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List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-2

List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-2

Phrasal Verbs is commonly asked in IBPS Bank Exam, SSC, Railway and Insurance Exams. Phrasal Verbs are commonly asked in all the Competitive Exam. Here in this Article we are Sharing List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Bank, SSC and Govt. Job Exams.

List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-2 :-

101. Grow Up- Spend The Years Between Being A Child And Being An Adult. परिपक्व होना
102. Grow Up- Behave Responsibly; Behave As An Adult Not A Child. जिम्मेदाराना व्यवहार
103. Hand In- Submit Homework An Assignment Etc. गृह कार्य जमा करना
104. Hand Out- Distribute. विभाजन
105. Hang Up- End A Phone Conversation By Replacing The Receiver. बातचीत समाप्त करना
106. Have To Do With- Be About. के विषय में
107. Hold Up- Raise; Lift To A Higher-Than-Normal Position. स्तर से ऊपर उठना
108. Hold Up- Delay. देरीहोना
109. Hold Up- Rob; Threaten Someone With Harm Unless She/He Gives Her/His Money Or Other Valuable Things. रोक कर लूटना
110. Iron Out- Mutually Reach An Agreement; Mutually Resolve Difficulties सहयोग से मतभेद मिटाना
111. Jack Up- Raise / Life By Using A Jack. ऊपर उठाना
112. Jack Up- Raise (Used For Prices). कीमतें बढ़ाना
113. Keep On- Continue जारी रखना
114. Keep On-  Continue To Remind Someone To Do Something Until She/He Does It (Even If This Irritates Her/Him). याद दिलाते रहना
115. Kick Out- Expel; Force Someone To Leave Because Of His/Her Poor Performance Or Unacceptable Behavior. निष्कासित करना
116. Knock Out- Make Unconscious. मारकरअचेत कर देना
117. Knock One Out- Work Much Harder Than Normal Or Than What Is Expected. मेहनत से कार्य करना
118. Lay Off- Dismiss Someone From A Job Because Of Lack Of Work Or Money (Not Because Of Poor Performance) अस्थाई तौर पर निकाल देना
119. Leave Out- Forget; Omit. हटादेना, भूलजाना
120. Let Down- Disappoint. निराश करना
121. Let Up- Become Less Intense Or Slower. प्रभाव कम करना
122. Look Back- On Remember; Reflect On / Consider Something In The Past. यादकरना
123. Make Fun- Of Make Jokes About (Usually Unkindly). मजाकबनाना
124. Make Up- Invent / Create (Imaginary) Information. काल्पनिक सूचना तैयार करना
125. Make Up- Compensate For Something Missed Or Not Done By Doing Extra Or Equivalent Work. क्षतिपूर्ति
126. Make Up- (With) Re-Establish A Friendly Relationship By Admitting Guilt. गलतीस्वीकारकरकेपुनः दोस्तीकरना
127. Make Out- See / Hear Something Well Enough To Understand What It Means. पता लगाना
128. Make For- Result In; Cause. उत्पन्नकरना, कारणहोना
129. Mark Up-Increase The Price (For Resale). मूल्य बढ़ना
130. Mark Down- Reduce The Price (As An Incentive To Buy). मूल्य घटाना
131. Mix Up- Cause To Become Confused. भ्रमितहोना
132. Nod Off- Fall Sleep (Usually Unintentionally). झपकीलगना
133. Pan Out- Succeed; Happen As Expected (For Plans). योजनाअनुसार
134. Pass Awa- Die. मरजाना, गुजरजाना
135. Pass Out- Faint; Lose Consciousness. बेहोष, होष खोदेना
136. Pass Out- Distribute. विभाजन
137. Pick Out- Choose; Select. छांटलेना
138. Pick Up- Lift; Take Up. पकड़करउठालेना
139. Pick Up- Arrange To Meet Someone And Give Her/Him A Ride. साथलेजाना
140. Pick Up- Get; Buy. खरीदना, प्राप्तकरना
141. Pick Up- Refresh; Revitalize. नयाकरना, ताजाकरना
142. Pick On- Bully; Intentionally Try To Make Someone Upset. किसीकोदुखीकरना
143. Pitch In- Help; Join Together To Accomplish Something. सहायता
144. Pull Over- Drive A Vehicle To The Side Of The Rode. सड़क के किनारेवाहनचलाना
145. Put Away- Return Something To The Proper Place. वापससहीस्थानपर रखना
146. Put Off- Postpone; Delay; Avoid स्थगितकरना
147. Put On-- Begin To Wear; Don. पहनना
148. Put On- Try To Make Someone Believe Something That Is Ridiculous Or Untrue. असत्य बात पर विश्वास दिलाने का प्रयास करना
149. Put Out- Inconvenience Someone. असहजकरना
150. Put Up - Return Something To The Proper Place. पीछेहटाना
151. Put Up-Provide Someone With A Place To Sleep. सोने के लिए जगहदेना
152. Put Up-  With Tolerate. सहनकरना
153. Put Back- Return Something To The Proper Place. पीछेहटाना
154. Rip Off- Cheat; Take Advantage Of; Charge Too Much. धोखादेना
155. Round Off- Change From A Fraction To The Nearest Whole Number. पूर्णअंकमेंलिखना
156. Run Into- Meet By Chance. टकराजाना
157. Run Out- Of Use The Last Of. संभारसमाप्तहोना
158. Set Up- Make Arrangements For Something. स्थापितकरना
159. Set Back- Cause A Delay In Scheduling. देरीकाकारण
160. Set Back- Cost. कीमत, लागत
161. Slip Up- Make A Mistake. गलतीकरना
162. Stand Out- Be Noticeably Better Than Other Similar People Or Things. स्पश्ट दिखाई देना, श्रेश्ठ होना
163. Stand Up- Rise To A Standing Position. खडे़ होना
164. Show Up- Arrive; Appear. दिखना
165. Show Up- Do A Noticeably Better Job (Often Unexpectedly) Than Someone Else. दूसरों से अच्छा कार्य करना
166. Stand For- Represent. उम्मीदवार
167. Stand For- Tolerate; Permit (Usually Negative). सहनकरना
168. Take After- Resemble; Favor (In Appearance). समानहोना
169. Take / Bring Back- Return. वापसलेलेना
170. Take Care-Of Provide Care For; Watch One's Health. देखभालकरना
171. Take Care- Of Make Arrangements (For Something To Happen); Take Responsibility For. प्रबंध करना
172. Take Off- Remove (Something You're Wearing). उतारना
173. Take Off- Leave the ground (जहाज का) उड़ान भरना
174. Take Up- Lift up, raise उठाना
175. Tell Off- Speak To Someone Bluntly And Negatively Saying Exactly What She/He Did Wrong. डांटना, फटकारना
176. Tick Off- Irritate Someone; Make Someone Upset Or Angry. किसी को क्रोधित करना
177. Tick Off
Show That Something Has Been Completed By Putting A Tick (Check) Beside It. सूची चैक करना
178. Throw Away- Discard; Put In The Garbage. खोदेना, कचरे में फेंक देना
179. Throw Out- Discard; Put In The Garbage. खोदेना, कचरे में फेंक देना
180. Throw Out- Forcibly Make Someone Leave (Usually Because Of Bad Behavior). फेंकना
181. Throw Up- Vomit. छोड़ना
182. Try On- Wear Something Briefly To Check It’s Fit How It Looks Etc. किसीवस्त्र, आदिको, आजमाकर देखना
183. Try Out- Use A Machine Briefly To Determine How Well It Works. प्रयोगकरके देखना
184. Try Out (For)- Try To Win A Place On A Team Or Other Organization. प्रयास करना(जीतने या जगह बनाने के लिए)
185. Turn Around- Move So That You Are Facing The Opposite Direction. दूसरीतरफ घूमना
186. Turn Around- Make Changes So That Something That Was Unprofitable Is Profitable. किसी अलाभकारी चीज को लाभ में बदलना
187. Turn Down- Decrease The Volume. कम करना(मात्रा में)
188. Turn Down- Refuse. अस्वीकारकरना
189. Turn In- Give / Deliver / Submit To Someone. देना
190. Turn In- Go To Bed. सोजाना
191. Turn In- Report Or Deliver Wrongdoers To The Authorities. सूचितकरना
192. Turn Off
Stop By Turning A Handle Or Switch. बंद करना
193. Turn Off- Bore; Repel (Very Informal). नीरसकरना
194. Turn On- Start By Turning A Handle Or Switch. चालूकरना
195. Turn On- Interest Very Much; Excite (Very Informal). उत्सुक
196. Turn Up- Increase The Volume. बढ़ाना (मात्रा में)
197. Turn Up- Appear Unexpectedly. अप्रत्याषित रूप सेदिखना
198. Wait On- Serve (Usually Customers In A Restaurant Shop) नौकर के रूप में सेवा करना
199. Wait For- Wait Until Someone / Something Arrives Or Is Finished With Something Else. प्रतीक्षा करना
200. Wake Up- Stop Sleeping. उठना, जागना
201. Wake Up- Rouse Someone; Cause Someone To Stop Sleeping. किसी को उठाना
202. Watch Out- For Be Careful Of; Beware Of. सावधान रहना, सतर्क रहना
203. Wear Out- Wear Something / Use Something Until It Can No Longer Be Worn / Be Used. कपड़े को पहनने योग्य न छोड़ना
204. Wear Out- Cause To Become Exhausted; Cause To Become Very Tired. थकना
205. Work Out- Exercise (Usually In A Gym Etc.) To Build Muscles Body Tone Etc. अभ्यास
206. Work Out- Solve A Problem / Resolve A Difficult Situation (Usually By Working Together). समस्या का हल निकालना
207. Wrap Up- Wear Enough Clothes To Keep Warm. अधिक कपड़े पहनना(गर्म रहने के लिए)
208. Wrap Up- Finish Something; Bring Something To A Conclusion. निश्कर्शनिकालना
209. Write Down- Record Something In Writing. लिखितमें रखना
210. Write Up Record;- Report In Writing. लिखितमें
211. Zonk Out- Fall Asleep Quickly Because Of Exhaustion. सो जाना(थकान के कारण)

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