Sunday, June 5, 2016

Important Vocabulary for Upcoming Competitive Exam Set - B

babble, chatter ugly
bacchanalian, drunken
badger, pester; annoy
badinage, teasing conversation
baffle, frustrate; perplex
bait, harass; tease
baleful, deadly; destructive
balk, foil
ballast, heavy substance used to add stability or weight
balm, something that relieves pain
balmy, mild; fragrant
banal, hackneyed; commonplace; trite
bandy, discuss lightly; exchange blows or words
bane, cause of ruin
baneful, ruinous; poisonous
bantering, good-natured ridiculing
barb, sharp projection from fishhook, etc.
blunder, error
blurt, utter impulsively
bode, foreshadow; portend
bogus, counterfeit; not authentic
boisterous, violent; rough; noisy
bolster, support; prop up
bombastic, pompous; using inflated language
boorish, rude; clownish
bouillon, clear beef soup
bountiful, generous; showing bounty
bourgeois, middle class
bovine, cowlike; placid and dull
bowdlerize, expurgate
brackish, somewhat saline
braggart, boaster
bravado, swagger; assumed air of defiance
brawn, muscular strength; sturdiness
brazen, insolent
breach, breaking of contract or duty; fissure; gap
breadth, width; extent
brevity, consciousness
brindled, tawny or grayish with steaks or spots
bristling, rising like bristles; showing irritation
brittle, easy broken; difficult
broach, open up
brocade, rich, figured fabric
brochure, pamphlet
brooch, ornamental clasp
browbeat, bully; intimidate
brusque, blunt; abrupt
bucolic, rustic; pastoral
buffoonery, clowning
bugaboo, bugbear; object of baseless terror
bullion, gold and silver in the form of bars
bulwark, earthwork or other strong defense
bumptious, self-assertive
bungle, spoil by clumsy behavior
bureaucracy, government by bureaus
burgeon, grow forth; send out buds
burlesque, give an imitation that ridicules
burly, husky; muscular
burnish, make shiny by rubbing; polish
buttress, support; prop up
buxom, plump; vigorous; jolly
bard, poet
baroque, highly ornate
barrage, barrier laid down by artillery fire
barrister, counselor-at-law
barter, trader
bask, luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth
bassoon, reed instrument of the woodwind family
bastion, fortress; defense
bate, let down; restrain
bauble, trinket; trifle
bawdy, indecent; obscene
beatific, giving bliss; blissful
beatitude, blessedness; state of bliss
bedizen, dress with vulgar finery
bedraggle, wet thoroughly
befuddle, confuse thoroughly
beget, father, produce; give raise to
begrudge, resent
beguile, amuse; delude, cheat
behemoth, huge creature; monstrous animal
beholden, obligated; indebted
behoove, be suited to, be incumbent upon
belabor, explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; attach verbally
belated, delayed
beleaguer, besiege
belie, contradict; give a false impression
belittle, disparage; depreciate
bellicose, warlike
belligerent, quarrelsome
bemused, confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
benediction, blessing
benefactor, gift giver; patron
beneficent, kindly; doing good
beneficiary, person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
benevolent, generous; charitable
benign, kindly; favorable; not malignant
benignity, state of being kind, benign, gracious
benison, blessing
bent, determined
bent, natural talent or inclination
bequeath, leave to someone by a will; hand down
berate, scold strongly
bereavement, state of being valuable or loved
bereft, deprived of; lacking
berserk, frenzied
beset, harass; trouble
besmirch, soil; defile
bestial, beastlike; brutal
bestow, give
betroth, become engaged to marry
bevy, large group
biased, slanted; prejudiced
bicameral, two-chambered, as a legislative body
bicker, quarrel
biennial, every two years
bigotry, stubborn intolerance
bilious, suffering from ingestion; irritable
bilk, swindle; cheat
billowing, rising or swelling like waves
bivouac, temporary encampment
bizarre, fantastic; violently contrasting
blanch, bleach; whiten
bland, soothing; mild, dull
blandishment, flattery
blase, bored with pleasure or dissipation
blasphemy, cursing; irreverence; sacrilege
blatant, flagrant; consciously obvious; loudly offensive
bleak, cold; cheerless
blighted, suffering for a disease; destroyed
blithe, gay; joyous
bloated, swollen or puffed as with water or air
bludgeon, club; heavy-headed weapon
bluff, pretense(of strength); deception; high cliff


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