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English Mix : English Quiz for Upcoming Bank/SSC Exam Set-1

Mixed English Quiz for Upcoming Exam

Directions for questions 1 to 4 : Each questions has a set of four statements. Each consists of 3 segments. Choose the best alternative where the third segment in the statement can be logically deduced from the preceding two segments.
1.  A. Internet is for nerds. Shyam is a nerd. Internet is for Shyam.
     B. Intelligence is for wise men. Some people are wise. Intelligence is for people.
    C. Capital punishment is for killers. Ravan is a killer. Capital punishment is for Ravan.
    D. Liquor is for drinking. Juice is for drinking. Some liquor is juice.

        A only        D only       A&C       A&B 

2.  A. No R is P ; All Y is R; No Y is P.
     B. No R is P ;All Y is R; All Y is P
     C. Some R is not P; Some Y is R ; Some Y is not P.
     D. Some R is not P; All Y is R ; All Y is not P.
         C only        A&B       A only       D only 

3.  A. Some oranges are sour. This fruit is an orange. This fruit is sour.
     B. Sheela is a nurse. All nurses are healthy women. Radha is a healthy woman.
     C. Army officers are tall. Airforce officers are tall. Military officers are tall.
     D. No animal likes fire. Elephants are animals. Elephants do not like fire.

        B only        D only       C only       A& D 
4.  A. Some babies are boys; Some boys are fathers; Some babies are fathers.
     B. Some films are books; Some books are good; Some films are good.
     C. Some fruits are sweet; Some mangoes are sweet; Some fruits are mangoes.
     D.Some mothers have babies; Some babies are boys; Some mothers have boys.

        B only        A&C       D only        None. 
Directions for questions 5 to 9: In each of the following questions a phrase is underlined. There are four different ways of phrasing the underlined part. Choose the best alternative.
5. I think Rahul had something vital to say, however he was unable to explain his viewpoint to a skeptical     audience.
    He did not change the minds of a conversant public.
    The people were willing to accept his views.  
    He failed to convince a suspicious congregation 
    He could not convince the doubting audience.  
6. In the twentieth century mental elite assumed that economic and cultural modernization was leading to the decay of religion as a determinant in human existence.
    Total decay of religion as a determinant.
    Withering away of religion as a significant element.
    Humanization of religion.
    Debasement of religion. 
7. British Aerospace had been focusing on building European links.
    Stressing on building European links.
    Focusing on forging European links.
    Pursuing ways of building European connectivity.
    Concentrating on creating European links.  
8.Impromptu recognition from supervisors and managers to employees is the most effective and inexpensive method available for sustaining personal interest and individual effort for continued quality progress.
    Immediate appreciation from supervisors and managers in management.
    Unobstructed showing of praises from supervisors and managers.
    Impromptu recognition from supervisors and managers.
    Free recognition from immediate superiors.
9. Bureaucrats may also be well advised to deal with Service Headquarters as representatives of the government and not behave as their bosses.
May also be well advised.
Should know their limits when they have.
May have to remember. 
May need to learn how. 
Directions for questions 10 to 19: Each of the questions has part/parts left blank. There are 4 different ways of completing the sentence. Choose the best alternative.
10. To pursue their decision to resist what they saw as anti- labor acts, the employees' union launched an agitation to ___________
    affirm their responsibility to the country.
    prove their strength. 
    bring down the central government. 
    exhibit their virility. 
11. The best general characterization of the European philosophical tradition as it has developed upto now, with all its variety, is that it consists of a ________ Plato.
    series of footnotes to
    set of prologues to
    series of chapters on
    string of commentaries on 
12. The ideas that these companies used seem so clear with _________ that their rivals will now _______ themselves for not thinking of them first.
technology, hit
new ideas, disparage 
the passage of time, curse
hindsight, kick 
13.  In our country, the challenges are to raise _______ incomes to reduce poverty, and to _____ ailing enterprises.
        farm, liberalize
        middle-class, privatize 
        workers', suppress
        rural, restructure 
14. Overall, the recent policy changes by the government only amount to a _________ in the sugar industry.
    superficial attempt at liberalization
    lack of solution 
    large change
    small regulating authority 
15. The world is moving into a period of ' civilisational clash' in which the primary identification of people will not be ________ as during the Cold War, but_______
    religious, technological
    cultural, ethnic 
    political, economic
    ideological, cultural 
16. The internet represents that awkward _______ in all communication systems; while it _______ to bring us together, it keeps us apart.
    paradox, tries
    irony, intends 
17. These stories are just a few of the _______, sometimes extraordinary ones in this volume, in which people face unbelievable odds_and __________!
    creative, die 
    inspiring, lose
18. The dream of flying had _________ inventors since the ancient Greeks and Chinese, though most of those who attempted to create wings for themselves were considered ________
    troubled, insomniacs 
    attracted, oddballs
    repulsed, demi-gods 
19. Unable to contain their _______ and amazement at the end of the performance, the audience burst into _______, and showed no signs of stopping.
excitement, cheers
frustration, song 
envy, flames
delight, tears
Directions for questions 20 to 30 : In each of the following sentences, four words or phrases are underlined. You should choose the one word or phrase which would be not appropriate in standard written English. Mark(5) if you think that the sentence has no error.
20. Thirty liters of fuel do not seem to be sufficient for the distance to be covered.
        Thirty liters
        none of the above
21. The hardest part of the job is the bending once a minute and then lifting the weight.
       is the bending
       lifting the
       none of the above
22. The minute they came to know that their chief was issued a charge sheet, the entire group of workers went on a boycott.
       came to know
       issued a charge
       went on a boycott
       none of the above 
23. Since I had forgotten all my mathematical concepts I had to start from the scratch.
       I had
      all my
      I had
      the scratch
      none of the above
24. Modi has recently been selected the representative to the SriLanka.
       the SriLanka
       none of the above
25. Having laid the magazine on the desk, she went out the door.
      went out
      none of the above
26. She nearly blushed until she was pink.
      none of the above
27. Our writing, like our speech, is the sign of our ability to communicate.
      none of the above
28. When you have completed the last topic of the book, please return it to the bookroom.
      none of the above
29. His report, including thorough notes on the background investigation, were well received.
       thorough notes
      the background
      none of the above
30. This is one of the four primary libraries that are supported by our organization.
       this is
      one of the
      that are
      none of the above
Explanation to Paper I

1] A & C Hence, [3]
2] A only Hence [3]
3] D only Hence [2]
4] D only Hence [3]
5] He could not convince the doubting audience. Hence [4]
6] Withering away of religion as a significant element. Hence [2]
7] Concentrating on creating European links. Hence [4]
8] Spontaneous recognition from supervisors and managers.Hence [3]
9] May also be well advised. Hence [1]
10] Demonstrate their strength. Hence [2]
11] String of commentaries on .Hence [4]
12] The passage of time, curse. Hence [3]
13] Rural, restructure Hence [4]
14] Superficial attempt at liberalisation. Hence [1]
15] Ideological, cultural. Hence [4]
16] Irony, intends Hence [2]
17] Inspiring,win Hence [4]
18] Fascinated, oddballs. Hence [3]
19] Excitement, applause. Hence [1]
20] 2,does not
21] 5
22] 4, drop ‘a’
23] 4, drop ‘the’
24] 3, drop ‘the’
25] 5
26] 1, was nearly pink
27] 5
28] 4, the book
39] 4, was