Saturday, December 5, 2015

IBPS CLERK PT EXAM 2015-16 Last Minute Tips

All The Very Best for your IBPS Clerk PT Exam

We know you all have worked hard day and night burning midnight oil towards your dreams and now to give a final touch to your state of mind, and a Boost to your preparation, we present to you some last minute tips that will give you a head start before you step into the Examination Battle.

This is not the battle of your life this just the exam keep in mind you are only here to give your best.

1.Be Positive don't get affected or negative from the others preparation or others saying that I have done this this and i have also prepared for this please be calm keep in your mind that whatsoever you have prepared you are best in that.

2.Stay Away from EGO.

3.Be like Horse with blinkers who only focus on the path he is on.

4.Plan Your Exam section wise
  • English : 15 min
  • Quant   : 20-25 min
  • Reasoning : 20 min
5. Become self motivated and try not involve with any type of hurdle before exam.

6. My mantra is first go to the subject in which you are not comfortable like for someone it can be aptitude some participant find it difficult for someone it can be English those who have not studied in public school or not done any professional courses.

ALL THE BEST !                      ALL THE BEST                                      ALL THE BEST !