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How to Prepare for Reasoning Section to get Maximum Marks in Exam

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Reasoning is considered to be most scoring section in exam as it comes with the set of questions like if you will many questions are in like puzzle is a set of 5 Questions same with Coding Decoding, Blood Relation, Inequality. 

So if you get the logic then you can solve all 5 questions. Same goes with vice versa think this way if you can’t get the logic then you loss full five marks that mostly happens with puzzle section. So today we will see how to practice reasoning section before exam so that it can be solved in less time with more accuracy.

In Reasoning there are mainly three which comes in Exam:
  • Verbal Reasoning
  •  Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Puzzle Section

We will see one by one all these three part and what important topics which comes all the time

Verbal Reasoning:  This is most Promising Section because most of the questions come from this section only.
  • Syllogism -> Simple Syllogism and Syllogism with Possibilities
  • Coding Decoding -> Alphanumeric Coding and Line Coding
  • Inequality -> Direct Inequality and Coded Inequality
  • Machine Input Output
  • Blood Relation -> Direct Relation and Coded Relation
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Alphanumeric Series
  • Data Sufficiency

Non Verbal Reasoning: This section is commonly not asked in bank exam but some time you will find some analytical question in Bank Po exam and as the Pattern is changing so no one knows what will come so you should prepare this section also.
  • Analogy
  • Diagrams arrangement
  • Classification
  • Pattern Completion
  • Cube and Dices

Logical Reasoning: This is also important section in exam when you have qualified Prelim exam because in prelim the generally don’t ask question from this section.
  • Assumption and Reason
  • Course and Action
  • Statement and Argument
  • Theme Detection

Puzzle Section: This is the Important but Time Consuming Topics in the bank exam when you sit in Prelim exam you get one or two layer puzzle but when you sit in Mains exam the level of Puzzle is very much high because there is no short tricks for Puzzle section only your practice with number of Puzzle matters because through practice you increase your speed to understand the logic and that is short trick.
  •  Seating Arrangement -> Linear Seating Arrangement, Rectangular Seating Arrangement, Circular Seating Arrangement
  • Floor Based Puzzle
  • Tabular Puzzle

Preparation Tips for Reasoning: How to Prepare Reasoning for bank exam

1. Verbal Reasoning is Most important to get maximum score in the exam as I already said most of the Questions as well as doable question will be from this section only so start your preparation with this  section first.

2. First clear your basics about the topic from book and then increase your practice question level because ultimately your goal is to solve high level reasoning. My suggestion is solve maximum question on every topic and make notes of Formula, Short Tricks and Important Questions which you think will repeat in exam.

3. Start Preparation with Easy Topics like Inequality, Syllogism and coding-decoding then go to the high level reasoning like machine input output, Puzzles and logical reasoning.

4. Once you are done with your Topic level preparation and you have command over topics with all the formula and short tricks now time to attempt the Mock and Practice Paper. Attempt the Mock with Time Set.

5. In exam also first try to attempt the easy question on which you have full command and try to solve these questions in less time like for 5 Questions give 2-3 min maximum. Your practice should be like this only because in the last for puzzle you will need time.

6. Speed, Accuracy and Time Management is the only way to crack bank exam so your practice should also be based on these thing because if you keep these things in mind at practice times it lives in your mind at exam time. 

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