life after death.
          (f) Life after death has not been disproved.
    bfe    cba    def    bfa

7.  (a) All gold is metal.
         (b) Some Gold is metal.
         (c) All metal is not Gold.
         (d) Some gold is not metal.
         (e) Silver is also metal.
         (f) All metal is Silver.
    abc    aec    ade    abd

Directions for questions 8 to 11: In the following questions, two statements are followed by two inferences.  Write
(a), if only inference 1 follows.
(b), if only inference 2 follows.
(c), if both of them follow.
(d), if neither of them follows.

8. All cables are tables.  All tables are sturdy.  So
    1. Some sturdy things are cables.
    2. Some cables are sturdy.
    a    b    c    d

9.All coins are rupees.  Some rupees are paper currency. So
    1. All coins are paper currency.
    2. Some coins are paper currency.
    a    b    c    d

10.Leopard is an animal.  Leopard are fast runners.  So
     1. All animals are fast runners.
     2. Some fast runners are animals.

11.If you are an officer you can attest this paper.  You are an officer. So
     1. You can attest this paper.
     2. You cannot  attest this paper.

Directions for questions 12 to 15: On the basis of more than two statements two inference are drawn.  You are to mark
(a), if only conclusion 1 follows.
(b), if only conclusion 2 follows.
(c), if both the conclusions follow.
(d), if neither of the conclusion follows.

12.All hands are feet.  All feet are shoes.  All shoes are socks. All socks are sockets.  Therefore
     1. All hands are sockets.
     2. All sockets are hands.

13.All lovers are dogs.  Some dogs are hogs.  Some hogs are logs.  All logs are wood.  Therefore
     1. All lovers are wood.
     2. Some woods are lovers.

14.Some tigers are foxes.  All foxes are ants.  All ants are insects.   No insect is a human being.      Therefore
     1. Some tigers are not human beings.
     2. No human being is a tiger.

15. All rivers are waterfalls. All waterfalls are seas.  All seas are navigable.   Therefore
      1. All rivers are navigable.
      2. All navigable places are rivers.

Directions for questions 16 to 20: Given below is a capitalized pair of words which bear a certain relationship to each other. From the alternatives, choose the pair that does not bear the same relationship as the capitalized pair.

      milk : water wood : tree  letter : alphabet  iron : gold

      ladder : stool  far : distance  jump : hop  mawkish : awkward

18. FOOD : MAN
      trigger : gun   fuel : truck  fuse : explosion  light : match

      euphoria : humour  cogitation : levity  detract : extract  oracular : prophetic

      scientist : chemical  man : food  calculator : arithmetic  scooter : vehicle

Explanation to  Paper IV

156.  (c)    157.  (d)    158.  (b)   159.(b)    160.(d)    161.(a)    162. (b)   163.  (a)   
164 (d)    165.  (b)     166. (a)   167.(a)    168.(d)    169.(a)     170.(a)    171.  (c)
172.(a)     173.(b)    174.   (b)   175.(c)