Sunday, March 27, 2016

50 Important General Awareness Questions for Railway Exam 2016

1. Kautilya's Arthashastra is a book on - Pricples and Practices of statecraft
2. How many Articles are there in Indian Constitution ? - 3953. The slogan "Garibi Unmulan" was given in which five year plan ? - Sixth plan4. Gandhar School of Art was associated with which King? - Harsha
5. Name the continents that form a mirror image of each other - Africa and South America
6. AADHAR is a Programme - to Provide identity to Indian residents
7. Decimal System was First known in India at the beginning of which centuary ? - 5th Centuary AD
8. Sabarmati Ashram is located on the outskirt of - Ahmedabad
9. Earthquake is caused by - Disturbance on Earth Surface
10. Who is the guardian of Fundamental rights enumerate in Indian Constitution? - Supreme court
11. In which city, Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Dr. B R Ambedkar International Centre? -New Delhi
12. Right to education (2002) was introduced to help which group of society ? - Children of age 6 to 14 years
13. which Indian state has the lowest sex ratio - Haryana
14. The Finance Minister has proposed MUDRA bank to refinance Micro finance institutions in the General Budget for FY16. The term MUDRA stands for ? - Micro Units Development Refinance Agency
15. A presidential Ordinance can remain in force - Six months
16. The planning commission of India - A non statutory body
17. Sun gets its energy from - Nuclear Fission
18. A "Closed Economy is an economy in which - neither exports nor imports take place
19. Which kind of power accounts for the largest share of power generation in India ? - thermal
20. who developed the concept of Human Development index - Mehboob-ul-Haq
21. Raurkela Steel plant was set up with the assistance from - UK
22. World most active Volcano - Cotopaxi
23. The Headquarter of International Court of Justice is at - Hague
24. Wealth tax has been abolished in the general budget for FY16. It is to be replaced by surcharge of __________on income of Rs 1 cr and above ? - 2 per cent
25. Open market Operations of RBI refer to buying and selling of - Government bonds
26. The "law of demands" express - effect of change in demand of a commodity on its price
27. Meteorites are the heavenly bosies - that burn brightly on entering the earth atmosphere
28. Victoria Falls in Africa are located on - River Zambezi
29. A floating body always displaces liquid equal to its own - Weight
30. The first short based integrated steel plant inn the country is - Bhilai
31. Camberts law is related to - illumination
32. Manu Smriti deals with - Laws
33. Tata Iron and Steel plant is located at - Jamshedpur
34. A diode as a rectifier converts - ac to dc
35. The expounder of Yoga Philosophy was - Patanjali
36. Which state government launched Aapki Beti Humari Beti Scheme in March 2015 ? - Haryana
37. The first computer was programmed using - Machine Language
38. Dumb terminals have terminals and - Keyboard
39. The Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant is located in which state?- Madhya Pradesh
40. Author of "nayaya Sutra" - Gautam
41. Among the SAARC countries the most densely polpulated country is - Bangladesh
42. One Straw Revolution was written by - Masanobu Fukuoka
43. Arjuna Award is given for - Outstanding Performance in sports
44. Kisan Diwas is observed on - 23rd December
45. Rangaswamy Cup is associated with - Hockey
46. In which Year was ISRO founded - 1969
47. First Woman to become a Cheif Minister of any Indian State - Sucheta Kripalani
48. What is the Sequence Number of Mrs Prathibha Patil as President of the Republic od India ? - 12th
49. First Hormone prepared by genetic engineering - Insulin
50. Scientist who discovered Anopheles mosquito transmit malaria - A. Fleming.