Sunday, June 5, 2016

Important Vocabulary for Upcoming Competitive Exam Set - R

rabid, like a fanatic; furious
raconteur, story-teller
ragamuffin, person wearing tattered clothes
rail, scold; rant
raiment, clothing
rakish, stylish; sporty
ramble, wonder aimlessly (physically or mentally)
ramification, branching out; subdivision
ramify, divide into branches or subdivisions
ramp, slope; inclined plane
rampant, rearing up on hind legs; unrestrained
rampart, defensive mound of earth
ramshackle, rickety; falling apart
rancid, having the odor of stale fat
rancor, bitterness; hatred
rankle, irritate; fester
rant, rave; speak bombastically
rapacious, excessively gasping; plundering
rapprochement, reconciliation
rarefied, made less dense (of a gas)
raspy, grating; harsh
ratify, approve formally; verify
ratiocination, reasoning; act of drawing conclusions from premises
rationalization, bringing into conformity with reason
rationalize, reason; justify an improper act
raucous, harsh and shrill
ravage, plunder; despoil
ravenous, extremely hungry
raze, destroy completely
reactionary, recoiling from progress; retrograde
realm, kingdom; sphere
rebate, discount
rebuff, snub; beat back
rebuttal, refutation; response with contrary evidence
recalcitrant, obstinately stubborn
recant, repudiate; withdraw previous statement
recapitulate, summarize
receptive, quick or willing to receive ideas, suggestions, etc.
recession, withdrawal; retreat
recidivism, habitual return to crime
recipient, receiver
reciprocal, mutual; exchangeable; interacting
reciprocate, repay in kind
recluse, hermit
reconcile, make friendly after quarrel; correct inconsistencies
recondite, abstruse; profound; secret
reconnaissance, survey of enemy by soldiers;
recount, narrate or tell; count over again
recourse, resorting to help when in trouble
recreant, coward; betrayed of faith
recrimination, countercharges
rectify, correct
rectitude, uprightedness
recumbent, reclining; lying down completely or in part
recuperate, recover
recurrent, occurring again and again
redolent, fragrant; odorous; suggestive of an odor
redoubtable, formidable; causing fear
redress, remedy; comprehension
redundant, superfluous; excessively wordy; repetitious
reek, emit (odor)
refectory, dining hall
refraction, bending of a ray of light
refractory, stubborn; unmanageable
refurbish, renovate
refutation, disproof of opponents' arguments
refute, disprove
regal, royal
regale, entertain
regatta, boat or yacht race
regeneration, spiritual rebirth
regicide, murder of a king or queen
regime, method or system of government
regimen, prescribed diet and habits
rehabilitate, restore to proper condition
reimburse, repay
reiterate, repeat
rejuvenate, make young again
relegate, banish; consign to inferior position
relevancy, pertinence; reference to the case in hand
relinquish, abandon
relish, savor; enjoy
remediable, reparable
remedial, curative; corrective
reminiscence, recollection
remiss, negligent
remnant, remainder
remonstrate, protest
remorse, guilt; self-reproach
remunerative, compensating; rewarding
rend, split; tear apart
render, deliver; provide; represent
rendezvous, meeting place
rendition, translation; artistic interpretation of a song
renegade, deserter; apostate
renege, deny; go back on
renounce, abandon; discontinue; disown; repudiate
renovate, restore to good condition; renew
renunciation, giving up; renouncing
reparable, capable of being repaired
reparation, amends; compensation
repartee, clever reply
repellent, driving away; unattractive
repercussion, rebound; reverberation; reaction
repertoire, list of works of music, drama, etc., a performer is prepared to present
repine, fret; complain
replenish, fill up again
replete, filled to capacity; abundantly supplied
replica, copy
replicate, reproduce; duplicate
repository, storehouse
reprehensible, deserving blame
repress, restrain; crush; oppress
reprieve, temporary stay
reprimand, reprove severely
reprisal, retaliation
reproach, blame; censure
reprobation, severe disapproval
reprove, censure; rebuke
repudiate, disown; disavow
repugnance, loathing
repulsion, act of driving back; distaste
reputed, supposed
requiem, mass for the dead; dirge
requisite, necessary requirement
requite, repay; revenge
rescind, cancel
reserve, self-control; formal but distant manner
residue, remainder; balance
resigned, unresisting; patiently submissive
resilient, elastic; having the power of springing back
resolution, determination
resolve, determination
resonant, echoing; resounding; possessing resonance
respite, delay in punishment; interval of relief; rest
resplendent, brilliant; lustrous
responsiveness, state of reacting readily to appeals
restitution, reparation; indemnification
restive, unmanageable; fretting under control
restraint, controlling force
resurgent, rising again after defeat, etc.
resuscitate, revive
retaliation, repayment in kind (usually for bad treatment)
retentive, holding; having a good memory
reticence, reserve; uncommunicativeness; inclination to be silent
retinue, following; attendants
retiring, modest; shy
retort, quick, sharp reply
retract, withdraw; take back
retrench, cut down; economize
retribution, vengeance; compensation; punishment for offenses
retrieve, recover; find and bring in
retroactive, of a law which dates back to a period before its enactment
retrograde, go backwards; degenerate, instead of advancing
retrospective, looking back on the past
revelry, boisterous merrymaking
reverberate, echo; resound
reverent, respectful; worshipful
reverie, daydream; musing
revile, slander; vilify
revulsion, sudden violent change of feeling; reaction
rhapsodize, to speak or write in an exaggerately enthusiastic matter
rhetoric, art of effective communication; insincere language
rhetorical, pertaining to effective communication; insincere language
ribald, wanton; profane
rider, amendment or clause added to a legislative bill
rife, abundant; current
rift, opening; break
rigor, severity
risible, inclined to laugh; ludicrous
risqué, verging upon the improper; offcolor
roan, brown mixed with gray or white
robust, vigorous; strong
rococo, ornate; highly decorated
roil, to make liquids murky by stirring up sediment
roseate, rosy; optimistic
roster, list
rostrum, platform for speech-making; pulpit
rote, repetition
rotunda, circular building or hall covered with a dome
rotundity, roundness; sonorousness of speech
rout, stampede; drive out
rubble, broken fragments
ruddy, reddish; healthy-looking
rudimentary, not developed; elementary
rueful, regretful; sorrowful; dejected
ruffian, bully; scoundrel
ruminate, chew the cud; ponder
rummage, ransack; thoroughly search
ruse, trick; stratagem
rustic, pertaining to country people; uncouth
rusticate, banish to the country; dwell in the country
ruthless, pitiless


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