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English Mix : English Quiz for Upcoming Bank/SSC Exam Set-5

Mixed English Quiz for Upcoming Exam

Directions for questions1 to 3: Each of the sentences
below has a bland space indicating that something has been left out. Following each sentence, four choices are given, numbered 1 to 4. Select the appropriate choice that makes the sentence most meaningful.
  1. 1]At its next meeting
    2]the committee are expected to consider
    3]about starting
    4]a new project

    1         2        3         4
  2. 1]As he lay at the death's floor
    2]he hoped that
    3]his friend would
    4]come on time

    1         2        3        
  3. 1]The misfortune of Mr A is greater
    2]than of Mr B
    3]though he does not
    4]speak much
        1        2         3       
Directions for Qs 4 to 12
Each of the sentences given below has one or more blank spaces in it. Following each sentence four words/ set of words are given.Choose the word/ set of words that makes the sentence most meaningful.
  1. Human history is largely a record of faltering _____, of complacent surrender to _____
1] effort, circumstance
2] ego, enemies
3] steps, self
4] attempt, Lord

1        2         3       
  1. His irresponsible and ________ behaviour invited ______ observations on his mental ability
1] puerile, positive
2] favourable, childish
3] careful, glowing
4] adult, adulatory

1        2         3        4

  1. The ______ rationale of civilisation is the _____ of fuller, richer and more abundant life
1] ultimate, promotion
2] ultimatum, induction
3] intimate, conception
4] superior, injection

1        2         3       

  1. When somebody talks or acts ______, we say he is mentally ______
1] illogically, deranged
2] logically, upset
3] consistently, unbalanced
4] madly, advanced

1        2         3       

  1. A country, tribe or family ruled by a man or male heirs is called______
1] patriarchy
2] matriarchy
3] monarchy
4] hierarchy

1        2         3       

  1. Radar is ______ for 'Radio Detection and Ranging'

1] acronym
2] synonym
3] antonym
4] homonym

1        2         3       

  1. It was a _____ worth celebrating with a bonfire

1] bonanza
2] disaster
3] carnival
4] affair

1        2         3       

  1. The ______ of the agreement led to ______ results

1] infraction, detrimental
2] refraction, beneficial
3] extraction, sentimental
4] revolt, violent

1        2         3       

  1. She was overcome with a wave of ______ whenever she thought of her childhood in Bihar

1] nostalgia
2] nausea
3] frustration
4] regret

1        2         3        4

Directions for questions 13 to 15 :- Rearrange the sentences A, B, C, and D to form a logical sequence between sentences 1 and 6.

  1. 1] In former days, a teacher was expected to be a man of exceptional knowledge or wisdom, to whose words men would do well to attend.
    A. Socrates was put to death and plato is said to have been thrown into prison, but such incidents did not interfere with the spread of their doctrines.
    B. In antiquity, teachers were not an organised profession and no control was exercised over what they taught.
    C. Any man who has the genuine impulse of the teacher will be more anxious to survive
    in his books than in the flesh.
    D. It is true that they were often punished afterwards for their subversive doctrines. 6] A feeling of intellectual independence is essential to the proper fulfilment of the
    teacher's functions.


  1. 1] Indian thinkers have given much attention to the subject of peace.
    A. Though the mind is very subtle and it is difficult to discern its contents,its effects
    can be seen on the body.
    B. Again, it is the mind itself that causes peacelessness.
    C. According to our state of mind, we laugh or weep or become peaceful.
    D. Peacelessness is a state of mind, but to study it, we need to use the mind itself.
    6] Depending upon its purity and calmness, it can organise all the sense impressions on
    the one hand and on the other, reflect the ' kingdom of God ' within.


  1. 1] There is only one way to learn social habits: by living a life in which such
    habits automatically develop.
    A. In them the egotist is discouraged; the individualist discovers the existence of other
    individuals and learns how to fit in with them.
    B. Live in a society and in most cases, you will become a social being.
    C. Boarding schools, like everything else, have their defects, but they do train people to
    be members of a society.
    D. That is the secret of the British boarding school, the finest factory of citizenship in
    6] A boy finds himself a member of something greater than himself and learns loyalty and
    service to it.


Directions for questions 16 to 18 : In each of the following questions a
phrase is highlighted followed by four different ways of rephrasing the highlighted
part. Choose the correct alternative.

  1. I have worked hard enough now, its time I gave way to someone else.
    call it quits
    appointed an heir
    stepped down
    none of these
17. Mr Kaluram was thinking aloud on the implications of the mechanism
for the future.

talk in public
uttering his thought
high thinking
thinking carefully and planning

  1. A typical intellect tries not to shake the beliefs of the common man but to lead him through stages to the understanding
    of the deeper philosophical meaning behind his beliefs.

but to leading them through stages.
but to facilitating them via stages.
but to lead him by stages.
but to effect them vis-a-vis stages.

Directions for questions 19 to24: Each of the sentences
below has a bland space indicating that something has been left out. Following each sentence, four choices are given, numbered 1 to 4. Select the appropriate choice
that makes the sentence most meaningful.

  1. In most developing contries, research and development efforts are _____by their absence.


  1. Being highly ______ to criticism, he has kept his stories unpublished.


  1. For taking retirement, he has made _____ his business to his two son


  1. He is said to be as poor as _____.

a church-mouse
a scarecrow

  1. This is a group insurance policy, in favour of the workers, _____ accident or injury.


  1. You can try to escape from this trap only _____ of death.

on pain
in pain
on painsunder pains

Directions for questions 25 to 30: For each question below are given four
different spellings of a word. Choose the correct spelling and mark the answer at
the appropriate space on the answer sheet.

  1. gratuitous         gratutious             gratutous          gratuteous

  2. ephimeren       ephemoren            ephemeron      ephime

  3. mispelt            mispelled              misspeld          misspelt

  4. tableau            tablue                     tablaeu           tabloeu

  5. liquiscent        liquescent             liquecent          liquicent

  6. pneumactic    neumactic              pneumatic       pnuematic

Explanation to Paper V
1. [2]
2. [1]
3. [2]
4. [1]
5. [1]
6. [1]
7. [1]
8. [1]
9. [1]
10. [1]
11. [1]
12. [1]
13. [4]
14. [2]
15. [1]
16. [2]
17. [2]
18. [3]
19. [2]
20. [3]
21. [2]
22. [2]
23. [4]
24. [1]
25. [1]
26. [3]
27. [4]
28. [1]
29. [2]
30. [3]