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Important Vocabulary for Upcoming Competitive Exam Set - I

Ichthyology, study of fish
icon, religious image; idol
iconoclastic, attacking cherished traditions
ideology, ideas of a group of people
idiom, special usage in language
idiosyncrasy, peculiarity; eccentricity
idiosyncratic, private; peculiar to an individual
idolatry, worship of idols; excessive admiration
idyllic, charmingly carefree; simple
igneous, produced by fire; volcanic
ignoble, of lowly origin; unworthy
ignominious, disgraceful
illicit, illegal
illimitable, infinite
illuminate, brighten; clear up or make understandable
illusion, misleading vision
illusive, deceiving
illusory, deceptive; not real
imbalance, lack of balance or symmetry; disproportion
imbecility, weakness of mind
imbibe, drink in
immaculate, pure; spotless
imminent, impeding; near at hand
immobility, state of being immovable
immune, exempt
immutable, unchangeable
impair, worsen; diminish in value
impale, pierce
impalpable, imperceptible; intangible
impartial, not biased; fair
impasse, predicament from which there is no escape
impassive, without feeling; not affected by pain
impeach, charge with crime in office; indict
impeccable, faultless
impecunious, without money
impede, hinder; block; delay
impediment, hindrance; stumbling block
impenetrable, not able to be pierced or entered; beyond understanding
impending, nearing; approaching
impenitent, not repentant
imperial, like an emperor; related to an empire
imperious, domineering
impermeable, impervious; not permitting passage through its substance
impertinent, insolent
imperturbable, calm; placid
impervious, not penetrable; not permitting passage through
impetuous, violent; hasty; rash
impetus, moving force
impiety, irreverence; wickedness
impinge, infringe; touch; collide with
impious, irreverent
implacable, incapable of being pacified
implausible, unlikely; unbelievable
implement, put into effect; supply with tools
implication, that is hinted at or suggested
implicit, understood but not stated
implore, beg
imply, suggest a meaning not expressed; signify
impolitic, not wise
imponderable, weightless
import, significance
importunate, urging; demanding
importune, beg earnestly
impostor, someone who assumes false identity
impotent, weak; ineffective
impoverished, poor
impregnable, invulnerable
impromptu, without previous preparation
impropriety, state of being inappropriate
improvident, thriftless
improvise, compose on the spur of the moment
imprudent, lacking caution; injudicious
impugn, doubt; challenge; gainsay
impunity, freedom from punishment
impute, attribute; ascribe
inadvertently, carelessly; unintentionally
inalienable, not to be taken away; nontransferable
inane, silly; senseless
inanimate, lifeless
inarticulate, speechless; producing indistinct speech
inaugurate, start; initiate; install at office
incandescent, strikingly bright; shining with intense heat
incantation, singing or chanting of magic spells; magical formula
incapacitate, disable
incarcerate, imprison
incarnate, endowed with flesh; personified
incarnation, act of assuming a human body and human nature
incendiary, arsonist
incense, enrage; infuriate
incentive, spur; motive
inception, start; beginning
incessant, uninterrupted
inchoate, recently begun; rudimentary; elementary
incidence, rate of occurrence; particular occurrence
incidental, not essential; minor
incipient, beginning; in an early stage
incisive, cutting; sharp
incite, arouse to action
inclement, stormy; unkind
incline, slope; slant
inclined, tending or leaning toward; bent
inclusive, tending to include all
incognito, with identity concealed; using an assumed name
incoherent, unintelligible; muddled; illogical
incommodious, not spacious
incompatible, inharmonious
incongruous, not fitting; absurd
inconsequential, of trifling significance
incontinent, lacking self-restraint; licentious
incontrovertible, indisputable
incorporeal, immaterial; without a material body
incorrigible, uncorrectable
incredulity, tendency to disbelief
incredulous, withholding belief; skeptical
increment, increase
incriminate, accuse
incubate, hatch; scheme
incumbent, officeholder
incur, bring upon oneself
incursion, temporary invasion
indefatigable, tireless
indemnify, make secure against loss; compensate loss
indenture, bind as a servant or apprentice to master
indicative, suggestive; implying
indict, charge
indifferent, unmoved; lacking concern
indigenous, native
indigent, poor
indignation, anger at an injustice
indignity, offensive or insulting treatment
indiscriminate, choosing at random; confused
indisputable, too certain to be disputed
indissoluble, permanent
indolent, lazy
indomitable, unconquerable
indubitably, beyond a doubt
induce, persuade; bring about
inductive, pertaining to induction or proceeding from the specific to the general
indulgent, humoring; yielding; lenient
inebriety, habitual intoxication
ineffable, unutterable; cannot be expressed in speech
ineffectual, not effective; weak
inept, unsuited; absurd; incompetent
inequity, unfairness
inert, inactive; lacking power to move
inertia, state of being inert or indisposed to move
inevitable, unavoidable
inexorable, relentless; unyielding; implacable
infallible, unerring
infamous, notoriously bad
infantile, childish; infantile
infer, deduce; conclude
inference, conclusion drawn from data
infernal, pertaining to hell; devilish
informal, lacking ceremony; casual
infidel, unbeliever
infiltrate, pass into or through; penetrate (an organization) sneakily
infinitesimal, very small
infirmity, weakness
inflated, exaggerated
influx, flowing into
infraction, violation
infringe, violate; encroach
ingenious, clever
ingenue, an artless girl; an actress who plays such parts
ingenious, naïve; young; unsophisticated
ingrate, ungrateful person
ingratiate, become poplar with
inherent, firmly established by nature or habit
inhibit, prohibit; restrain
inimical, unfriendly; hostile
inimitable, matchless; not able to be imitated
iniquitous, unjust; wrong
initiate, begin; originate; receive into a group
injurious, harmful
inkling, hint
innate, inborn
innocuous, harmless
innovation, change; introduction of something new
innuendo, hint; inspiration
inopportune, untimely; poorly chosen
inordinate, unrestrained; excessive
insatiable, not easily satisfied; greedy
inscrutable, incomprehensive; not to be discovered
insensate, without feeling
insensible, unconscious; unreasonable
insidious, treacherous; stealthy; sly
insinuate, hint; imply
insipid, tasteless; dull
insolent, haughty and contemptuous
insolvent, bankrupt; lacking money to pay
insomnia, wakefulness; inability to sleep
instigate, urge; start; provoke
insubordinate, disobedient
insularity, narrow-mindedness; isolation
insuperable, insurmountable; invincible
insurgent, rebellious
insurrection, rebellion; uprising
intangible, not material; not able to be perceived by touch
integral, complete; necessary for completeness
integrate, make whole; combine; make into one unit
integrity, wholeness; purify; uprightness
intellect, higher mental powers
intelligentsia, the intelligent and educated classes [often used derogatory]
inter, bury
interdict, prohibit; forbid
interim, meantime
interloper, intruder
interment, burial
interminable, endless
intermittent, periodic; on and off
internecine, mutually destructive
interpolate, insert between
intervene, come between
intimate, hint
intimidation, fear
intractable, unruly; refractory
intransigent, refusing any compromise; stubborn
intrepid, fearless
intricate, complex; knotty; tangled
intrinsically, essentially; inherently; naturally
introspective, locking within oneself
introvert, one who is introspective; inclined to think more about oneself
intrude, trespass; enter as uninvited person
intuition, power of knowing without reasoning
inundate, overflow; flood
inured, accustomed; hardened
invalidate, weaken; destroy
invective, abuse
inveigh, denounce; utter censure or invective
inveigle, lead astray; wheedle
inverse, opposite
invert, turn upside down or inside out
inveterate, deep-rooted; habitual
invidious, designed to create ill will or envy
invincible, unconquerable
inviolability, security from being destroyed; corrupted or profaned
invoke, call upon; ask for
invulnerable, incapable of injury
iota, very small quantity
irascible, irritable; easily angered
irate, angry
iridescent, exhibiting rainbowlike colors
irksome, annoying; tedious
ironic, resulting in unexpected and contrary manner
irony, hidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that convey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning
irrational, illogical; lacking reason; insane
irreconcilable, incompatible; not able to be resolved
irrelevant, not applicable; unrelated
irremediable, incurable; uncorrectable
irreparable, not able to be corrected or repaired
irrepressible, unable to be restrained or held back
irresolute, uncertain how to act; weak
irreverence, lack of proper aspect
irrevocable, unalterable
isotope, varying form of an element
itinerant, wandering; traveling
itinerary, plan of a trip


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