Monday, January 18, 2016

Professional Knowledge Question Asked in Evening Shift of SBI SO Exam held on 17/01/2016

  1. Which amongst following is not part of Sql commands - Add and Replace
  2. 2-3 Questions Of Oracle 9i
  3. The unauthorised way of manipulating data while entering data
  4. The digital signature provides what for data
  5. Which technique is used for estimating the cost of a SDLC model
  6. What is primary objective of SDLC model
  7. Which amongst provides Security in Network layer unlike Application layer
  8. The environment of Oracle database is called
  9. The flowchart of data flowing in system design - Data Flow Diagram
  10. The conceptual level of database is managed by whom
  11. Full form of CIDR - Classless Inter-Domain Routing
  12. In which OSI layer, the connectors are being used - Physical Layer
  13. One question was based on green testing
  14. Which of following is true about Enterprises
  15. One question was on data marts
  16. What is another name of wireless communication
  17. What is main purpose of NOS
  18. Which amongst is basic Life cycle model - Waterfall 
  19. Mapping of data,atributions and functions is in which level of database?
  20. Which of the following Is true about three tier database architecture?
  21. What is server farming
  22. What is full form of SOP in ITIL - (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  23. During Point to Point network in Ospf, the next address of node will be
  24. The system analysts discuss with end users about implementing new features in a IT software model. What is it called?
  25. 2-3 questions were based on WebApp
  26. 2-3 questions were based on Cloud computing
  27. A form of multiplexing, which allows numerous signals to occupy a single channel to optimize bandwidth – CDMA
  28. Two questions from – Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g
  29. One question from compiler design
  30. 2-3 questions were from web technology  and OS  like-front-end framework for web development, Boolean cookie attribute in JS, command is used to print current working directory in Unix
  31. SQL is which Language- Data Sub Query Language
  32.  LAN and VLAN
  33.  URL-to go to the first page of the web site and to locate computer 
  34.  RISC-less and optimised instructions
  35.  Router- to find best route
  36. Data dictionary is- Data Schema


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