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List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-1

List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part-1

Phrasal Verbs is commonly asked in IBPS Bank Exam, SSC, Railway and Insurance Exams. Phrasal Verbs are commonly asked in all the Competitive Exam. Here in this Article we are Sharing List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Bank, SSC and Govt. Job Exams.

List of 200 Most Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exam Part - 1 :-

1. Act Up- Misbehave (For People); Not Work Properly (For Machines). दुर्व्यवहार
2. Act Like- Behave In A Way That's Like की तरह व्यवहारकरना
3. Add Up - Logically Fit Together. जोड़ना
4. Add Up- Find The Total. जोड़ना
5. Add Up- To To Total. योगकरना
6. Ask Out- Ask For A Date. मुलाकात के लिए पूछना
7. Back Down- Not Follow A Threat. संधि न मानना, दावा, छोड़ देना
8. Back Off- Not Follow A Threat. संधि न मानना, दावा, छोड़ देना
9. Back Up- Move Backward; Move In Reverse. पीछेजाना
10. Back Up- Confirm A Story Facts Or Information. पुष्टिकरना
11. Back Up-  Make A "Protection" Copy To Use If There Are Problems With The Original. बैक अप बनाना, एक प्रति सुरक्षित रखना
12. Beg Off- Decline An Invitation; Ask To Be Excused From Doing Something. मना कर देना
13. Blow Up- Inflate. हवा भरना
14. Blow Up- Explode; Destroy By Exploding. विस्फोटहोना, बर्बादहोना
15. Blow Up- Suddenly Become Very Angry. अचानक क्रोधित हो जाना
16. Bone Up- On Review / Study Thoroughly For A Short Time. पुनर्निरीक्षण
17. Break Down- Separate Something Into Component Parts. अलग-अलग करना
18. Break Down- Stop Working / Functioning. काम रोकना
19. Break In- Enter By Using Force (And Breaking A Lock Window Etc.) जबर्दस्ती घरमें घुसना
20. Break loose- To make free बंधन विमुक्त करना
21. Break In- Train; Get Someone / Something Accustomed To A New Routine. प्रशिक्षण देना
22. Break Up- Disperse; Scatter. बिखरना
23. Break Up- End A Personal Relationship. संबंध विच्छेद
24. Bring / Take Back- Return Something. पुनःलाना
25. Bring Off- Accomplish Something Difficult; Accomplish Something People Had Considered Impossible Or Unlikely. किसी असंभव कार्य को करना
26. Bring Up- Mention (As A Topic Of Discussion). उल्लेख करना
27. Bring Up- Raise; Rear. पालन-पोशणकरना
28. Brush Up- On Review / Study Thoroughly For A Short Time. पुनर्निरीक्षण
29. Burn Down- Become Destroyed / Consumed By Fire. जलकर बर्बाद होना
30. Burn Up- Become Destroyed / Consumed By Fire. जलकर बर्बाद होना
31. Burn Up- Cause Someone To Become Very Angry. क्रोधित करना
32. Butt In- Impolitely Interrupt (A Conversation An Action). हस्तक्षेप करना
33. Butter Up- Praise Someone Excessively With The Hope Of Getting Some Benefit. चापलूसी करना
34. Call Off- Cancel Something That Has Been Scheduled. समाप्तकरना
35. Call On- Ask Someone For An Answer In Class. प्रश्नपूछना
36. Calm Down- Become Calm / Less Agitated Or Upset; Help Someone Become Calm / Less Agitated Or Upset. शांत होना या कराना
38. Care For- Take Care Of; Supply Care To; Attend / Watch... देखभालकरना
39. Catch On- Develop Understanding Or Knowledge Of Something. समझ विकसित करना
40. Catch Up (With)- Stop Being Behind. आगेनिकलना
41. Check In (To) - Register For / At A Hotel Conference Etc.; Let Someone Know Officially That You Have Arrived. पंजीयन
42. Check Off- Make A Mark To Indicate That Something On A List Has Been Completed. सूची चैक करना
43. Check Out (Of)- Follow Procedures For Leaving (A Hotel Etc.) छोड़ने की प्रक्रिया का अनुसरण
44. Check Out - Follow Procedures For Borrowing Something (Usually For A Limited Period Of Time). किसी चीज को उधार मांगने की प्रक्रिया
45. Cheer Up- Help Someone Feel Less Worried / Depressed / Sad. ढाढस बंधाना, बढ़ावादेना
46. Chew Out-Scold Someone Severely; Berate. धमकाना
47. Chicken Out - Lose The Courage Or Confidence To Do Something--Often At The Last Minute. हिम्मत हारना
48. Chip In- Contribute / Donate (Often Money) To Something Done By A Group. योगदानदेना
49. Clam Up - Suddenly Become Quiet / Refuse To Talk About Something. बातचीतसेइंकारकरना, अचानक शांत होना
50. Come Across- Find (Unexpectedly). अचानक मिल जाना
51. Come Down- With Become Ill With अस्वस्थहोना
52. Come To - Total. निश्कर्शपरआना
53. Come To - Regain Consciousness. होषमेंआना
54. Count On - Depend On; Trust That Something Will Happen Or That Someone Will Do As Expected भरोसाकरना
55. Cross Out - Show That Something Written Is Wrong Or Unnecessary By Making An X Across It. सूची में से काटना
56. Do In- Cause To Become Very Tired. थकना
57. Do In - To Kill; To Murder. मारना, हत्याकरना
58. Do Over - Do Something Again. दोहराना
59. Drag On- Last Much Longer Than Expected Or Is Necessary. लंबा खींचना
60. Draw Up- Create A Formal Document. औपचारिकदस्तावेजकानिर्माण
61. Drop Off- Deliver Something; Deliver Someone (By Giving Him/Her A Ride). छोड़ना
62. Drop In (On)- Visit Informally (And Usually Without Scheduling A Specific Time). किसी के यहाँ अकस्मात जाना
63. Drop By- Visit Informally (And Usually Without Scheduling A Specific Time). अनौपचारिकमुलाकात
64. Drop Out (Of)- Stop Attending / Leave School Or An Organization. अलगहोजाना
65. Draw Out- Prolong Something (Usually Far Beyond The Normal Limits). विस्तारितकरना
66. Eat Out- Have A Meal In A Restaurant. रेस्तरांमें खाना खाना
67. Egg On-- Urge / Encourage Greatly Toward Doing Something (Usually Something Negative). उकसाना
68. End Up- Finally Arrive At; Arrive At An Unexpected Place. अप्रत्याशित स्थान पर पहुँचना
69. End Up
Arrive Somewhere As A Result Or Consequence. परिणाम स्वरूप पहुँचना
70. Face Up- To Admit To; Take Responsibility For. जिम्मेदारी लेना
71. Fall Through- Not Happen. असफलहोना
72. Feel Up -To Feel Strong Enough Or Comfortable Enough To Do Something. किसी कार्य में सहजता महसूस करना
73. Figure Out- Logically Find The Answer To A Problem; Solve A Problem By Thinking About It Carefully. समाधान निकालना
74. Figure Out- Understand Why Someone Behaves The Way She/He Does. पता लगाना
75. Fill In- Add Information To A Form. फॉर्ममेंसूचनाएँ भरना
76. Fill In (On)- Supply Information That Someone Doesn't Know. सूचनाएँ प्रशितकरना
77. Fill In- For Temporarily Do Someone Else's Work; Temporarily Substitute For Another Person. अस्थाई रूप सेदूसरेकाकार्यकरना
78. Fill Out- Complete A Form By Adding Required Information. फॉर्मभरना
79. Fill Out- Become Less Thin; Gain Weight. फूलजाना
80. Find Out (About)- Learn / Get Information (About). खोजनिकालना
81. Get Across- Make Something Understood; Communicate Something Understandably. समझाना
82. Get Along (With)- Have A Friendly Relationship (With); Be Friendly (Toward). मैत्रीपूर्णसंबंध होना
83. Get Around-  Avoid Having To Do Something. किसीकार्यसेबचना
84. Get Around- Move From Place To Place. स्थानान्तरण
85. Get By- Survive Financially In A Difficult Situation. जिन्दारहना
86. Get In- Arrive. पहुँचना
87. Get On- Progress आगे बढ़ना
88. Get Off- Depart प्रस्थानकरना
89. Get Off- Be Excused (For A Period Of Time) From Work Class Or Other Regularly Scheduled Activities. बाहरजाना
90. Get Out Of- Escape Having To Do Something. भागजाना
91. Get Over- Finish. समाप्त
92. Get Over-Recover From An Illness Or Painful Experience. ठीकहोना
93. Get Rid Of-Dispose Of; Give Away Or Throw Away. छुटकारापाना
94. Get Rid Of- Dismiss Someone; Fire Someone From A Job; Cause Someone To Leave. बाहरनिकालना
95. Get Up- Leave Bed After Sleeping And Begin Your Daily Activities. उठना
96. Give Up- Stop Doing Something (Usually A Habit). छोड़ना, त्यागना
97. Give Up- Decide Not To Try (Unsuccessfully) Solving A Problem. त्यागदेना
98. Go Out- With Have A Date With. साथमेंबाहरजाना
99. Go With- Look Pleasing Together. साथमेंअच्छादिखना
100. Goof Off- Be Lazy; Do Nothing In Particular. आलसीहोना

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