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Reasoning Mix : Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming Bank/SSC Exam Set-3

Mixed Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming Exam


Study the statements and the two conclusions and state if:

(A) Only conclusion I follows
(B) Only conclusion II follows
(C) Both conclusions I and II follow
(D)Neither I or II follow

1. Statements: Due to contamination of water a large number of people were admitted to the hospital. The symptoms denoted       Malaria.


(I) Contamination of water may lead to Malaria

(II)Malaria is a disease 3

A             B         C         D

2. Statements: To own a personal imported motor bike one requires an import license


(I) Motor bikes are manufactured in India

(II) They can be imported easily 4

A             B         C         D

3. Statements: The average number of students in cities is 40 per teacher, whereas in the villages it is 50. The combined             average is 45.


(I) The student-teacher ratio in the cities is not satisfactory

(II) Student-teacher ratio in cities is higher than that in the villages

A             B         C         D

Study the statements and the two inferences that follow and state if:

(A) Only inference I follows

(B) Only inference II follows

(C) Both inferences I and II follow

(D)Neither I or II follow

4. Statements: All monkeys are donkeys. Some monkeys are rabbits

(I) Some rabbits are donkeys

(II) Some donkeys are rabbits

A             B         C         D

5. Statements: No petal is a plant. No plant is a thorn

(I) No thorn is a petal

(II) No Petal is thorn

A             B         C         D

6. No bird is an animal. All birds are insects

(I)No insect is animal

(II)No animal is insect

A             B         C         D

7. All expectations are liars. All fears are dupes. So

(I)All expectations are fears

(II)All liars are dupes

A             B         C         D

8. Every ink is blue. Flowers are blue. So

(I)Flower is ink

(II)Ink is flower 1

A             B         C         D

9. No cat is rat. No rat is dog. So

(I)No cat is dog

(II)No dog is cat 4

A             B         C         D

10. All slaves are masters. All masters are harsh

(I)All slaves are harsh

(II)All harsh are slaves

A             B         C         D

Directions for questions 11 to15

Each question below is followed by four arguments. Classify them into strong and weak


Strong arguments must be both important and directly related to the question.

Weak arguments may not be directly related or may be of minor importance

11.Movies should not be censored.

I No: Movies can contain obscenity and violence

II Yes: Censorship boards are overworked anyway.

III Yes: Censorship implies that a few people know what is good for the rest.

IV Yes. Movies are facing competition from television.

       All strong

       Only II weak

       II and IV weak

       All are weak


12. Honesty is the best policy

I Yes: To be honest pays in the long run

II No: Honesty is often taken advantage of

III No: Honesty is rarely appreciated

IV Yes: An honest person has a clear conscience, and is a happier person

       I strong

       All are strong

       II is strong

       III is strong

13. The dowry system has to be legalized

I Yes: All the dowry payers will be happy

II No: Legislation will encourage the practice

III Yes: Legalization will help institute checks and controls

IV No : A shameful practice is best conducted secretly

       II and III strong

       All are weak

       IV  is strong

       II is weak


14. Money is the root of all evil

I Yes : Money can drive men to murder and robbery

II No : Money is mechanical

III No : Only trees have roots

IV Money signifies greed, which is the root of all evil

        II  strong

       All are weak

       All are strong

       I and IV are strong


15. One day you have to quit working. Invest wisely today, and you won't stop spending

I Yes : A wise investment today can give one an assured future income

II No : It is not necessary that an investment today, however wise, can guarantee

'continued spending' in the future

III Yes : Someday or the other, everybody stops working

IV No : Investment is not an area that everybody is comfortable with.

        I and II  are strong

       I  II and III  are strong

       All are strong

       All are weak



Directions for questions 16 to 20

Classify the statements as Fact(F), Inference(I), or Judgement(J), based on the

definitions given below

FACT: Something that can be seen or heard, and is capable of being verified.

INFERENCE: The statement that is drawn or concluded from a fact

JUDGEMENT: Is an opinion, and implies approval or disapproval

16. a] This is a red book

b] All red books are unlucky

c] Red books are more attractive than blue ones






17. a] The goat is sitting on the grass

b] The grass is green

c] Plastic is not a bio-degradable substance






18. a] It is unimaginable

b] God is great

c] Politics is the last refuge of the criminal





19. a] Catches win matches

b] Its just not cricket

c] Spectators find one-day matches more interesting than test matches





20. a] She was writing, seated on a table

b] I love his mild nature

c] The secretary gave a friendly smile





Directions for questions 21 to 25

An argument is a statement meant to convince another person about your point of


An assertion is a point of view

A counter-argument contains logic opposing the assertion

Based on the above definitions, classify each of the given set of statements into

I Assertion                          II Supporting reason

III Counter argument          IV Irrelevant argument

21. a] They sold 850 chairs thereby getting a net profit of Rs 100,000

b] The IT department did the right thing when it acquired undervalued property nearly

10 years ago

c] In the last 2 auctions, the department failed to sell any of the 53 chairs on view

d] Even in an advertising blitz in the Gulf did not generate much revenue



       I, II,III,III

       II, I, III, III

       I, II, II, II

22. a] It is difficult to be happy

b] The symptoms of happiness are a source of happiness

c] Happiness comes from a lack of want

d] Unhappiness creates a lack of want

        I, II, II, II

       IV, I, II, II

       I, II, I, II

       I, II, IV, IV


23. a] A cheat

b] A liar

c] He is a twisted man

d] A friend to be relied on


       II, II, I, III

       IV, IV, II, III

       II, III, I, IV

       I, I, II, II


24. a] The difference between good and evil is a fine dividing line

b] For example, is abortion right or wrong

c] Nature has not devised simplicity

d] Even a small leaf is of infinite complexity

       I, II, I, II

       II, I, II, I

       II, I, I, III

       I, II, III, III


25. a] "Yes, Iam keen to get married to her. It will be soon"

b] He says he plans to get married to a girl he professes to have fallen in love with,

while in jail

c] He is a renowned flirt and has broken hearts and promises down the line

d] Debonair and suave, his dress-sense is not to be faulted


       II, I, I, II

       IV, II, I, IV

       IV, I, II, III

       II, I, III, IV

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