Tuesday, June 28, 2016

English : Important Essay and Letter Topics for SBI PO Exam

Dear Friends,

Today I am sharing the List of Important Essay,Letter and Preparation Tips to Clear Descriptive Paper of SBI PO and UIIC AO Exam.I will also post these Topics in Detail.

1. Is election commission right in banning election symbols during casting of votes?
2. Roll of uneducated people in Indian Economy.
3. Is generation gap a myth?
4. Enslavement of man by technology.
5. Is presidential form of government is suitable for India?
6. Those who saved More Taxed More. Justify
7. The Viability of Presidential Form of Govt In India.
8. Benefits of Mutual fund investments.
9. United Nation Organizations contribution towards the recent turmoil’s in Ukraine.
10. India’s Place in research paper survey.
11. Suggestions to alleviate unemployment problem.
12. Role of newspapers in influencing society or youth.
13. Contribution of unskilled labour in Indian economy.
14. How can education on economy are indulged in the college study?
15. Future of Banking Industry.
16. Pros and cons of allowing 10 year old children to open accounts.
17. How economy is is related to common man?
18. Global Market.
19. How far can a press have license to infringe in others privacy?
20. Corporate Social Responsibility.
21. Relevance of Swadeshi on Globalization.
22. There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics give examples from Indian politics.
23. Two types function of government are necessary and optional.
24. If I were minister of Banking Industry.
25. How to stop farmer suicides?
26. Role of effective credit rating.
27. Tackling communication gap between the families due to mass media and internet.
28. Advantages of classroom education over distance learning
29. Transformation caused on workplace by information technology In past two decades
30. Use of animals in scientific research.
31. Economic importance of tourism.
32. Will India ever be a developed country?
33. Women Empowerment
34. Banking Risk and Management.
35. Delinking of commodities to drop price hike in share market
36. Setting personal financial goal early in life.
37. Women’s Safety – It is our responsibility
38. Village v/s Town.

Here is a list of topics that you must be well-versed with in order to score high marks in this section 
1. A letter to Complaint Letter : Being a customer of a so and so bank, you have to write a complaint letter to the Bank Manager about the negligence / irresponsibility of the employees
2. Letter to Editor : About tampering the currency notes by punching pins to it.
3. An Informal Letter about telling your friend about the advantages of PPF account and suggesting him to open a PPF account.
4. You are withdrawing money from ATM but the ATM turn out to be malfunctioned. So, money didn’t come out but deducted from account. Write a letter to bank manger for refund.
5. Letter to regional manager for change in bank timing as it is inconvenient for customers.
6. A Letter to Superintendent of Police raising the concern over the increased cases of theft near ATM.
7. A letter to bank for applying educational loan providing all particulars.
8. A letter to friend for encouraging and wishing him for civil service examination which he is writing for the third time.
9. A letter to editor for publishing some articles on stress management since these are exam season.
10. A letter to bank manager about the bad habit of stapling currency notes
11. A letter to friend to aware him about the importance and benefit of PPF (Public Provident Fund) account.
12. A letter to the Bank Manager for the rude behavior of one of the employee.
13. A letter to the Manager of the Bank for the Overdraft Facility which you stopped long ago with the bank.
14. Write a letter to the K/S for giving you consignment glassware in which one of the consignment was damaged and asked for the compensation to the K/S Company.
15. Letter to the editor for disturbance of pigeon caused to society
16. Letter to Branch manager to add your daughter’s name as a second nominee for your savings account
17. Letter to your friend to avoid junk food and inform her/him about its bad consequences
18. Write a letter to your friend explaining him your retirement plan
19. Mr. Piyush applied for loan of Rs. 26 lacs but he is eligible only for Rs. 22 lacs. Write a letter as a Bank Manager telling him about the refusal of his loan in a polite manner.
20. Write a letter to a client of your bank who got a car loan from you 2 years ago and has sold it now without paying the load.
21. Write a letter to your friend whose pet has been stolen
22. Write a letter to editor of news paper about unregulated load shading in your area
23. Write a letter to your those friend who spend whole time in computer and Mobile phone to encouraging him about to outdoor game
24. Write a letter to your friend sharing experience of selection in SBI PO Exam.
25. Write an application to branch manager as you have lost your receipt of term deposit which matures in next week asking him what steps needs to be taken next.
26. Write a letter to a friend asking him to stop eating junk food and take care of health.
27. Write a letter to a bank manager asking him to make her daughter as 2nd nominee.
28. Write a letter to a friend who has got scholarship to study in abroad but is not willing to go as he is a single child of his parents.
29. Write a letter to the Airlines Authority that you have left your cabin bag yesterday in the flight.
30. You completed B.com (Banking & Insurance). Write an unsolicited letter to bank manager for the job.
31. Write a letter to a friend advising him/her not to loose hope after failure in university exam.
32. Letter to the Editor about Air Pollution and giving some suggestions.
33. Write a letter to a letter to client as Manager to help him close his savings account.
34. Write a letter to the newspaper regarding loan easiness.
35. Write a letter to the bank manger reporting him about missing of debit card
36. Write a letter to your friend telling him to don’t lose heart but hope for better future from her vast experience from life
37. Write a letter to your friend suggesting him to visit the Capital’s Museum. Also, give importance of the visit.
38. Write a letter to the higher authority of your bank to give promotion on the basis of your efficiency and loyalty as you have given 24 years of service to the bank
Preparation Tips & Important Instructions
Following are some key instructions & tips to help you prepare well for the Descriptive Section of your SBI PO main exam:

1. Duration of the Descriptive Exam will be of 1 hour, and it would carry 50 marks in total.

2. Since this test would be conducted online, your typing speed matters a lot. For this purpose, we suggest that you practice writing essays etc online.

3. You can not mention your real name, address or roll number anywhere, while writing the answers.
4. Your answers should be clear, brief and precise. It is essential that you write grammatically correct sentences and meaningful passages, even if you have to write simple, short sentences.
5. To ensure that you make least amount of errors while writing, it is advisable that you go through what you have written, once you finish attempting the paper. Many a times, you will be able to spot errors while reading out your own answers.
6. Descriptive test of only those candidates will be checked who clear section cut-offs of each subsidiary section of the objective paper, along with the overall cut-off.

7. It is important that you prepare this section with as much seriousness as you prepare different section of the Objective Paper, because the marks scored in the descriptive section account in your final selection