Sunday, January 31, 2016

Science Questions for railway exam

1. Urobiology deals with 
(1) preservation of dead animals
(2) urinary system 
(3) genital system
(4) urino-genital system

2.Scanning Electron Microscope produces images, which are
(1) big and sharp
(2) two-dimensional
(3) three dimensional 
(4) cytological details 

3.When sound travels from air to water the quantity that remains unchanged is
(1) speed
(2) frequency
(3) intensity
(4) wavelength 

4.A leaf appears green in daylight. When seen in red light it appears to be
(1) red
(2) green
(3) black
(4) white 

5.Which of the following properties shows that light is a transverse wave?
(1) Reflection
(2) Interference
(3) Diffraction
(4) Polarisation 

6.Which of the following is not a valid network topology?
(1) Star topology
(2) Ring topology
(3) Bus topology
(4) Grid topology
7.An aerosol is a colloidal system of a
(1) liquid dispersed in a liquid
(2) liquid dispersed in a solid
(3) gas dispersed in a liquid
(4) solid dispersed in a gas
8.Food cans are coated with Tin and not Zinc because
(1) Zinc is costlier than Tin.
(2) Zinc has a higher melting point than Tin.
(3) Zinc is more reactive than Tin.
(4) Zinc is less reactive than Tin.
9. Ari antigen develops antibodies. The antibodies which protect the body from their harmful effects are
(1) Immunoglobulins
(2) Phospholipids
(3) Albumins
(4) Lymphocytes
10. Peptide bond is a key feature in
(1) Polysaccharides
(2) Proteins
(3) Nucleotides
(4) Nucleic acids
1.a 2.c 3.b 4.c 5.d
6.d 7.d 8.c 9.a 10.b