Sunday, June 5, 2016

Important Vocabulary for Upcoming Competitive Exam Set - A

abase,   lower/humiliate
abash,   embarrass
abate,   subside/ decrease/ lessen
abbreviate, shorten
abdicate,    renounce/ give up
aberrant,   abnormal or deviant
abettor,         encourager
abeyance,        suspended action
abhor,        detest/ hate
abject,        wretched/ lacking pride
abjure,        renounce upon oath
ablution,       washing
abnegation     repudiation/ self-sacrifice
abolish,        cancel/ put an end to
abominate, loathe/ hate
aboriginal, being the first of its kind in a region/ primitive/ native
abortive, unsuccessful/ fruitless
abrasive, rubbing away/ tending to grind down
abridge, condense or shorten
abrogate, abolish
abscond, depart secretly and hide
absolute, complete/ totally unlimited/ certain
absolve, pardon(an offense)
abstain, refrain/ hold oneself voluntary form an action or practice
abstemious, sparing in eating and drinking/ temperate
abstinence, restrain from eating or drinking
abstract, theoretical/ not concrete/ nonrepresentational
abstruse, obscure/ profound/ difficult to understand
abusive, coarsely insulting/ physically harmful
abut, border upon/ adjoin
abysmal, bottomless
accede, agree
accelerate, move faster
accessible, easy to approach/ obtainable
accessory, additional object/ useful but not essential thing
acclaim, applaud/ announce with great approval
acclimate, adjust to climate
acclivity, sharp upslope of a hill
accolade, award of merit
accommodate, oblige or help someone/ adjust or bring into harmony/ adapt
accomplice, partner in crime
accord, agreement
accost, approach and speak first to a person
accoutre, to equip
accretion, growth/ increase
accrue, come about by addition
acerbity, bitterness of speech and temper
acetic, vinegary
acidulous, slightly sour/ sharp/ caustic
acknowledge, recognize/ admit
acme, top/ pinnacle
acoustics, science of sound/ quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
acquiesce, assent/ agree passively
acquittal, deliverance from a charge
acrid, sharp/ bitterly pungent
acrimonious, stinging/ caustic
actuarial, calculating/ pertaining to insurance statistics
actuate, motivate
acuity, sharpness
acumen, mental keenness
acute, quickly perceptive/ keen/ brief and severe
adage, wise saying/ proverb
adamant, hard/ inflexible
adapt, alter/ modify
addiction, compulsive/ habitual need
addle, to muddle/ drive crazy/ become rotten
address, to direct speech to/ deal with or discuss
adduce, to present as evidence
adept, expert at
adhere, stick last
adherent, supporter/ follower
adjunct, something attached to but holding and inferior position
adjuration, solemn urging
admonish, warn/ reprove
admonition, warning
adorn, decorate
adroit, skillful
adulation, flattery/ admiration
adulterate, make impure by mixing with baser substances
adulterated, made impure or spoiled by the addition of inferior materials
advent, arrival
adventitious, accidental/ casual
adversary, opponent
adverse, unfavorable/ hostile
adversity, poverty/ misfortune
advert, refer to
advocate, urge/ plead for
aegis, shield/ defense
aesthetic, artistic/ dealing with or capable of appreciation of the beautiful
affable, courteous
affected, artificial/ pretended
affidavit, written statement made under oath
affiliation, joining/ associating with
affinity, kinship
affirmation, positive assertion/ confirmation/ solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath
affluence, abundance/ wealth
affray, public brawl
agape, openmouthed
agenda, items of business at a meeting
agglomeration, collection/ heap
aggrandize, increase or intensify
aggregate, sum/ total
aghast, horrified
agility, nimbleness
agitate, stir up/ disturb
agnostic, one who is skeptical of the existence or knowability of a god or any ultimate reality
agrarian, pertaining to land or its cultivation
alacrity, cheerful promptness
alchemy, medieval chemistry
alcove, nook/ small/ recessed section of a room
alias, an assumed name
alienate, make hostile/ separate
alimentary, supplying nourishment
alimony, payment by a husband to his divorced wife
allay, calm/ pacify
allege, state without proof
allegory, story in which characters are used as symbols
alleviate, relieve
alliteration, repetition of beginning sound in poetry
allocate, assign
alloy, a mixture as of metals
allude, relief indirectly
allure, entice/ attract
allusion, indirect reference
aloof, apart/ reserved
aloft, upward
altercation, wordy quarrel
altruistic, unselfishly generous/ concerned for others
amalgamate, combine/ unite in one body
amass, collect
amazon, female warrior
ambidextrous, capable of using either hand with equal ease
ambience, environment/ atmosphere
ambiguous, unclear or doubtful in meaning
ambivalence, the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
amble, moving at an easy pace
ambrosia, food of the gods
ambulatory, able to walk
ameliorate, improve
amenable, readily managed/ willing to be led
amend, correct/ change/ generally for the better
amenities, convenient features/ courtesies
amiable, agreeable/ lovable
amicable, friendly
amiss, wrong/ faulty
amity, friendship
amnesia, loss of memory
amnesty, pardon
amoral, nonmoral
amorous, moved by sexual love/ loving
amorphous, shapeless
amphibian, able to live both on land and in water
amphitheater, oval building with tiers of seats
ample, abundant
amplify, enlarge
amputate, cut off part of body/ prune
amuck, in a state of rage
amulet, charm/ talisman
anachronism, an error involving time in a story
analgesic, causing insensitivity to pain
analogous, comparable
analogy, similarity/ parallelism
anarchist, person who rebels against the established order
anarchy, absence of governing body/ state of disorder
anathema, solemn curse
anchor, secure or fasten firmly
ancillary, serving as an aid or accessory/ auxiliary
anecdote, short discount of an amusing or interesting event
anemia, condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles
anesthetic, substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness
anguish, acute pain/ extreme suffering
angular, sharp-cornered/ stuff in manner
animated, lively
animosity, active enmity/ hatred
animus, hostile feeling or intent
annals, records/ history
annihilate, destroy
annotate, comment/ make explanatory notes
annuity, yearly allowance
annul, make void
anomalous, abnormal/ irregular
anomaly, irregularity
anonymity, state of being nameless/ anonimousness
anonymous, having no name
antagonistic, hostile/ opposed/ actively resisting
antecede, precede
antecedents, preceding events or circumstances that influence what comes later/ early life/ ancestors
antediluvian, antiquated/ ancient
anthropoid, manlike
anthropologist, a student of the history and science of mankind
anthropomorphic, having human form or characteristics
anticlimax, letdown of thought or emotion
antipathy, aversion/ dislike
antiquated, old-fashioned/ obsolete
antiseptic, substance that prevents infection
antithesis, contrast/ direct opposite of or to
apathy, lack of caring/ indifference
ape, intimate or mimic
aperture, opening/ hole
apex, tip/ summit/ climax
aphasia, loss of speech due to injury or illness
aphorism, pithy maxim
apiary, a place where bees are kept
aplomb, poise
apocalyptic, prophetic/ pertaining to revelations
apocryphal, untrue/ made up
apogee, highest point
apoplexy, stroke/ loss of consciousness followed by paralysis
apostate, one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs
apothegm, pithy/ compact saying
apotheosis, deification/ glorification
appall, dismay/ shock
apparition, ghost/ phantom
appease, pacify/ soothe
appellation, name/ title
append, attach
application, diligent attention
apposite, appropriate/ fitting
appraise, estimate value of
appreciate, be thankful for/ increase in worth/ be thoroughly conscious for
apprehend, arrest(a criminal)/ dread/ perceive
apprehension, fear
apprise, inform
approbation, approval
appropriate, acquire/ take position of for one's own use
apropos, with reference to/ regarding
aptitude, fitness/ talent
aquiline, curved/ hooked
arable, fit for plowing
arbiter, a person with power to decide a dispute/ judge
arbitrary, unreasonable or capricious/ imperious/ tyrannical/ despotic
arbitrate, act as judge
arboretum, place where different tree varieties are exhibited
arcade, a covered passageway/ usually lined with shops
arcane, secret/ mysterious
archaeology, study of artifacts and relics of early mankind
archaic, antiquated
archetype, prototype/ primitive pattern
archipelago, group of closely located islands
archives, public records/ place where public records are kept
ardor, heat/ passion/ zeal
arduous, hard/ strenuous
argot, slang
aria, operatic solo
arid, dry/ barren
aristocracy, hereditary nobility/ privileged class
armada, fleet of warships
aromatic, fragrant
arraign, charge in court/ indict
array, marshal/ draw up in order
array, clothe/ adorn
arrears, being in debt
arrogance, pride/ haughtiness
arroyo, gully
articulate, effective/ distinct
artifacts, products of primitive culture
artifice, deception/ trickery
artisan, a manually skilled worker
artless, without guile/ open and honest
ascendancy, controlling influence/ domination
ascertain, find out for certain
ascetic, practicing self-denial/ austere
ascribe, refer/ attribute/ assign
aseptic, preventing infection/ having a cleansing effect
ashen, ash-colored
asinine, stupid
askance, with a sideways or indirect look
askew, crookedly/ slanted/ at an angle
asperity, sharpness(of temper)
aspersion, slanderous remark
aspirant, seeker after position or status
aspiration, noble ambition
assail, assault
assay, analyze/ evaluate
assent, agree/ accept
assessment, estimation
assiduous, diligent
assimilate, absorb/ cause to become homogeneous
assuage, ease/ lessen (pain)
asteroid, small planet
astigmatism, eye defect that prevents proper focus
astral, relating to stars
astringent, binding/ causing contraction
astronomical, enormously large or extensive
astute, wise/ shrewd
asunder, into parts/ apart
asylum, place of refuge or shelter/ protection
asymmetric, not identical on both sides of a dividing central line
atavism, resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents/ deformity returning after passage of two or more generations
atheistic, denying the existence of God
atone, make amends for/ pay for
atrocity, brutal deed
atrophy, wasting away
attentive, considerate/ thoughtful
attenuate, make thin/ weaken
attest, testify/ bear witness
attribute, essential quality
attribute, ascribe/ explain
attrition, gradual wearing down
atypical, not normal
audacious, daring/ bold
audit, examination of accounts
augment, increase
augury, omen/ prophecy
august, impressive/ majestic
aureole, sun's corona/ halo
auroral, pertaining to the aurora borealis
auspicious, favoring success
austere, strict/ stern
austerity, sternness/ severity/ lack of luxuries
authenticate, prove genuine
authoritarian, favoring or exercising total control/ non-democratic
authoritative, having the weight of authority/ dictatorial
autocrat, monarch with supreme power
automaton, mechanism that imitates actions of humans
autonomous, self-governing
autopsy, examination of a dead body/ post-mortem
auxiliary, helper/ additional or subsidiary
avarice, greediness for wealth
aver, state confidently
averse, reluctant
aversion, firm dislike
avert, prevent/ turn away
aviary, enclosure for birds
avid, greedy/ eager for
avocation, secondary or minor occupation
avow, declare openly
avuncular, like an uncle
awe, solemn wonder
awry, distorted/ crooked
axiom, self-evident truth requiring no proof
azure, sky blue


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