Sunday, June 5, 2016

Important Vocabulary for Upcoming Competitive Exam Set - F

fabricate, build; lie
facade, front of the building
facet, small plane surface (of a gem); a side
facetious, humorous; jocular
facile, easy; expert
facilitate, make less difficult
facsimile, copy
faction, party; clique; dissension
faculty, mental or bodily powers; teaching staff
fallacious, misleading
fallible, liable to err
fallow, plowed but not sowed; uncultivated
falter, hesitate
fanaticism, excessive zeal
fancied, imagined; unreal
fencier, breeder or deal of animals
fanciful, whimsical; visionary
fanfare, call by bugles or trumpets
fantastic, unreal; grotesque; whimsical
farce, broad comedy; mockery
fastidious, difficult to please; squeamish
fatalism, belief that events are determined by forces beyond one's control
fathom, comprehend; investigate
fatuous, foolish; inane
fauna, animals of period or region
fawning, courting behavior by cringing and flattering
faze, disconcert; dismay
feasible, practical
fecundity, fertility; fruitfulness
feign, pretend
feint, trick; shift; sham blow
felicitous, apt; suitably expressed; well chosen
fell, cruel; deadly
felon, person convicted of grave crime
ferment, agitation; commotion
ferret, drive or hunt out of hiding
fervent, ardent; hot
fervid, ardent
fervor, glowing ardor
fester, generate pus
festive, joyous; celebratory
fete, honor at a festival
fetid, malodorous
fetter, shackle
fiasco, total failure
fiat, command
fickle, changeable; faithless
fictitious, imaginary
fidelity, loyalty
figment, invention; imaginary thing
figurative, not literal but metaphorical; using a figure of speech
figurine, small ornamental statuette
filch, steal
filial, pertaining to a son or daughter
finale, conclusion
finesse, delicate skill
finicky, too particular; fussy
finite, limited
firebrand, hothead; troublemaker
fissure, crevice
fitful, spasmodic; intermittent
flaccid, flabby
flagging, weak; drooping
flagrant, conspicuously wicked
flail, thresh grain by hand; strike or slap
flair, talent
flamboyant, ornate
flaunt, display ostentatiously
flay, strip off skin; plunder
fleck, spot
fledgling, inexperienced
fleece, wool coat of a sheep
fleece, rob; plunder
flick, light stroke as with a whip
flinch, hesitate; shrink
flippancy, trifling gaiety
flit, fly; dart lightly; pass swiftly by
floe, mass of floating ice
flora, plants of a region or era
florid, flowery; ruddy
flotsam, drifting wreckage
flourish, grow well; prosper; decorate with ornaments
flout, reject; mock
fluctuate, weaver
fluency, smoothness of speech
fluke, unlikely occurrence; stroke of fortune
fluster, confuse
fluted, having vertical parallel grooves (as in a pillar)
flux, flowing; series of changes
fodder, coarse food for cattle, horses, etc.
foible, weakness; slight fault
foil, contrast
foil, defeat; frustrate
foist, insert improperly; palm off
foment, stir up; instigate
foolhardy, rash
foppish, vain about dress and appearance
foray, raid
forbearance, patience
ford, place where a river can be crossed on foot
foreboding, premonition of evil
forensic, suitable to debate or courts of law
foresight, ability to foresee future happenings; prudence
forestall, prevent by taking action in advance
forgo, give up; do without
formality, adherence to established rules or procedures
formidable, menacing; threatening
forsake, desert; abandon; renounce
forswear, renounce; abandon
forte, strong point or special talent
fortitude, bravery; courage
fortuitous, accidental; by chance
foster, rear; encourage
founder, fail completely; sink
founder, person who establishes (an organization, business)
fracas, brawl; melee
fractious, unruly
frailty, weakness
franchise, right granted by authority
frantic, wild
fraudulent, cheating; deceitful
fraught, filled
fray, brawl
frenetic, frenzied; frantic
frenzied, madly excited
fresco, painting on plaster (usually fresh)
fret, to be annoyed or vexed
friction, clash in opinion; rubbing against
frigid, intensely cold
fritter, waste
frivolity, lack of seriousness
frolicsome, prankish; gay
frond, fern leaf; palm or banana leaf
frugality, thrift; economy
fruition, bearing of fruit; fulfillment; realization
frustrate, thwart; defeat
fulcrum, support on which a lever rests
fulsome, disgustingly excessive
fundamental, basic; primary; essential
funeral, sad; solemn
furor, frenzy; great excitement
furtive, stealthy; sneaky
fusion, union; coalition
futile, ineffective; fruitless


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