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English Notes : 100 Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-1

1. Act Up- Misbehave (For People); Not Work Properly (For Machines). दुर्व्यवहार
2. Act Like- Behave In A Way That's Like की तरह व्यवहारकरना
3. Add Up - Logically Fit Together. जोड़ना
4. Add Up- Find The Total. जोड़ना
5. Add Up- To To Total. योगकरना
6. Ask Out- Ask For A Date. मुलाकात के लिए पूछना
7. Back Down- Not Follow A Threat. संधि न मानना, दावा, छोड़ देना
8. Back Off- Not Follow A Threat. संधि न मानना, दावा, छोड़ देना
9. Back Up- Move Backward; Move In Reverse. पीछेजाना
10. Back Up- Confirm A Story Facts Or Information. पुष्टिकरना
11. Back Up-  Make A "Protection" Copy To Use If There Are Problems With The Original. बैक अप बनाना, एक प्रति सुरक्षित रखना
12. Beg Off- Decline An Invitation; Ask To Be Excused From Doing Something. मना कर देना
13. Blow Up- Inflate. हवा भरना
14. Blow Up- Explode; Destroy By Exploding. विस्फोटहोना, बर्बादहोना
15. Blow Up- Suddenly Become Very Angry. अचानक क्रोधित हो जाना
16. Bone Up- On Review / Study Thoroughly For A Short Time. पुनर्निरीक्षण
17. Break Down- Separate Something Into Component Parts. अलग-अलग करना
18. Break Down- Stop Working / Functioning. काम रोकना
19. Break In- Enter By Using Force (And Breaking A Lock Window Etc.) जबर्दस्ती घरमें घुसना
20. Break loose- To make free बंधन विमुक्त करना
21. Break In- Train; Get Someone / Something Accustomed To A New Routine. प्रशिक्षण देना
22. Break Up- Disperse; Scatter. बिखरना
23. Break Up- End A Personal Relationship. संबंध विच्छेद
24. Bring / Take Back- Return Something. पुनःलाना
25. Bring Off- Accomplish Something Difficult; Accomplish Something People Had Considered Impossible Or Unlikely. किसी असंभव कार्य को करना
26. Bring Up- Mention (As A Topic Of Discussion). उल्लेख करना
27. Bring Up- Raise; Rear. पालन-पोशणकरना
28. Brush Up- On Review / Study Thoroughly For A Short Time. पुनर्निरीक्षण
29. Burn Down- Become Destroyed / Consumed By Fire. जलकर बर्बाद होना
30. Burn Up- Become Destroyed / Consumed By Fire. जलकर बर्बाद होना
31. Burn Up- Cause Someone To Become Very Angry. क्रोधित करना
32. Butt In- Impolitely Interrupt (A Conversation An Action). हस्तक्षेप करना
33. Butter Up- Praise Someone Excessively With The Hope Of Getting Some Benefit. चापलूसी करना
34. Call Off- Cancel Something That Has Been Scheduled. समाप्तकरना
35. Call On- Ask Someone For An Answer In Class. प्रश्नपूछना
36. Calm Down- Become Calm / Less Agitated Or Upset; Help Someone Become Calm / Less Agitated Or Upset. शांत होना या कराना
38. Care For- Take Care Of; Supply Care To; Attend / Watch... देखभालकरना
39. Catch On- Develop Understanding Or Knowledge Of Something. समझ विकसित करना
40. Catch Up (With)- Stop Being Behind. आगेनिकलना

English Notes : Most Important Phobia List for Bank/SSC Exam

41. Check In (To) - Register For / At A Hotel Conference Etc.; Let Someone Know Officially That You Have Arrived. पंजीयन
42. Check Off- Make A Mark To Indicate That Something On A List Has Been Completed. सूची चैक करना
43. Check Out (Of)- Follow Procedures For Leaving (A Hotel Etc.) छोड़ने की प्रक्रिया का अनुसरण
44. Check Out - Follow Procedures For Borrowing Something (Usually For A Limited Period Of Time). किसी चीज को उधार मांगने की प्रक्रिया
45. Cheer Up- Help Someone Feel Less Worried / Depressed / Sad. ढाढस बंधाना, बढ़ावादेना
46. Chew Out-Scold Someone Severely; Berate. धमकाना
47. Chicken Out - Lose The Courage Or Confidence To Do Something--Often At The Last Minute. हिम्मत हारना
48. Chip In- Contribute / Donate (Often Money) To Something Done By A Group. योगदानदेना
49. Clam Up - Suddenly Become Quiet / Refuse To Talk About Something. बातचीतसेइंकारकरना, अचानक शांत होना
50. Come Across- Find (Unexpectedly). अचानक मिल जाना
51. Come Down- With Become Ill With अस्वस्थहोना
52. Come To - Total. निश्कर्शपरआना
53. Come To - Regain Consciousness. होषमेंआना
54. Count On - Depend On; Trust That Something Will Happen Or That Someone Will Do As Expected भरोसाकरना
55. Cross Out - Show That Something Written Is Wrong Or Unnecessary By Making An X Across It. सूची में से काटना
56. Do In- Cause To Become Very Tired. थकना
57. Do In - To Kill; To Murder. मारना, हत्याकरना
58. Do Over - Do Something Again. दोहराना
59. Drag On- Last Much Longer Than Expected Or Is Necessary. लंबा खींचना
60. Draw Up- Create A Formal Document. औपचारिकदस्तावेजकानिर्माण
61. Drop Off- Deliver Something; Deliver Someone (By Giving Him/Her A Ride). छोड़ना
62. Drop In (On)- Visit Informally (And Usually Without Scheduling A Specific Time). किसी के यहाँ अकस्मात जाना
63. Drop By- Visit Informally (And Usually Without Scheduling A Specific Time). अनौपचारिकमुलाकात
64. Drop Out (Of)- Stop Attending / Leave School Or An Organization. अलगहोजाना
65. Draw Out- Prolong Something (Usually Far Beyond The Normal Limits). विस्तारितकरना
66. Eat Out- Have A Meal In A Restaurant. रेस्तरांमें खाना खाना
67. Egg On-- Urge / Encourage Greatly Toward Doing Something (Usually Something Negative). उकसाना
68. End Up- Finally Arrive At; Arrive At An Unexpected Place. अप्रत्याशित स्थान पर पहुँचना
69. End Up
Arrive Somewhere As A Result Or Consequence. परिणाम स्वरूप पहुँचना
70. Face Up- To Admit To; Take Responsibility For. जिम्मेदारी लेना
71. Fall Through- Not Happen. असफलहोना
72. Feel Up -To Feel Strong Enough Or Comfortable Enough To Do Something. किसी कार्य में सहजता महसूस करना
73. Figure Out- Logically Find The Answer To A Problem; Solve A Problem By Thinking About It Carefully. समाधान निकालना
74. Figure Out- Understand Why Someone Behaves The Way She/He Does. पता लगाना
75. Fill In- Add Information To A Form. फॉर्ममेंसूचनाएँ भरना
76. Fill In (On)- Supply Information That Someone Doesn't Know. सूचनाएँ प्रशितकरना
77. Fill In- For Temporarily Do Someone Else's Work; Temporarily Substitute For Another Person. अस्थाई रूप सेदूसरेकाकार्यकरना
78. Fill Out- Complete A Form By Adding Required Information. फॉर्मभरना
79. Fill Out- Become Less Thin; Gain Weight. फूलजाना
80. Find Out (About)- Learn / Get Information (About). खोजनिकालना
81. Get Across- Make Something Understood; Communicate Something Understandably. समझाना
82. Get Along (With)- Have A Friendly Relationship (With); Be Friendly (Toward). मैत्रीपूर्णसंबंध होना
83. Get Around-  Avoid Having To Do Something. किसीकार्यसेबचना
84. Get Around- Move From Place To Place. स्थानान्तरण
85. Get By- Survive Financially In A Difficult Situation. जिन्दारहना
86. Get In- Arrive. पहुँचना
87. Get On- Progress आगे बढ़ना
88. Get Off- Depart प्रस्थानकरना
89. Get Off- Be Excused (For A Period Of Time) From Work Class Or Other Regularly Scheduled Activities. बाहरजाना
90. Get Out Of- Escape Having To Do Something. भागजाना
91. Get Over- Finish. समाप्त
92. Get Over-Recover From An Illness Or Painful Experience. ठीकहोना
93. Get Rid Of-Dispose Of; Give Away Or Throw Away. छुटकारापाना
94. Get Rid Of- Dismiss Someone; Fire Someone From A Job; Cause Someone To Leave. बाहरनिकालना
95. Get Up- Leave Bed After Sleeping And Begin Your Daily Activities. उठना
96. Give Up- Stop Doing Something (Usually A Habit). छोड़ना, त्यागना
97. Give Up- Decide Not To Try (Unsuccessfully) Solving A Problem. त्यागदेना
98. Go Out- With Have A Date With. साथमेंबाहरजाना
99. Go With- Look Pleasing Together. साथमेंअच्छादिखना
100. Goof Off- Be Lazy; Do Nothing In Particular. आलसीहोना

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