Saturday, June 11, 2016

English Notes : 100 Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-2

101. Grow Up- Spend The Years Between Being A Child And Being An Adult. परिपक्वहोना
102. Grow Up- Behave Responsibly; Behave As An Adult Not A Child. जिम्मेदारानाव्यवहार
103. Hand In- Submit Homework An Assignment Etc. गृहकार्यजमाकरना
104. Hand Out- Distribute. विभाजन
105. Hang Up- End A Phone Conversation By Replacing The Receiver. बातचीत समाप्त करना
106. Have To Do With- Be About. के विषय में
107. Hold Up- Raise; Lift To A Higher-Than-Normal Position. स्तर से ऊपर उठना
108. Hold Up- Delay. देरीहोना
109. Hold Up- Rob; Threaten Someone With Harm Unless She/He Gives Her/His Money Or Other Valuable Things. रोक कर लूटना
110. Iron Out- Mutually Reach An Agreement; Mutually Resolve Difficulties सहयोगसेमतभेदमिटाना
111. Jack Up- Raise / Life By Using A Jack. ऊपरउठाना
112. Jack Up- Raise (Used For Prices). कीमतें बढ़ाना
113. Keep On- Continue जारी रखना
114. Keep On-  Continue To Remind Someone To Do Something Until She/He Does It (Even If This Irritates Her/Him). याद दिलाते रहना
115. Kick Out- Expel; Force Someone To Leave Because Of His/Her Poor Performance Or Unacceptable Behavior. निष्कासित करना
116. Knock Out- Make Unconscious. मारकरअचेत कर देना
117. Knock One Out- Work Much Harder Than Normal Or Than What Is Expected. मेहनत से कार्य करना
118. Lay Off- Dismiss Someone From A Job Because Of Lack Of Work Or Money (Not Because Of Poor Performance) अस्थाई तौर पर निकाल देना
119. Leave Out- Forget; Omit. हटादेना, भूलजाना
120. Let Down- Disappoint. निराश करना
121. Let Up- Become Less Intense Or Slower. प्रभाव कम करना
122. Look Back- On Remember; Reflect On / Consider Something In The Past. यादकरना
123. Make Fun- Of Make Jokes About (Usually Unkindly). मजाकबनाना
124. Make Up- Invent / Create (Imaginary) Information. काल्पनिक सूचना तैयार करना
125. Make Up- Compensate For Something Missed Or Not Done By Doing Extra Or Equivalent Work. क्षतिपूर्ति
126. Make Up- (With) Re-Establish A Friendly Relationship By Admitting Guilt. गलतीस्वीकारकरकेपुनः दोस्तीकरना
127. Make Out- See / Hear Something Well Enough To Understand What It Means. पता लगाना
128. Make For- Result In; Cause. उत्पन्नकरना, कारणहोना
129. Mark Up-Increase The Price (For Resale). मूल्य बढ़ना
130. Mark Down- Reduce The Price (As An Incentive To Buy). मूल्य घटाना
131. Mix Up- Cause To Become Confused. भ्रमितहोना
132. Nod Off- Fall Sleep (Usually Unintentionally). झपकीलगना
133. Pan Out- Succeed; Happen As Expected (For Plans). योजनाअनुसार
134. Pass Awa- Die. मरजाना, गुजरजाना
135. Pass Out- Faint; Lose Consciousness. बेहोष, होष खोदेना
136. Pass Out- Distribute. विभाजन
137. Pick Out- Choose; Select. छांटलेना
138. Pick Up- Lift; Take Up. पकड़करउठालेना
139. Pick Up- Arrange To Meet Someone And Give Her/Him A Ride. साथलेजाना
140. Pick Up- Get; Buy. खरीदना, प्राप्तकरना
141. Pick Up- Refresh; Revitalize. नयाकरना, ताजाकरना
142. Pick On- Bully; Intentionally Try To Make Someone Upset. किसीकोदुखीकरना
143. Pitch In- Help; Join Together To Accomplish Something. सहायता
144. Pull Over- Drive A Vehicle To The Side Of The Rode. सड़क के किनारेवाहनचलाना
145. Put Away- Return Something To The Proper Place. वापससहीस्थानपर रखना
146. Put Off- Postpone; Delay; Avoid स्थगितकरना
147. Put On-- Begin To Wear; Don. पहनना
148. Put On- Try To Make Someone Believe Something That Is Ridiculous Or Untrue. असत्य बात पर विश्वास दिलाने का प्रयास करना
149. Put Out- Inconvenience Someone. असहजकरना
150. Put Up - Return Something To The Proper Place. पीछेहटाना
151. Put Up-Provide Someone With A Place To Sleep. सोने के लिए जगहदेना
152. Put Up-  With Tolerate. सहनकरना
153. Put Back- Return Something To The Proper Place. पीछेहटाना
154. Rip Off- Cheat; Take Advantage Of; Charge Too Much. धोखादेना
155. Round Off- Change From A Fraction To The Nearest Whole Number. पूर्णअंकमेंलिखना
156. Run Into- Meet By Chance. टकराजाना
157. Run Out- Of Use The Last Of. संभारसमाप्तहोना
158. Set Up- Make Arrangements For Something. स्थापितकरना
159. Set Back- Cause A Delay In Scheduling. देरीकाकारण
160. Set Back- Cost. कीमत, लागत
161. Slip Up- Make A Mistake. गलतीकरना
162. Stand Out- Be Noticeably Better Than Other Similar People Or Things. स्पश्टदिखाईदेना, श्रेश्ठहोना
163. Stand Up- Rise To A Standing Position. खडे़ होना
164. Show Up- Arrive; Appear. दिखना
165. Show Up- Do A Noticeably Better Job (Often Unexpectedly) Than Someone Else. दूसरों से अच्छा कार्य करना
166. Stand For- Represent. उम्मीदवार
167. Stand For- Tolerate; Permit (Usually Negative). सहनकरना
168. Take After- Resemble; Favor (In Appearance). समानहोना
169. Take / Bring Back- Return. वापसलेलेना
170. Take Care-Of Provide Care For; Watch One's Health. देखभालकरना
171. Take Care- Of Make Arrangements (For Something To Happen); Take Responsibility For. प्रबंध करना
172. Take Off- Remove (Something You're Wearing). उतारना
173. Take Off- Leave the ground (जहाज का) उड़ान भरना
174. Take Up- Lift up, raise उठाना
175. Tell Off- Speak To Someone Bluntly And Negatively Saying Exactly What She/He Did Wrong. डांटना, फटकारना
176. Tick Off- Irritate Someone; Make Someone Upset Or Angry. किसी को क्रोधित करना
177. Tick Off
Show That Something Has Been Completed By Putting A Tick (Check) Beside It. सूची चैक करना
178. Throw Away- Discard; Put In The Garbage. खोदेना, कचरे में फेंक देना
179. Throw Out- Discard; Put In The Garbage. खोदेना, कचरे में फेंक देना
180. Throw Out- Forcibly Make Someone Leave (Usually Because Of Bad Behavior). फेंकना
181. Throw Up- Vomit. छोड़ना
182. Try On- Wear Something Briefly To Check It’s Fit How It Looks Etc. किसीवस्त्र, आदिको, आजमाकर देखना
183. Try Out- Use A Machine Briefly To Determine How Well It Works. प्रयोगकरके देखना
184. Try Out (For)- Try To Win A Place On A Team Or Other Organization. प्रयास करना(जीतने या जगह बनाने के लिए)
185. Turn Around- Move So That You Are Facing The Opposite Direction. दूसरीतरफ घूमना
186. Turn Around- Make Changes So That Something That Was Unprofitable Is Profitable. किसी अलाभकारी चीज को लाभ में बदलना
187. Turn Down- Decrease The Volume. कम करना(मात्रा में)
188. Turn Down- Refuse. अस्वीकारकरना
189. Turn In- Give / Deliver / Submit To Someone. देना
190. Turn In- Go To Bed. सोजाना
191. Turn In- Report Or Deliver Wrongdoers To The Authorities. सूचितकरना
192. Turn Off
Stop By Turning A Handle Or Switch. बंद करना
193. Turn Off- Bore; Repel (Very Informal). नीरसकरना
194. Turn On- Start By Turning A Handle Or Switch. चालूकरना
195. Turn On- Interest Very Much; Excite (Very Informal). उत्सुक
196. Turn Up- Increase The Volume. बढ़ाना (मात्रा में)
197. Turn Up- Appear Unexpectedly. अप्रत्याषित रूप सेदिखना
198. Wait On- Serve (Usually Customers In A Restaurant Shop Etc.) नौकर के रूप मेंसेवाकरना
199. Wait For- Wait Until Someone / Something Arrives Or Is Finished With Something Else. प्रतीक्षाकरना
200. Wake Up- Stop Sleeping. उठना, जागना
201. Wake Up- Rouse Someone; Cause Someone To Stop Sleeping. किसीकोउठाना
202. Watch Out- For Be Careful Of; Beware Of. सावधानरहना, सतर्करहना
203. Wear Out- Wear Something / Use Something Until It Can No Longer Be Worn / Be Used. कपड़े को पहनने योग्य न छोड़ना
204. Wear Out- Cause To Become Exhausted; Cause To Become Very Tired. थकना
205. Work Out- Exercise (Usually In A Gym Etc.) To Build Muscles Body Tone Etc. अभ्यास
206. Work Out- Solve A Problem / Resolve A Difficult Situation (Usually By Working Together). समस्या का हल निकालना
207. Wrap Up- Wear Enough Clothes To Keep Warm. अधिक कपड़े पहनना(गर्म रहने के लिए)
208. Wrap Up- Finish Something; Bring Something To A Conclusion. निश्कर्शनिकालना
209. Write Down- Record Something In Writing. लिखितमें रखना
210. Write Up Record;- Report In Writing. लिखितमें
211. Zonk Out- Fall Asleep Quickly Because Of Exhaustion. सो जाना(थकान के कारण)